ed sheeran necklace

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I associate you with: way-too-late at night Skype calls, dark eyeliner, overflowing sass, Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran, pillow fights, gold necklaces, cheesy chips, photography, silliness, these emojis 💂🏻‍♀️🧀🍟🍻❤️🇬🇧, endless amounts of love and a huge heart to hold it all, the word "fiancé"

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You can fit me,

Inside the necklace you bought

When you were sixteen,

Next to your heartbeat where I should be,

Keep it deep within your soul..

but i think luke would come home to you fixing the flat that you shared like sticking some polaroid pictures on the wall in a chromatic order since the first time you two met until the most recent picture on three sides of the wall going zig zag and this process of displaying pictures is a fun activity for you and you would be so into it that you dont even realise luke stepped into the room and walked over to you and when he nudged you by the shoulder you turned around was a bit surprised but you peck him on the cheek once before proceeding to hug him for quite a while bc in the hug luke spun you around so that he is facing the walls and looking at the pictures and for one certain photo he was like “i remember this day” and so you pull away from the hug and was like “that was the day you gave me the necklace from the beach” and lukes face went “oh yeah” so you add “and you sang me that ed sheeran song about the necklace from the beach” and he smiles and you add “and you told me you love me” and then the smile slowly fades then he says “but you didnt say it back” but his facial expression says “its ok i didnt pressure you into anything either” but then you grab another picture from the wall and he goes “was this the day we spent hours driving to look for that one book and that one ice cream parlor?” and so you nod and he smiles again and says “aw i remember” and you go “i told you i loved you before we found the ice cream place” and he pulls you into a hug and asks “where is the camera can we take one of this moment?” PLS HOKY SHIT I GAET MYSELF PLS