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FLUTTERS:  A Mature Ed Sheeran Fanfic Request *REPOST*

Authors Note: I’ve been debating whether or not to repost my Ed Fics for all the new followers I’ve/we’ve been lucky enough to accumulate, so, HERE WE GO!  I’ve been in a bit of a writing funk, so hopefully getting my stories back out there will help jumpstart the creative juices!  I’ll post over the next few nights, so as not to inundate anyone’s timeline!  This one is probably the one I love the most! <3  Any and all feedback/reblogs/etc would be amazing!  Love you guys! 

FLUTTERS:  NC-17 for SexyTimes 

“Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, it’s bobsled time!  COOL RUNNINGS!”

You cannot help but crack up at the childish enthusiasm that just spills out of your boyfriend every time his favourite movie comes on.  The way his clear blue eyes crinkle when he smiles and laughs, and the way that he knows EVERY word of this movie and quotes it verbatim, it’s endearing, really, never mind completely adorable.   He takes such pleasure in the simple things.  

It’s a dreary, cloudy day, pissing down freezing rain, and the two of you have decided that PJ’s, blankets, movies and your comfy overstuffed couch are your only goals for the day.  He’s sprawled back, laying kind of sideways against the cushions at one end of the couch, while you’re sprawled against a pillow at the other end, semi facing him, your legs battling for dominancy of the couch.  

You feel a toe poke you in the calf, and you look over to see one invisible eyebrow raised, staring at you with mock indignation. “You laughing at me, woman??” he says with a grin.  “A classic film such as this deserves reverence! Respect!”  

“The movie? Maybe. Your Jamaican accent?” You poke him back with determination.  “Not even!”

His mouth drops and he grabs his chest, feigning betray and horror.  “You cut DEEP, love! My accents are renowned, I’ll have you know!”  He moves suddenly, swooping over you and pinning you to the cushions with his body, and mercilessly digging his fingers into your ribs, tickling you until you beg for mercy. “EDWARD.  I swear to GOD, ED STOPPP!!”

You’ve got tears streaming down your cheeks as you shriek with laughter, and finally he lets up, pure satisfaction on his face as he lifts his hands in victory.  You take this handy opportunity to spring up and knock him backwards, straddling his hips and finding his sweet, soft belly in order to launch your own counterattack.  His eyes widen as he realizes your intent and his body twists sideways in order to evade your fingertips.  His unbridled, joyful giggles may be the best thing ever in all of life, as far as you’re concerned, you cannot get enough of them, and they are completely uncontrolled right now.  Your fingers find their target and he’s yelping, offering full surrender as your fingers find their target.  

By the end the both of you are gasping for breath, tears in your eyes from laughing.  He’s looking at you, that look that is so tender and so special, the one that’s reserved only for you.  You smile, almost shyly, and bite your lip.  His hand reaches for your face, cupping your chin, and as he pulls himself up to a semi-sitting position, he so softly brushes your lips with his. That familiar butterfly flutters in your belly, and your hands find his beard, fingers running through the soft copper scruff, pulling his face to yours, deepening the kiss. His tongue gently parts your lips, seeking to taste you, and his hand is gently running through your hair.  The pads of his thumb skates along the contour of your cheekbone, your jawline, your neck, tracing every inch of your face. Your hands find their way to his silky fiery-red hair, copper locks always in a disarray, and your fingers wind your way into it, loving the way he hums with contentment as your hands work their magic on his scalp.  

He moans as his mouth covers yours, deepening the kiss again, and suddenly, you can feel HIM, pressing against your thigh, as he holds you close.  You blush as he shifts, feeling it against you, and feeling you stutter, he pulls back just a bit.

You love Ed.  Intensely, deeply, and with no hesitation.  There were some things though that you hadn’t yet shared.  20 years old, you had grown up in loving, supportive household, but also a traditional one.  You had grown up with plenty of love and affection, in a very hands-on household, with very traditional values.  Sex was not something you had ever taken lightly. Growing up, you were taught that sex was something to be valued and cherished, a gift to be given to the right man, in love and trust.  Not some token to be spent whenever with whoever.  You had always taken that to heart, wanting to save such a special experience for the right person.  Up until your relationship with Ed, your love life had consisted of a string of cheaters and fuck boys, so there had never really been any temptation. Marriage-Only wasn’t necessarily something you were committed to, but being sure of the right person was.  

You and Ed had been together for just under a year, meeting at an industry event.  You worked as an event co-ordinator for a major company in your city, and your boss had introduced you that night.  You had been so charmed right off the bat, he was just as sweet, humble, kind and funny behind the scenes as his he was in front of the camera and on stage.  You’d talked for several hours that first weekend, and nothing had shocked you more when he continued to text you, and your relationship had bloomed.  The distance thing wasn’t always easy, but he made every second spent apart completely worth it.  Ed wasn’t one for grand, extravagant gestures, he tended to keep it simple, but so pure. So thoughtful.  Little things.  He knew exactly how you liked your coffee, and when you needed that pick-me-up the most, and would have it waiting for you without a word.  After a shit day, he knew your sweet tooth would make chocolate a MUST, and your favourite candy bar would be waiting for you in the fridge (Because Reese Peanut Butter Cups MUST be eaten cold) when you got home.  You were weirdly OCD about waking up to a clean kitchen, and he would, without a word, do the dishes and wipe the countertops after dinner while you dozed on the couch.  He knew the correct laundry detergent and which pants not to throw in the dryer, how to brush you hair after a shower, and that Jimmy Fallon or Ricky Gervais were the best way to make you laugh.   He knew which toilet paper to buy, the exact red wine that capped off your Friday evenings, and not to EVER play Justin Beiber in your house. He even put the seat down from DAY ONE. Until him you had no idea this kind of man even actually existed.    

He was kind and thoughtful and cuddly and sweet and funny and gentle and sexy…really you could go on and on.  He was a touch-feely kinda dude, loved to wrap himself around you from behind, play with your hair, and cuddle up for days.  You LOVED that, he had a way of making you feel so loved and important and valued. It wasn’t something you were really used to.  And making out with Ed?  It was delicious…his lips, they were so soft, so full, and the way they felt on your skin…The way he’d cup your face, the way his hands would leave trails of lightning over every bit of skin they touched.  It wasn’t as though he’d never touched you, his permanently calloused fingertips had the ability to light fires under your skin, and those moments when his hands were cupping and kneading your breasts, flicking your nipples, gently stroking your thighs or squeezing your ass cheeks…they’d almost swayed you a few times.  He knew your feelings concerning sex, and never once, in the entire time you two had known each other, had he EVER pushed you or your boundaries.  He knew without question that it was your decision, and that when the time was right, well…it’d be right.  You hadn’t gone far beyond making out, mainly because in your mind, it felt as though it wasn’t fair to Ed, and you knew it would likely sway you to other things.  You wanted to be sure before travelling down that path, and torturing the poor boy didn’t much seem very nice either.  It was pretty obvious a few times that he was decidedly less than comfortable when you’d pulled back before things went too far, but his only reaction ever was to breathe deep, adjust himself and pull you close for a cuddle.  Never once had he made you feel guilty about your choices, and to you, it made him perfect.

Pulling yourself out of your thoughts, you see his cheeks dimple as he pulls back, noticing your blush.  “I love that color in your cheeks, love…” he says with a grin. “Soz if he made you uncomfortable…I keep telling him to behave, doesn’t always work though.”  He sits you both up, tucks your hair behind your ear and kisses you gently, while attempting to rearrange himself into a less…confining…position.  

“Not trying to make “him” uncomfortable…” you laugh, still blushing. “It’s not like you don’t illicit the same reaction, sir.”

“You’re so beautiful”, he says softly, gazing at you with an intensity that takes your breath away. “And sexy. And you can cook. And you’re funny. And smart as shit. And you always SMELL amazing.” He pauses and scrunches his face up in that way that is so freaking adorable.  “How do women do that??”

Inwardly your insides are a melted, messy pool of feels, but you’ve never been one to gush or wear your heart on your sleeve.  “Multitasking is our “thing…” you drawl with a straight face. “Being that men can’t even pee and aim at the same time, we’ve got that particular area sewn up, I think.” You crack a grin and giggle at the truly affronted look on his face at the pee-and-aim statement and you drop a quick kiss on his nose before you scramble off him, knowing you might be in trouble for that one.

“I always put the seat down!” he says quite indignantly, chasing after you into the kitchen. “I’ve been trained well! It’s not our fault that the male anatomy acts like a fire hose sometimes…”

“EW.  That’s a lovely image, Teddy, thanks for that.” You’re cracking up at the imagery that description has put in your head, but you’re beginning to think he needs to NOT be using your bathroom any longer, if that’s what’s happening. Jeez.

He catches up to you and lifts you up on the counter, hands flat against the underside of your bum, and softly places butterfly kisses all the way up your jawline to your ear, where he stops and nibbles just for a moment.  Oh my…the tingles and flutters and lightning strikes taking over your body….it’s amazing what he makes you feel with the slightest touch.

He leaves a soft, slow, lingering kiss on your lips, and then pulls back, a content expression on his face, as takes a deep breath.  “The things you do to me, woman” he chuckles softly.  

“You’re not so bad yourself, Teddy…” you whisper, gently brushing the silky copper curls from his forehead.  Your foreheads touch, and he gently rubs his nose against yours, once, and then again.  

The first time he’d uttered the words “I love you” it had turned your world upside down, in the very BEST way.  He’d flown in to spend a night with you, a much needed visit, and being jetlagged and exhausted, he’d pretty much collapsed on you and your couch when he’d arrived.  Knowing all he’d have had to eat was airplane food, you’d made sure to have his very favourite pizza in the world waiting for him when he arrived, and after he’d fairly GORGED himself on the Calabrese deliciousness, he’d dragged you to the couch, and pulled you into the Little Spoon position and buried his face in your hair.  You pulled your favourite blanket over the both of you, so content to just be encircled in his arms, and just when you thought he was asleep, you heard soft words muttered in your ear.  “God, I love you…Never go away from me…”  Your stomach had dissolved into butterflies and you heart had nearly exploded.  It was the first time anyone had ever said those words without wanting something in return, the first time those words had ever meant anything to you.  By the time those words had registered, the boy had completely conked out, and didn’t hear you say them right back.  It was the first time that you’d ever believed in those words enough to use them, and there was no doubt how deeply you believed them. Since that night, those words had been uttered many times, but the habit you two had developed, the “thing” that said I love you without words, was the Eskimo kiss.  It was such a tender, gentle, loving gesture, and one that always spoke volumes when there were no words.  

He kisses your cheek, and turns around, stretching his arms out, and surveys the state of the kitchen. There are pizza boxes still stacked up the counter leftover from lunch, and your plates are in the sink.  You hop down from the counter and head for the sink while Ed grabs up the pizza boxes and takes them out to the trash.  Kitchen clean, you turn around and see your favourite Ginger pawing through your fridge.  

“Is there EVER a time you’re not hungry?” you ask him, laughing.  “Practically a whole pizza at lunch wasn’t enough?”

“I’m a growing boy!” he protests, “Without enough food, I’d waste away, innit??”

He slams the door of the fridge, and grabs his hoodie from the chair, sliding it over his head. “We need oreos, I reckon!” he says with authority.  “Double stuf, if possible.  Gonna run to the store, love, a snack run is in the offing!  Want anything?”

“All I need is right in front of me.”  You smile softly and drop a kiss on his forehead. “Go ahead, I’ll find us a movie for when you get back.”

His hand brushes my cheek, and I feel his nose brush mine.  “Dunno how I got so lucky…?” he mumbles, a content smile spreading across his face. You grin and push him towards the door, knowing the faster he goes, the faster he’ll be back.

Once the door shuts behind him, you let your fingers wander to your mouth, unconsciously tracing where his lips have left their mark. You loved him. So much.  And suddenly, as clear as day, you knew how you wanted to spend the rest of this dreary afternoon.  You’d never felt so loved before, so cherished.  The desire to share yourself, all of yourself, with this man you loved so deeply, had been building for some time, and you were ready. Scared slightly shitless, perhaps, but there was no one you wanted to share this experience with more.  

The thrill of anticipation zinged in your bloodstream, and you decided you had better do some inventory before Ed got back. Taking the stairs 2 at a time you ran upstairs, locking yourself in the bathroom.  Luckily, you’d thoroughly showered that morning, including all necessary manner of shaving and exfoliation.  You didn’t quite know what to do with yourself, the nerves you felt were literally causing your hands to shake.  You decided fresh breath was a priority, and scrubbed your teeth within an inch of your life, and then dug through the bathroom cabinet till you found your hairbrush, and pulling the elastic from your hair and releasing the topknot, you brushed your long hair till it fell in loose waves over your shoulders.  You pulled your ratty old PJ shirt over your head, and with a deep exhale, you examined yourself in the mirror.  You were certainly on the curvier side, you’d inherited your mama’s birthing hips, but you’d always kind of liked your hourglass figure.  There were actually times you’d thought to yourself that smaller tits would be a blessing, but oh well.  All in all, there were some areas of your body you wish were a little more toned, a little flatter, but Ed was always one to tell you how much he loved every inch of you, and loved the fact that you could EAT.  You knew he’d appreciate every inch of you no matter what.  The thought of that “appreciation” sent a shiver of anticipation and nerves up your spine, and with a little skip in your step you hurry off to the bedroom.

You’re now faced with figuring out what you should (or shouldn’t?) wear.  You try on a sexy lace bra and thong, but TOO sexy, too obvious.  Just take it all off and lay there??  No chance, you were WAY too nervous to put yourself out there like that.  Finally, you settle on a pair of teeny, turquoise soft boy shorts that showed off your legs (minus your panties), and a stretchy, sexy lace cami with spaghetti straps that showed off your cleavage and midriff.  You’re awkwardly trying to decide how to position yourself on the bed when something VITALLY important crosses your mind, and you hop back up.  You hadn’t exactly planned this in advance, and so you weren’t currently on the Pill or the shot, and there was NO chance this experience was happening without being safe.  Ed had always been honest about his history, he’s by no means a virgin, but no manwhore either.  He also had always been strict about being safe, and not taking risks, which was reassuring.  You notice his backpack in the corner of the room, and you figure it’s worth a quick check. SURE ENOUGH, in the bottom of the side pocket, there’s a packet of condoms. The Sheeran motto apparently was “Always Be Prepared”.  You shake your head, laughing nervously, and thank the Gods that that small box was unopened, or he’d have some QUESTIONS to answer.

You grab the box and toss them in your nightstand drawer, and as you begin to contemplate what to do with yourself next, you hear the door slam down downstairs. The sound of the door alone has your heartrate revving like an engine, and the hairs on your arm and neck prickle.  You KNOW you want this, you KNOW you’re ready…it’s expressing that to him.

“Love??” you hear that cheery, sexy, British accent echo from downstairs, and you quickly smooth your hair down one last time, and lay on the bed, tummy down, facing the door.  

“Upstairs, babe!” you call out, in a tone slightly higher than it probably should be.  Your heart is literally in your throat, and you’re not sure whether to giggle, or hyperventilate, or faint. Maybe all three?

You can hear him coming up the stairs, calling your name like a question, trying to figure out where you are.  “Just in the bedroom!” you call, crossing and uncrossing your legs, shifting your weight to and fro, and trying to figure out where to put your arm.  He pushes the door open and pops his head ‘round the doorjamb, and his face lights up when he sees you.

“…We playing hide ‘n’ seek this afternoon?” he asks with a twinkle in his eye. “Cuz that wasn’t much of a look? Try under the bed next time!”  He come fully into the room and sees you’re laying on the bed, and immediately kicks his sneakers off, and launches himself onto the bed next to you.  He buries his face against the soft curve of your lower back, and nuzzles at the soft skin there.  It feels as though he’s trying to breathe you in, and it’s intoxicating. You can’t help but let out a little sigh of pleasure at the touch of his scratchy cheeks against your skin.  

You slowly turn yourself over and gaze him, taking in his beautiful big blue eyes, his tangle of silky orange curls and the way his perfect lips are curved into that little boy smile.  It’s ridiculous how PRETTY he is, and you just can’t get enough.  You thread your fingers into his beard, and tug him towards you, kissing him softly; his top lip, his bottom lip, and both, trying to put everything you’re feeling into that kiss.

“Mmmmm” he hums contentedly.  “I love your lips. More please.” He pulls you in and presses his lips to yours once more, deepening the kiss, winding his hands into your hair to pull you as close to him as you can, tasting every bit of you. His lips linger, drawing his kisses out to the point where your breath is gone but you don’t care.  He tastes so good, those exquisitely soft, perfectly pink lips the perfect fit to yours, his hands so strong and gentle at the same time.

The length of his body is pressed up against yours, and wrapped up in the intensity of this kiss you’re pushing your body against his, twining your leg with his fuzzy one, and you can feel peaks of electricity in your blood, like your whole body is on edge.  It’s not long before you can feel his reaction, it’s hard against your thigh, and suddenly he’s breaking the kiss and taking a deep breath.  His cheeks are pink, and he speaks before you can utter a word.

“Damn, he’s at it again….Sorry, love, we men need an off-switch apparently.” He laughs nervously and pushes his hands through his hair.  “Did you pick a movie…?  We can-“. You take a deep breath and cut him off before he can get another word out.

“Teddy…” you whisper softly, “I don’t want to watch a movie.”  You brush your fingers through the long strands on his forehead, and gaze up at him, trying to convey your message without words.  You could literally lose yourself in those sea-blue eyes.  He raises an almost non-existent eyebrow and says “Whaddya want to do then? Kind of a crappy afternoon to go anywhere, innit…?”

You stop yourself from giggling, but only just. Why are boys so DENSE sometimes? You take another deep breath, lock eyes with him and cup his cheek.  You kiss him softly, and then trace his lips with your fingertips.  “No…I don’t want to go out either.  I want to stay right here.  With you.”  You take in every last molecule of oxygen you possibly can, steel yourself, and pull yourself to a halfway sitting position.  “I want YOU, Teddy.  All of you.” And you exhale, watching for his reaction, your lip between your teeth.

His eyes widen, suddenly realizing what you’re trying to tell him.  “Babe…I know I got a bit carried away just then, I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this.  I love you, and you have my word I’m not in a rush…”

He’s looking at you, such tenderness in his eyes, and an uncertainty that’s so endearing you find yourself falling all over again.  Your heart is simply racing, your blood pulsing through your body as you pull yourself upright and gaze into his eyes, wanting so badly to convey what you’d been dying to tell him.  Lacing your fingers with his, you press a soft kiss to his warm fingertips and press both of your intertwined hands to your chest, to your heart that was hammering at the expression on his face, and tried to put everything you were feeling into the shaky words that spilled from your lips.  You wanted, NEEDED, him to know just how much you wanted this with him.

“I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it, Teddy. I love you.  So much.  I always knew that the first time I had sex, I didn’t want it to be slam-bam high school thing. I didn’t want to “lose it” just to say I’d done it.  I wanted it to be with someone that wanted to actually make love to me, not just get laid.  I wanted to be sure I was in love and that he was in love with me.  And I am.  You know me better than anyone, and every little thing you do shows me how much you love me.  You’ve never once expected a thing in return, never pressured me, and that makes me want you. It makes me sure that you’re who I’ve been waiting for.”  You take a breath, feeling the warmth in your cheeks and look into his eyes, awaiting his response.

The look on his face…it was something you would tuck away and keep with you for as long as you lived.  There was such love and devotion in his eyes, and when he spoke, you could hear the emotion.  “You’ve no idea just how much I’ve fallen in love with you.  I never wanted to push you for anything, because the thought of pushing you away scares the shit out of me.  Just holding you, it makes me feel like I have the whole world, I don’t need anything else.”  He takes a shaky breath and continues. “I know how long you’ve waited for this…I mean…I- I just want you to be sure.”  He’s looking at you, biting his lip and playing with the edge of his hoodie.

You find that all of a sudden, your nerves have died down, and you know without a single doubt, that you’ve made the right decision.  You want this so badly, and more importantly, you want HIM.  You tip his chin up and catching his gaze, you touch your nose to his, once, and then again.  The biggest smile you’ve ever seen spreads across his whole face.

“We’ll take it slow, I promise…” he whispers, cupping your face.  “If you want me to stop, you’ve just got to say it.”  He gently lowers you back onto the bed, making sure you’ve got a pillow under your head, and slowly, oh so slowly, he lowers his head and begins to place the softest kisses all along your jawline, and your neck, and even your collarbone.  You let your eyes drift shut, enjoying the sensation of his lips and tongue worshipping you, leaving what feels like a trail of fire on every bit of skin he touches. He drops one last kiss at the tops of your breasts and looks up at you, wanting to make sure it was okay to move on. You’re not sure you can even speak coherently anymore, so you arch your chest up and breathe deeply, smiling at him and nodding.  He climbs over top of you, and you part your legs so he can settle in, wanting every part of him to be as close to you as possible.  He shakes his, almost imperceptibly, like he can’t believe this is happening, and lowers himself, supporting his weight with one arm, and he takes a moment just to look into your eyes and gaze at you.  

“I want to make you feel amazing…trust me?” he says softly, looking at you for permission.  

“Without a doubt.” You say softly.  You tangle your fingers in his hair and tilt your face to catch his lips, the need to feel them, to taste them, overwhelming you.  Your tongue gently parts his lips, sliding into his mouth, desperate to taste him.  His tongue tangles with yours, his breathing shallow, and it’s like he CANNOT get enough of you.  It is so sexy.  He breaks away from you, and biting his lip he smiles slow and sexy.  His fingers trail down your cheek, traces your jawline and run down your shoulder and neck.  One hand splays on your bared midriff, and the other catches the hem of your cami, slowly easing it up your body.  You bite your lip, knowing what he wants, and you arch your body so he can pull it off of you.  You lay back against the pillows, and notice that he’s just looking at you, drinking you in. He has the sweetest smile on his face, and when he notices you fidgeting, looking a bit…self-conscious, he shakes his head and tips your head up to meet his gaze.

“You’re so beautiful.  Every single inch of you.  I could just sit here and look at you for hours.  How did I get so goddamn lucky…”

You blush, and he kisses your cheek softly. He moves himself down the bed, and looks at you with a twinkle in his eye, a small grin playing at his features. He begins at your collarbones, and begins leaving a trail of soft, wet kisses, soft lips followed by his sexy tongue, from one side to the other, and then traces a path down between your breasts. He plumps one up with his hand, and your breath stutters as his lips find your nipple.  His tongue swirls around the sensitive bud, alternating between gentle tugs and flicks.  While his mouth lavishes one nipple, his other hand is gently squeezing and massaging your other breast.  The sensations coursing through your body have you practically panting, your body writhing as he teases you.  It’s as though there’s an electric wire straight from your breasts right to your groin, what he’s doing feels SO good and you want more, MORE.

“Ed…God…” you moan, arching your body, trying to press your body into him as much as you possibly can. He’s switching between your nipples; sucking, tugging, nibbling, and it’s driving you to madness.  “More?” he asks softly, looking up at you, wanting to be sure.

“Yes….please….” your body is moving of its own accord, needing…what you weren’t sure, but so much more.  He pulls away from your breasts, and begins kissing his way back down your overly sensitive body.  He leaves a trail of kisses under each breast, and slowly, tortuously, makes his way down to your belly button.  His tongue dips into it as his focus shifts downwards, and he leaves feather light kisses from one hip to the other, all the way across.  You know where he’s headed, and your brain can barely comprehend what’s about to happen.  His mouth had never travelled your body this way, and it was leaving points of fire under every bit of skin he touched.  His hand slides under your leg and bends it at the knee, pushing it back gently, and does the same to your other leg, just as softly.  You feel utterly exposed in this position, but you’re so worked up that the thought doesn’t last long.  He lets the pads of his fingers skate up and down your thighs, tracing the length of your calves, even caressing your feet.  “Okay?” he whispers looking at you, and all you can do is nod, your body urging him on.

His lips are on you, his mouth leaving trails down the inside of each thigh, kisses on the insides of your knees.  He switches to your feet, gently lifting them and kissing the arches of your feet and OH god who knew feet were sexy and when he’s finished there he begins kissing his way up your legs, slowly, up one side, then he switches to the other leg, loving every inch of that one, from top to bottom.  You can feel his warm breath on you as he settles himself between your parted legs, and he gently hooks his fingers inside the waistband of your teeny shorts, gently tugging them down your thighs.  You lift your bum so he can pull them off, and he gently tosses them off to the side.  He works his way back up the insides of your legs, leaving butterfly kisses in his wake, tingles and jolts of electricity with every touch.  You feel his teeth skimming the softest part of the inside of your thigh, kissing, nibbling, and tasting every bit of your skin.  He stops, and grasps your thighs gently, pushing them open a bit more so he can have complete access, and suddenly you feel his fingers trace your lips, pushing them open oh so gently.  He very gently kisses the creases where your legs met your centre, and with his tongue, gently paints a stripe from the base of your slit all the way to the top.  Your whole body lifts off the bed as you gasp from the lightning strikes penetrating your belly, you’ve never experienced this kind of sensation, it’s overwhelming and SO GOOD and why in the hell have you waited this long?  

“Feel good, babe?” he murmurs, his face buried in your slit. You manage to lift your head enough to see the look of rapture on his face as he’s tasting you.  “You taste so fucking sweet.  I’ve wanted to do this for so long…”  His tongue is alternating between long, torturous licks and gentle nibbles at your labia.  It’s a storm you can barely weather, but God it is SO GOOD and in between trying to remember to breath, you manage to tell him “MORE.  Oh my…Teddy, please….!” You’re losing control of your body and you’re writhing under his ministrations, just completely out of control.  

“Anything for you, love” he grins, and pushing your lips back, his tongue finds that sweet pink spot.  His tongue swirls around and around it, nudging that sweet little pink button, like a piece of delicious candy, and your hands find his hair, that silky soft tangle of fiery curls, and you thread your hands through it, pressing his face as tightly against you as you can, completely lost to the building sensations in your belly.  You can’t form coherent words, just gasps, moans, guttural sounds that you had no idea could come from you.  His arms, the bright colours of his ink so sexy against the bare expanse of your skin, wrap around your thighs, pressing them to the sides of his head. He’s pulling you closer to him so his face is all but engulfed, the deep, throaty sounds escaping from his throat as he devours you so indescribably sexy.  His tongue is thrashing your clit, back and forth, quick and light, over and over and over, and you can’t comprehend the delicious fiery tightening in your belly, it’s SO GOOD, it feels like climbing the highest mountain and you want so badly to jump off that edge, and like he’s reading your mind, suddenly he switches from flicking and thrashing to sucking that little pink bundle of nerves right into his mouth and your mouth is wide open, there’s no words, your whole body is lifted up and your muscles locked, it’s like thunder crashing and lightning striking and like NOTHING you have ever felt before, your body is trying to jump out of your skin and there’s spots in your vision that don’t make sense but OH PLEASE NEVER STOP and he keeps sucking and tugging, helping you ride out this incredible explosion, your hands still in hair, keeping him exactly where you need him to be. Your body is STRAIGHT up off that bed, arching into his mouth, “TEDDY…” you gasp, as you fly off that cliff, riding out the most intense sensations you have EVER experienced in your life.  Finally the sensations begins to ebb away, your body sags back against the bed and you look down at the face between your legs, with a sated, disbelieving smile on your face.

He kisses your thighs one last time, and lifts himself up.  He crawls up the bed and gently nestles himself on top of you, catching your lips in a kiss, and stroking your hair, your cheek.  “That was so fucking sexy…” he murmurs.  “Incredible watching you, listening to you come undone….was it what you hoped for?”  

You pick your head up off the pillow, and gaze at him, trying to figure out how to put what just happened into words.  “That was…Teddy…that was incredible.  It was…I don’t even.  Holy shit.”  Your head flops back on the pillow, and he cracks a little boy grin at your words and dips his face to catch your lips for a kiss.  

Your ability to breathe is only just returning to normal, and as you lay sprawled beneath him, all you can think is how you love him so much right at this moment.  You bite your lip, and look at him, knowing what you’d like to do next. You kiss him softly, once, twice and run your fingers down his cheek.  You pull yourself up to a sitting position, and looking him in the eye, you hook you fingers under the edge of his hoodie and begin to drag it up his body.  He grins, and lifts his arms to help you get it off.  His shirt follows, and you awkwardly fumble with his belt buckle, trying to undo it. You manage to unbuckle it, and carefully unbutton his jeans and pull the zipper down.  He’s watching you, letting you take the lead.  You pause, wondering how to go about getting his pants down without looking like you have NO idea what you’re doing.  You can see him smiling at you, laughter in his eyes, and he lifts his hips without a word, helping you to peel his jeans off his legs. Once those are out of the way, he pulls you back down on the bed, and finds your lips.  His lips, so soft, so full, they taste so good.  Long, lingering kisses, deep kisses that you could feel down to the tips of your toes.  Kisses full of promise and passion and tenderness.  

Your let your hand fall to his hip, your fingers playing with the edge of his boxer briefs.  His hands have found your ass, cupping and kneading, squeezing, as he continues to bruise your mouth with kisses, tasting you with his tongue.  Your legs are intertwined, and you’re beginning to feel his reaction against your hip.

Your fingers slide under the waistband of his boxers, wanting to explore what was waiting for you.  His hips stutter as he realizes what you’re doing, and he pulls back to look you in the eye.  “Only if you’re sure, Love”, he whispers.  

“Mmm, I’m sure…” you whisper, a smile tugging at your lips.  “Just…tell me if I’m doing it right?”

“Trust me Babe…there’s VERY little you could do wrong right about now” he chuckles.  

He shimmies his boxers down and you pull them off and WHOA.  Wow. Not like you didn’t know what a penis looked like…but, um. It was BIG.  How was that supposed to-?  Never mind. You’d get there.  Right now….you run your fingertips up his thigh, sifting the fuzzy hairs there between your fingers, enjoying the shiver you can feel run through his body.  You let your fingers walk to that soft crease where his thigh meets his groin, and then tentatively, you gently let your fingers wrap around his length, and give him one long stroke, letting your fist stop at the head.  Wow….so hot to the touch, but smooth.  Like silk.  A low throaty moan escapes Ed’s throat as his head falls back, enjoying the touch of your hand.  

You gently let your hand continue to glide along the length of his penis, from the base to the tip, and judging by the quick, raspy breaths falling from Ed’s mouth, you’re doing something right.  You LOVE the effect your touch is having on him, and on the next stroke, you gently tighten your fist, tugging the head and the hiss that escapes his lips is so satisfying.

“Jesus baby….” He just manages to get out. ”You’re gonna be my undoing….”

He slides his fingers into your hair, pulling you close so he can kiss you.  Not so tender this time, it’s fierce and passionate, the lust he’s feeling spilling out of him into you.  You’re moving your hand more quickly, and you can feel his length thickening and growing as you stroke him.  It’s a heady, powerful feeling that his body is reacting this way because of you. Between strokes and tugs, you gently cup his balls, and watch him carefully, afraid of squeezing too tight.  “Shit…babe…like that”, he hisses, and you happily pick up the pace, loving the sound of his voice, the way his eyes are squeezed shut, the way his leg is tensed as he braces his body.  His hips stutter, and your eyes widen as you notice a bead of fluid roll out of the slit in the tip of his penis, as you’re pumping and stroking.  You’re surprised at his how sexy, how pretty, it is. Framed by the same soft, orange strands that adorn the rest of his body, the plush, pink head, the silky soft shaft…it was incredible.  You loved how rock hard he was, that you were the one that make it that way.  The foreskin was stretched back now, and the breathy sounds coming from his lips are coming fast and you can tell he’s fast losing control.  He sucks in a breath and his hand is suddenly on yours, clumsily pulling it away.

“Fucking hell… feels so good,” he gasps, “but…stop. …I don’t want to finish like this, not like this.”  His mouth is yours, his tongue is tasting every bit of you, and his body flush with yours.  He cups your cheek, and staring at you tenderly.  He tilts your face up, and touches his nose to yours.  “…Love you so much, baby.  I want you so damn bad…”  He whispers this, but there is so much intensity to his words, such reverence. It takes your breath away.  You push yourself back against the pillows, and wrap your fingers into the sweaty curls at the base of his neck, pulling him close.  You press your lips to his and lift your hips to his.  “I want you too, Teddy, make love to me.”  You take a deep breath, ready to take the plunge (in more ways than one…) when through the emotions and lust you remember something important.  

You twist your body and your hand finds the knob on the drawer beside your bed, and you fumble in the drawer, your fingers finding the box.  Ed cranes his head, looking at what you’re doing, and then smiles knowingly.  “How’d I never notice you having rubbers in there before??” he says with a teasing grin.

“Because I didn’t!” you look at him with a raised eyebrow and a teasing grin, and then purposefully turn your head and motion to his backpack.  His eyes widen, and his cheeks turn the most ADORABLE shade of pink.  “Um…” he stutters with an adorable innocent boy smile on his face, “Always be prepared??”

“I love that you cared enough to want to be safe, to protect me”, you say, softly kissing his lips.  “That and the fact that you left them in there.” you giggle softly.

“I just figured…I mean, I didn’t want you think I was trying to-“.  You cut him off.  “Teddy…Shut up.  No more words, I’m not upset.  I love you and I want you.  Now.  Please, Teddy…”  You slide your fingers into his beard and tug him close, looking him straight in the eyes. He swallows hard, his breathing suddenly quicker.  “I want you too” he whispers and gently pulls the box from your hand.  He fishes out a foil packet, and as you watch with wide eyes, he quickly tears it open and looks at you, his eyes hooded.  He quickly slides the condom down over his length, and then you feel his soft hand slide under your ass cheek and he tugs you down.  You swallow deeply, your blood tingling and coursing through every part of your body. You shakily exhale; trying to remember to breathe, and let your legs fall open, your heart hammering in your chest. Ed lifts himself up, and crawls up over your body, moving slowly and gazing at you with such love and softness.

“Babe…look at me.”  He can obviously sense your nerves, and he brushes his fingers down your cheek, under your chin and drops a kiss between your breasts.  “I wouldn’t ever hurt you, we’ll take it slow. Promise…”  

He gently grasps your calf and pushes your leg back just a bit, and his lips are on you, lingering and tender and sweet, tugging your upper lip, then your bottom lip, deepening the kiss as he covers his body with yours.  Your leg is hiked up, pinned to his waist, and he’s leaning on his forearm, nestled between your legs.  He carefully lifts himself just a bit, and takes himself in hand, guiding his penis gently to your slit, and allows the head to just slip between your folds.  He makes no move to penetrate, not yet, but just gently slides the head of his dick against your cleft, allowing you to adjust to the sensation, up and down between your lips, allowing the moisture that’s gathered there to lubricate his length so that it glides like silk.  Your eyes close tight and your head falls back, GOD, he’s not in you yet but it feels SO good, so intimate, the anticipation is almost too much.  It feels like your blood is going pulse right out of your body.  

A low moan rumbles from his throat and he lets out a deep breath as feels you begin to surround him.  “You’re so wet, babe….It’s so hot.  You’re so sexy….” He groans as you tilt your hips up, wanting more.

He stops the gliding motion, and gazing into your eyes, he gently pulls your other leg up so their pinned to either side of his waist, and then reaching down between the two of you, he positions himself at your entrance.  He cups your face, and with so much tenderness it nearly undoes you, he touches his nose to yours.

Your heart is so full, you love him SO much, and you want nothing more than to stay with him like this forever.  You gasp as you feel the tip of him gently push against your opening, past your sensitive tissues, and your body jerks as you tense up. He gently strokes your hip and you hear him breathe the words “Relax, Love…I’ve got you”, as he kisses your lips. He only pushes himself in a bit, just the head, slowly, letting you adjust to his size. “…Tell me when…” he whispers, letting his fingers run up your thighs, leaving fiery trails behind them. You respond by tightening your legs around him, and squeezing his bum to press him closer.  He pulls his hips, back and in one slow motion, very gently, he fills you.  

You bite down hard, gasping, oh GOD, you knew it would hurt a bit, but it STINGS. Fuck.  Tears prick at your eyes as your sensitive flesh stretches in a way it hasn’t ever before.  His voice, it’s in your ear again, soft and reassuring.  “I love you so much, babe….I promise it will feel so much better. I won’t move till you tell me to…”  His thumbs tenderly wipe away the moisture under your eyes, and he slows his body, and strokes your face.  He stays buried inside you, and concentrates on kissing you until you’ve no breath left in you, and slowly you realize your body is adjusting to his size.  The sting is dying out, but the feeling of being stretched that way, it’s something you must get used to.  He’s not moved, just holding you, caressing you, loving you, and remaining deep inside you while your body adjusts to him.

“Baby…” he half moans, “Let me try-“.  You kiss him and urge him on with your hips, and he slowly lifts his hips and slowly pulls himself part way out, not all the way, and nudges his head through your slick folds, bumping up against your clit, and slowly thrusts back into you, gently, unhurriedly.  Oh, oh not so painful anymore, it…there’s still quite the sting as you stretch to fit him, but it’s wonderful, the feeling of him filling you up, actually being INSIDE you…The thought pops through that it’s happening, you’re actually having SEX. You push aside the urge to giggle and the thought is extinguished as both his hands find your ass, and he pulls his hips back, pulling almost all the way out but not quite and oh, it’s a surprisingly empty feeling, you want him back and your hands run down the length of his back to the rise of his ass and tug him, beckoning him to keep going, heavy breaths, loud breaths, falling from your lips, and he groans at your reaction, setting a slow, languorous pace, your ass in his hands and he continues to thrust in to you, long, gentle strokes, filling you up.  You can feel your walls tightening around him every time he enters you, wanting to keep him inside you.  “You’re so goddamn tight….Jesus!” he grunts as you envelop him at every stroke. “You feel so fucking amazing….you alright baby??” he whispers in your ear.

You manage an “Oh…oh… yes….” And you tighten your legs around him, pressing your feet into his back, urging him on.  One hand slides out from under your ass, and he moves it up to your hair, his fingers tangling in the long strands falling over your shoulders.  His lips are on your neck, leaving a wet trail from your pulse point down to your shoulder and across your collarbones.  His breathing is heavy, uneven, and the hand that’s tangled in your hair and cupping your face is pinning you to the pillows, and his mouth frantically finds yours, kissing you deeply, his tongue everywhere, and not once do his hips stop moving, his body is lifting and pressing into you, over and over and it feel SO good, the feeling of him filling you up, every bit of his soft, warm body pressed against yours.

“More Babe…I need…ohh…” you gasp, trying to find the words but failing.  

“Oh, love….Yes…Fucking hell!” he grunts, lifting himself up off of you a bit, supporting himself with his hands and forearms, switching his strokes from long, languid thrusts where he’s not even pulling all the way out of you, to quicker, rhythmic, more frenetic thrusts, the head almost all the way out before he plunges back in, and you let one leg drop, using your foot to brace yourself against the mattress, allowing yourself to open to him as much as possible.  You’re concentrating on the connection between you, the way your bodies fit together so perfectly, the zings and flutters and sparks that his every movement sends pulsing through your body.  The way he’s still cupping your face, caressing your neck, your shoulder, the rise of your breasts, how he can’t help but be drawn back to your lips, his kisses are so full of desire and lust, yet so tender.  Like a promise with every touch.  It’s so damn intimate. In this moment, with your heart and your body so incredibly full, you know that THIS is why you waited.  

He’s gasping with every movement, every thrust, and he’s trying to keep his eyes open, watching you and wanting to take you in, and holy GOD, the desire and drive in his eyes, how his pupils are blown and the way his mouth is dropping open with every sweet stroke, like he can’t control the sensations, it is sexy beyond words.  Your hands find their way to the back of his head, tangling in those delicious sweaty curls at the back of his neck, kissing him so deeply you could just about devour him.  

“Babe…so close…” he hisses, gritting his teeth and you realize he’s holding back and waiting for you, not wanting to put his needs ahead of yours. You let a hand drift down to rise of his ass cheek, and let the other hand find his jaw, and kiss him deeply, gasping for breath as the sensations race through your body.  You realize that all you want is for him to find that peak, to find his release, because the earth shattering climax he gave you with his tongue, that beautiful mouth, it was enough.  The feeling of him being inside you, being a part of you, him worshipping you like this? It was enough.  You had all the time in the world to explore each other from now on, and right now, this moment was all about him.  

His hips are moving in short, messy thrusts as he chases the sensations that are taking him over.  “Baby it’s okay…” you whisper, staring into his eyes and wanting him to feel as good as he made you feel.  “Let go!” you gasp, as little explosions of pleasure ricochet through your body, it’s insane how amazing he feels, and you pick your hips up and try to match his thrusts, pushing your pelvis against him, grinding against him, wanting every bit of contact you can get.  The hand that’s tangled in your hair tightens, his thumb brushing your ear, and he’s got his forehead pressed to yours as he tries to maintain eye contact. You can feel a bead of sweat roll off his temple, and the sounds escaping his mouth are now completely out of his control.  Low, throaty moans, guttural noises that you had no idea he was capable of, and you want this.  Oh you want this. You hold his face between your hands, and look him in the eyes, a feat, because he can barely keep them open, and kiss him so softly, so tenderly. “I love you….God, I love you.” You whisper to him, caught up in overwhelming emotion.  

His eyes are fluttering, and his whole body tenses up, his muscles caging you onto the bed.  “Ah ah ah…!” He’s making a concerted effort to lock eyes with you, to keep connected, but that battle is lost as they slam shut, his orgasm taking him over. “Jesus, baby I…Ah…Oh Fuck!” and his whole body shudders as his hips finds you one last time, and he’s pushing your body up the bed, bracing himself against you, trying to keep every last inch of you wrapped around him.  His muscles are tensed and shaking, and you can feel him shudder once more, and then his whole body sags, soft against you, and his head falls to your chest.  

You’re still struggling to catch your breath, your heart slamming against your ribcage, and the emotion coursing through you is threatening to overflow.  Ed, still panting himself, gingerly lifts himself off you, reaches down and hooks his finger into the condom as he gently pulls out of you, assuring it won’t slip off. “Oh…” you breathe, feeling the emptiness.  He slides it off quickly, and discreetly tucks it into a Kleenex he grabs from your nightstand and puts it off to the side. He rolls back over on to his side, facing you, and he can’t hide the smile spreading across his face as he cups your cheek and kisses you, over and over and over, with such fervour it almost renders you breathless.  He breaks away and a soft smile plays across his features as he just gazes at you, not saying word, just seemingly savouring the moment.  He pulls you into his chest, and you savour his warmth, wanting nothing more than to be held.

“Ed…” you falter, trying to figure how to put what you’re feeling into words.  “Every time I thought about what this experience would be like….when I thought about what I wanted it to mean?  Teddy, this was it.  I-“. He puts his finger to your lips.

“I love you.” The way he says this, it’s so quiet, but so full of conviction.  “You are everything to me…and it means the world to me that somehow I’m deserving enough that you chose to share yourself with me.  That was…fucking incredible.  YOU are fucking incredible.”

You smile softly, and run your fingers lazily through his beard.  You stretch your arms above your head, and then your legs, and as you go to cuddle your body into his chest, you suddenly feel…something…on the sheets between your legs. You glance down, and oh. Oh God.  You knew it would hurt, when he entered you, but you didn’t think about the possibility of THIS.  Your face feels a thousand shades of pink, though you know there’s no real reason to feel embarrassed.  It’s just some blood, but still…Ed notices your discomfort, the blush on your cheeks, and he looks where you’re looking.  

“Love, it’s no big deal…honestly.  Happens the first time.  I’m not bothered!”  He brushes the hair from your eyes and kisses your cheek, a reassuring smile on his face. You swing your legs over the side of the bed, and drop a kiss on his nose before pulling your cami back over your head.  You’re suddenly feeling extremely self-conscious.

“Gonna run to the bathroom, baby, clean myself up a bit…” you smile awkwardly.

“Course, Love.  Hurry back though….need cuddles from my girl after all that…” he murmurs with a crooked smile.  You hurry off to the bathroom, clean yourself up, pee because that seems like a good idea, and run a brush through your hair.  You stop for a second, and look at yourself in the mirror, studying your features. You feel different….empowered and well, like a real grownup. You lift your shoulders and feel a grin spread across your face. You finally did it. No longer a virgin!  You giggle, flip your hair back and head back to the bedroom.  You walk through the door and stop short, staring at your bed. Sweet boy, in the 5 minutes you’ve been in the bathroom, he’s pulled the bloody sheet off your bed, and put fresh linens back on.  He really does think of everything. A disbelieving smile crosses your face, and you shake your head slightly, so enamoured with this boy. You feel a strong of pair of arms wrap around you from behind, and you let out a soft sigh of contentment as you let your head fall back onto his chest.  Your fingers absent-mindedly begin tracing the colorful shapes on his forearms, and you feel his lips in your hair.

“Best day ever, innit?” he says softly. “Best girl ever too…”

You spin around and look him in the eyes, tracing his cheeks and jaw with your fingers, pushing a few stray fiery strands of hair from his forehead.  “You’re not so bad yourself, baby…” you whisper with a smile.

“Mmmmmmm” he hums contentedly, and softly, slowly, he leans in.  He touches his forehead to yours, and you feel his fingers tip your chin up, and just when you thought your heart couldn’t take anymore, he touches his nose to yours.

A Dirty little Ed Sheeran Imagine....NSWF / NC-17 (Mature for Face-Riding SexyTimes...)

Imagine taking this face,this scruff, for a ride….

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: There is a GIF that inspired this blurb, I am going to place it UNDER the cut at the end of this imagine.  Fair warning, it is Dirty, it is Explicit, it is Porn-y, and it is hot as FUCK.  Just visualize the guy as pale, with strong, lean, colourful inked up arms that contrast against the clean slate of your skin, and the way they’d holding you in place.  Picture silky, copper curls at his forehead, and glistening copper scruff along his jawline and on his face.  And, um, focus on the…flicking and stroking…Cause yeah…..and Imagine it as Teddy. ANYWAY, click Keep Reading if you want the gif that inspired this Imagine to go along with your reading! If not, that’s fine too! Xo )

Just… That gif (Under the Cut) and the thought of what it would be like to ride atop THAT face……


The visual of him laying spread out on a bed, legs bent, cock just semi hard and smooth and pink against his thigh, foreskin just beginning to pull back to reveal the plush head, his balls soft and only just barely taut … You eagerly get into position, knees supporting you and he’s all about pulling you in, filthy sounds spilling from his pretty pink lips, lust and heat etched across his face and in his eyes, his intentions VERY clear.  The image of his inked up, toned, colourful arms gripping your thighs is fucking erotic, and his fingertips indenting your ass cheek to keep you right where he wants you, it’s enough to set fire low in your belly and he’s barely begun. When his mouth finds you, when it finally fucking devours you, it occurs to you that there’s something you want to, something just within your reach. You could just reach back….A rumbling rasp escapes his chest as you find what you’re searching for, and his cock firms up quickly as you give it the attention it deserves.  You’re trying desperately to keep your rhythm, your balance, one hand grasping the headboard while your other hand eagerly strokes his cock, your thighs straddling his face.  You need his mouth to not ever stop, lightening strikes are streaking through your body, pleasure burning low like pure fire, your centre pressed to his mouth while you’re stroking him, tugging, dragging moans from him in between his desperate efforts to undo you, but it’s hard while he’s so intent on distracting you…

So difficult to keep your train of thought from derailing as his tongue is flicking and nudging and stroking and licking, the soft but determined strokes of his tongue against your slick pink opening, the shiny perfect bundle of nerves your world is swirling around. He alternates, just when you think his tongue can’t possibly be any more skilled, his mouth, those gorgeous lips are honing in on your clit, the perfect suction. It’s fucking sublime, and that, combined with the delicious burn of his copper scruff, the friction his beard provides….Fuck, there’s no control over how your body is all but engulfing him.

He’s losing his concentration too though.. Biting back sharp breaths as your hand closes around him, gliding faster, his foreskin moving like silk as you feel him getting harder, hot stone encased in smooth silk…not so soft against his thigh anymore, rock hard it’s pointing to his belly, fitting perfectly into your snug fist as your strokes intensify. 

It’s become rather like a race…. Who’s going to finish who first? His tongue is frantic, his mouth devouring, filthy lust laced growls falling from his lips, because he CANNOT get enough, and the hot butterflies in your stomach are quickly spreading through your body, every muscle in your body would be taut, thrumming and throbbing with need… You want to grab his curls, force his face as tightly between your thighs as you can get him, but the way his hips are rocking into your grasp, the bit of warmth you can feel on your hand… He’s chasing the same thing you are. How are you supposed to multitask., Oh fuck….Your body is moving of its own volition, rocking, grinding into his face, frantic and frenetic and openly desperate to just fucking come all over him, but fuck this, you want him to come all over you too.  You double your effort, quick short strokes and tugs, the head of his penis slides so easily through the pull and twist of your hand, and the flames in your belly are overtaking you and just spilling through your own body, and you’re cursing and whimpering and riding it out, WAVES of pleasure, hot and cold at the same time, it’s SO fucking good, YES and you feel his hand on your ass, nails clenching it in place and he’s cursing suddenly, he’s there, it’s his turn and his hips jerk and his warm come is spilling all over your hand as you brace yourself over his face trying to remember to breathe….

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Grammy (mature)

Titel: Grammy

Rating: mature

Summary: You pick him up after the Grammys. Really just more fluff than anything. Sorry.

Im so sorry for being absent so long and Im afraid it wont get better anytime soon. But I found a way to squeeze some writing time into the day, so hopefully.. year ^^

Finally, here is my Grammy story, I will post the birthday one on christmas :P
Are there any other Grammy stories out there? I havent found any :(

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Request -5- (make up sex) (mature, obvs)

Dear anon! Here’s what you requested! They fight and then have make up sex! Hope you like it :) xx

The room was dark, the only light coming from the television, but you didn’t even know what channel you were on. It was late, very late indeed and you kept constantly checking your phone, waiting for Ed to message you or call.

He should have been home a while ago and you started to worry, but then realized that you surely would know if something had happened, so you just kept waiting. Ed had been away for a long time and you missed him terribly. He had promised to come straight back home once he was back in the country, but either he wasn’t able to or he didn’t want to. Either way, you were angry that he didn’t even call to tell you that he would be late, or maybe not come home at all on that day.

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Hot Shower... A steamy Ed mini-oneshot. (NC-17)

Title:      Hot Shower

Author: @naughty-teddy-innit

Rating:  NC-17/MATURE (Shower with Teddy because PLEASE)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: @whydontijustleavethisrighthere & @fingersnthumbsbaby are solely responsible for this stream of consciousness blurb that happened in our group chat, and I swear, by the end I had turned MYSELF on.   I mean, really. 

THIS is how it started…

And then THIS spilled forth…Enjoy!

HOT SHOWER- A Mini Oneshot

The thought of it being the end of very long, exhausting day at work… He’s all sea blue puppy dog eyes and strong hands at your shoulders, and when he beckons you to the shower…. Really it’s hard to resist.

You unbutton and unbuckle, shucking your work clothes where they fall as you watch him disappear into the bathroom. Low slung, untied sweatpants hanging just so off his hips…. His back is so broad, pale and smooth, the edges and lines of his colourful ink just beginning to make their mark.

The way his torso narrows and tapers to his slim hips. So fucking sexy, and VERY unfair. But at least YOU get access.

Steam is filling at the bathroom, the tendrils of damp wet air have his copper strands curling around his ears and at his neck already. An appreciative, little boy smirk is playing at his lips as you step naked into the bathroom to join him, and your hands automatically go to the lines and colourful shapes that adorn his perfect tummy. You push the sweatpants down, an easy feat because they’re loose and undone. No boxers this time, and God. You can’t help but unconsciously lick your lips at your private view.

The same soft, fiery strands that cover his head, and often his beautiful jawline, also cover other hidden places. Hidden to others that is, but not you.

A penis is probably not nature’s most aesthetically pleasing creation… But, damn, Ed’s is just pretty. Mouth-watering even. He’s not by any means ready to go, but it’s plump and smooth and pink, nestled against the fuzziness of his thigh, and you can’t help but let your fingers curl around him, lightly, a gentle stroke, a needy tug. His foreskin still slides smoothly, he’s not hard enough for it to have stretched back.

He huff a tight breath, and allows you to continue for just a few moments, before carefully  backing away with a rueful grin, and pulling you with him under the deliciously hot stream of water.

His hands, his warm, strong, capable hands, they cup your face, and carefully, gently, tuck your hair back, and then his lips find yours. They linger; slow, languid kisses that heat your belly and send lightning strikes down right between your legs. You can’t help the your breathing, it’s becoming heavy and uncontrolled and the warm rivulets of water cascading down your bodies, between your bodies, is only mixing with the evidence of how he’s turning you the fuck on.

But he’s a goddamn tease. Always has been, and he pulls back, leaving you wanting and needy and hot, and not just from the steam. You hear the plastic bumps of bottles, he’s rummaging on the shelf behind you, and then he’s expertly positioning you so you’re warm in the water while he’s pressed up against you from behind. His fingers, ohhhh his magic fingers, he’s working your shampoo through your hair, and then carefully rinsing it, gentle strokes through each strand. Body wash next, his hands gliding over every crease and soft curve of your back, arms, neck… Even down over your bottom and thighs…

Heavenly… The tension is just flowing right out of your body as he kneads and rubs every inch.
“Turn ‘round, love…” He’s whispering softly, and then the warm water is running down your shoulder blades, your arms, everywhere, rinsing the sudsy bubbles off you. That naughty little smirk is peeping through, and he’s reaching for the body wash one more time. “Have to wash everything, can’t be negligent, innit…” And then his slippery, sudsy hands are so gently cupping your breasts…

His thumbs are brushing tantalizingly slow circles around the sensitive bumps of your nipples, as his hands are gently squeezing and massaging. Bubbles are slip-sliding down your tummy, dipping into your belly button, and down the crease of your inner thighs. You’re no longer sure if it’s the warm water that’s dripping slowly down your thighs, or….
His fingers, that were gentle and probing are now insistent, tugging and squeezing and fuck, you love his fingers so goddamn much, and suddenly your back is straight up against the marble tile of the shower, and his tongue is in your mouth like he can’t control it.

A low, throaty growl rumbles through his chest, and the rivulets of water that are running down his chest and belly are killing you. Droplets cling to his chest hair, and the lines of every shape and colour on his body are wet and glistening. His curls are sopping wet, and plastered to his forehead, and Jesus Christ… How is this man naked in your shower?  It is a sight to behold.

He catches his breath, drops a kiss on your shoulder, and straightens up. He’s reaching up for the shower head, a lovely, new hi-tech detachable gadget that you’ve only recently installed. Helluva step up from the old one, and he’s sliding the doohickey that unlatches it from the metal frame. He fiddles with the knob that adjusts the sort of stream that comes from the head, and chooses a stronger jet versus the rainfall setting when you first got in. Oh… His lips, so soft and pliant against yours, he’s kissing you again as he runs the hot water over your body. Your back and shoulders, and your neck. Your legs and thighs….You jump, gasping as the forceful jet of water swipes across your nipples. Almost, ALMOST too much, the heat and pressure of the water against your already hard, sensitive buds, and you could about pass out, pain mixed with absolute pleasure and your breathing is haywire and all you can force from your lungs is “Please…….”

“Fucking. Love. Watching your face…” He says in a hushed, almost reverent tone. “Makes me so fucking hard just watching you….”
Your head is tipped back against the wall, you’re losing all coherent thought as he continues his slow torture, manipulating the stream of water that’s dancing in slow patterns over your breasts and nipples.
Your chest is heaving at the onslaught of sensations pulsing through your body, the heat is pooling deep and delicious between your legs. He pulls the showerhead back, and catches your bewildered gaze, his lower lip caught between his teeth.
“Not done love, not by a long shot…” he whispers. His knee is nudging your knees apart, and he’s got you pressed to the wall. He stops a moment, like he’s contemplating, and then carefully slides down onto his knees. He’s got a most satisfied look on his face, and you’re fucking dying, desperate for him to get on with whatever it is he has planned.
“Wanna watch you come. Just for me…” he says softly.  He oh so slowly, exquisitely, slides his fingertips from your ankle, along the soft lines of your calf muscle, over your knee and along the softness of your thighs, and lifts your leg over his shoulder. He braces himself with his hand to the wall beside your thigh, the solidity of his body against yours keeping you balanced and upright, and grabs the showerhead once again…

The jet of warm water is moving its way from your bellybutton, over your thighs, and you’re quivering, shaking, desperate for it get to where you NEED it to be. Curses tumble from your lips, you just want him to make you come SO. Fucking. Hard. You’re so turned on, you need him to… You don’t even know what, but you need it NOW. Your hips are bucking, twisting, trying to find that delicious friction you want so desperately, and he’s pushing your leg up higher on his shoulder, and before he can aim that exquisite jet of water where you want it so much, you can hear him growl. “Fuck it… Just a taste…” He’s fucking buried his face in your slit, he’s moaning and his tongue is just lapping at every bit of you, long strokes interspersed with teasing flicks….Oh fuck, oh he’s SO good at this, it’s pure pleasure, layers building upon layers deep in your belly, ice cold and flames of fire all at the same time. Your hands are in his hair, yanking his curls so as to get his face, his mouth, his tongue as deep in you as humanly possible.  He only just manages to pull himself away from you, a disembodied “Nooooooo fuck…..” comes bubbling out of you, swear to fuck you just want to come all over his face, again and again and again, why’d he stop?? SHIT that’s why, he’s got that goddamn showerhead again, FUCK, it’s found its mark, and you’re babbling and cursing and trying desperately to become one with the jet of water that’s pressed to your aching clit, that’s got you literally seeing stars.  He’s watching you, on his knees still, but his gaze is locked on yours as he guides the showerhead over your pussy, one hand has gently got your lips spread open, and he can’t decide whether he wants to watch your most intimate parts, on display just for him, or the look on your face as he brings you to what feels like it could be one of the most powerful, intense orgasms you’ve ever had. You’re past watching his face, past figuring out what he’s gonna do, the shower head is… Oh…
“Teddy…Don’t stop… Oh, fuck… Gonna make me come so hard-” You’re mewling, whimpering, gasping as the cascades of pleasure push you straight to that edge.

“Just like that, Love. Gonna come all over my fingers, yeah? So sexy….” He’s whispering these naughty words, heat-laced and almost possessed.  He’s so clearly turned the fuck on, watching you about to come apart, and it’s SO hot.

His fingers, they’re pressing into you, filling you up over and over, and he’s fingerfucking you with the same speed and rhythm as the water jets, and your legs turn to jelly and you’re only just aware of the yes, yes, yes’s falling from your lips as the white hot fire low in your belly explodes, spreading to every corner of your body. Your head is tipped back against the cool tile, your mouth is open in a not so silent scream, and pure, unadulterated pleasure overtakes you, positively spilling through every bit of you, one of the most intense orgasms you have ever experienced.  The onslaught of sensations finally begins to ebb, to recede, and your whole body sags. The gentle spray of the water, droplets hitting the glass door and tile floor of the shower are the only sounds you hear as you try to slow your breathing and come back down, back to him. Your body nearly collapses as your leg all but gives out, and he’s up off his knees, gently lifting your leg from his shoulder before he stands and wraps you in his warm, colourful arms. He keeps them locked around you, as you drop your head to his shoulder, trying to catch your breath.
“I’d like to end every day like that please…” you whisper in his ear, a blissed out grin on your face.
“At your service.” He grins back. His voice softens, “I could watch you like that all goddamn day. So. Fucking. Sexy.” He punctuates these words with soft, tender kisses, and you just couldn’t love this boy more.
“Your turn, I think, Teddy….” you whisper in his ear, now that coherent thoughts have returned. The water has cooled and you reach behind him to shut it off.
“I can think of several ways to warm you up….”

Victoria's Secret

It was a rainy day. I love rainy days. One of the reasons why I moved to London. The day was calm as it ended and I was quiet, sat down on my couch and reading a fiction book when the door opened. I was unusually well dressed, considering I was just chilling at my place. It’s just that he was singing in a fashion show with girls in stunning lingeries… I didn’t want him to come back home to a piece of trash.
“Hey you!” he was excited. I can imagine why.
It was a few hours after the show and he was probably hanging out with Taylor. I chose not to go, though it would suck really hard be next to those Angels.
“Hi” I said as I closed my book and got up to give him a quick kiss. “Did you have fun?”
“Yeah, it was great, everybody was really talented and knew what they were doing”, he left his things on the floor and walked towards the kitchen to get a glass of water.
“I bet you did” I said in a kinky way, making fun of him.
“Don’t start” he laughed, throwing himself in the couch, too tired to do anything else.
“What?” I imitated his accent and put his legs on my lap. “You have the funniest way of being jealous I’ve ever seen” he smiled, ripping off his shoes with his own feet.
“Can you blame me? Those girls are fucking perfect” I tried not to sound worried or crazy jealous, but he knows me too well.
“You’re perfect” he lifted his head and gave me a kiss, caressing my neck, kind of trying to make a point. “Yeah, that’s gonna make me feel better” I said.

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Twenty-Four: An Ed Sheeran Birthday One Shot

It’s that time of year, babes, where I post yet another birthday one shot. It feels like i haven’t been a fan of Ed Sheeran for that long, and I’m actually quite surprised that it’s been 2 years since the infamous"Twenty-Two" was posted. 

Regardless, i still love Ed just the same, and I still have the same debauched attitude of writing about him. As usual, a mature part works its way into the end, so you’re welcome.

IF you’re new to the party, and this is your first birthday one shot you’re reading, I suggest you go and read Twenty-Two, and Twenty-Three. “Twenty Two” is the fanfic that Ed read on the New Zealand radio show that one time. (you can find them both in the one shot master list!)

If there is one hope i have for this, it’s that it makes its way back to Ed, only this time, as fuel to the fire. I turn 24 in 3 days, Ed Sheeran, and I do way more than just write about your dick. 

So go forth, lovely followers, spread the word of this writing blog, through whatever social networks you have, and maybe, just maybe, he’ll stop by again and read some of my favorite one shots!


Twenty-Four: An Ed Sheeran Birthday One Shot (MATURE)

Even if Ed is only 24, it feels as though we’ve exhausted all of our options when it comes to celebrating his birthday. I, in part, blame myself, for the extravagant way we celebrated his birthday at 22; a party full of 22 things that Ed Sheeran loved more than life itself.  At 23, I put together an entire wall full of 365 photos of Ed to combine to form one giant picture of Ed, and we celebrated his birthday by staying in and eating breakfast at midnight. And now, it’s 24, and it feels like if we go out and party, it won’t be as fun as it was when he was 22, and if we stay in, it’ll be the same as 23.

But I’m determined to prove myself wrong. We meet halfway, half of a day out, half of a night in. I don’t know when adult life is supposed to start. I don’t know when it’s supposed to stop being fun, when we’re supposed to stop drinking and partying and start caring about work and maybe starting a family. At 24, it feels like it’s not even close to being over, that we’re going to have this forever. I see the look on Ed’s face, the second he wakes up in the morning on his birthday covered in anticipation of all of the fun shit we’re about to get up to, and I never want that to fade, not for him.

           “Happiest of Birthdays, Ed Sheeran” I climb on top of him while he’s still asleep. He laughs and rubs his eyes with the heel of his palms, waking up.

           “What, no birthday morning blow job?” He asks, scrunching his nose at me, his hands landing on my knees that are on either side of his torso.

           “No appreciation for the finer things in life” I shake my head at him, shrugging, “What am I going to do with you?”

           “Nothing finer than you, on your knees, putting that pretty mouth of yours to work” he so matter-of-factly states, a grin spreading across his face.

           “It’s good to know that 24 hasn’t turned you polite” I playfully pat his chest before climbing off of him, “or even, you know, subtle”

           I get to the doorway before turning around to look at him, now sat up in bed, arms folded across his chest, waiting for his itinerary. He narrows his eyes at me, waiting for some kind of surprise, or whatever else I’ve got up my sleeve.

           “Get up, Ed” I tell him, “and shower. We’ve got big plans, today.”

           “Are you at least going to join me?” he calls out after me, “It’s my birthday, you can’t say no”

           He climbs out of bed and I can hear him running after me as I walk away. It only takes him a few seconds to catch up to me, and his arms wrap themselves around my waist, stopping me in my tracks. He tightens his grip and buries his head in the crook of my neck.

           “Playing the birthday card” he mumbles. He’s strong enough to take me with him, regardless of how big of a fight I put up.

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I know Taylor’s said in the past that she’s had the maturity of “an 8 year old” and Though that is one of the many reasons she is so appealing is her personality and overall awesomeness. I think it may be one of the biggest reasons she hasn’t found the right guy yet (until now……maybe) 

I think Taylor (along with any human being honestly) would get caught up when anyone who is super attractive showed her attention (i mean them liking her i’m not trying to sound rude) and so she would date guys who are super shallow and genuine jerks (you can guess who they are) and guys who just totally don’t make any sense on a compatibility level with her I mean the lyric “I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny ‘cause he never did” basically says it I know finding someone funny isn’t everything but that line sticks out to her because it’s like she’s never felt the feeling like someone genuinely liking her sense of humor. Well compatibility helps with that and I think with her growing up and maturing she is realizing that.

And with her growing up I think she’s actually starting to really actually “see the light” on the kind of guy that she is suppose to be with (or the most compatible to) and who is that guy???


I think younger Taylor would’ve never ever considered Ed for a boyfriend but just considered him as a close friend or “friendzoned”  (just my honest opinion and not trying to be mean) heck even Taylor from a year and a half ago wouldn’t have. I mean Ed isn’t bad looking by any stretch (feels weird saying that considering i’m a straight guy haha) but he is no supermodel or as of good looking (to most people) as the rest of the guys she has dated (Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake douche Gyllenhaal) but the thing Ed is unlike those previous guys is they are compatible to the deepest of levels. 

They both love Cats, (simple yet still important) both have separately stated that one of their biggest goals in each of their lives is to have a family, they have similar senses of humor and both find the other to be hilarious (Taylor stated that Ed and Emma Stone were the funniest people she knows and Ed saying that Taylor is really funny and has a sort of dry sense of humor (and also her awkwardness which you know he loves and will no doubt sing about in the future 'cause he’s already done it with the simplest of lines such as “and you should never cut your hair, 'cause I love the way you flick it off your shoulder”)) 

and honestly I feel like Ed is the first guy where Taylor truly feels like she can be 100% completely herself with (even though as a friend*******as far as we know) and he won’t judge her, won’t strike her down and make her feel insecure, won’t say he’ll be there and then not show (the douche guy i mentioned earlier) 

he actually builds her up. He lets her know how funny she is to him. He tells her how gorgeous she is. He stands up for her and actually defends her. When people tried to slut shame her for her boyfriends he said that it was completely untrue and in the year he had known her she’d dated a total of 2 guys. When people tried to make a big deal at the billboard awards over the whole One Direction “shut the f*** up” Ed defender her and told people what she said had absolutely nothing to do with 1D. He doesn’t make her feel insecure about her awkwardness/adorableness because he is just as big of if not bigger dork than she is haha. I think he is a huge reason she is starting to become more confident in herself.

I think she is growing and starting to know exactly what she wants in her love life. And when people say “I miss the old taylor” I disagree. Even though I miss the curls, I love seeing this confident, radiant and just strong woman she is now. And along with other things I think her growing up is actually a very good thing. She may still have the maturity of an 8 year old in some aspects I think she’s (through her growth age/maturity wise) finally found what she has been looking for in love.

If you’re still reading this.


Mature one shot - Friends with benefits

It was already dark outside but we were still sitting in the garden, at the edge of the pool, our legs dangling into the water. Our knees were touching and everytime Ed shifted slightly around, it sent a shot of longing through my whole body.

It wasn’t that I was in love with him… Not at all. We knew each other since primary school and were something like best buddies ever since, but lately…

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A Smutty NSFW Ed Stream of Conciousness Ed Blurb 🔥🐻

{Inspired by Drunky, dancing, sweaty, Gangsta in Da Club Teddy}

AKA Group Chat is a dirty, dangerous place 🔥

Hope you enjoy…

You’re barely home, he’s all sweaty from dancing and gettin’ his Gangsta on all night, all musky boy smell and traces of faded cologne, the curls at his neck and ears are messy and sweat soaked. You’re so impatient, not enough coordination or patience or time to take all your clothes off… Your hazy, tipsy, shots-laced self only wants, needs one thing…
Those messy, drunky, I wanna taste you and fuck you all at the same kisses, he’s got you, all while trying to undress you… ..He’s got your panties off and your skirt yanked up, shirt pushed up (no bra thank CHRIST) all in in drunken, carnal haste. You’d be fumbling with his belt, trying to concentrate your fuzzy alcohol laced thoughts on getting it undone, wanting his cock out of his pants, still while tasting every bit of his mouth, his lips, his tongue. He helps you by yanking his belt off and unzipping, yanking at his jeans and boxers, all while his lips have not left yours

He can absolutely see how impatient you are, why’s that cocky smirk so fucking sexy?

“Right here, yeah…?” he breathes slowly, the bright colours of his arms quickly lifting you up under your thighs, and pressing you to the wall right inside the door. Your legs automatically wrap around his waist in all too eager response, his pants are BARELY peeled down his thighs, only enough so that he can palm his cock. He exhales: a growl that rumbles from his chest, the dirty smirk on his face still belaying his enjoyment at your rushed intentions, and before you can catch a breath or tell him to get on with it, he’s balls deep, and oh fuck, your head tips back and you hand reaches down, over his hip to squeeze his perfect, fuzzy little round ass….

You just want it hard and dirty, you need him to fuck the hell out of you, you’re trying to match his rhythm but the copious amounts of gin and vodka sluicing through your blood are NOT helping….His hips are messy and sharp and all but jackhammering you into deep wood of the door frame. His eyes are wide the fuck open, fixed on you and the “Oh fuck… Oh fuck…” that fall from his lips, the sweat that’s gathering at the copper strands at his forehead… There is nothing sexier than when this man is about come, mid-fuck, mouth hanging open and pupils own wide, his ass flexing as he fucks into you, you can feel under the grip of your palm, the lines of his broad shoulders lifting and tightening with every movement….

It’s comes on so fast, that pooling of heat and cold fire deep in your belly, it just erupts, and goes on and on, waves and contractions of pure pleasure. The wordless shriek, the high pitched “Ahhhh fuck YES…. Teddy I’m… Fuck….” and he’s right there with you and you can FEEL the warmth between your thighs as low, raspy “Ah ah ahhhhh’s” are tumbling from his lips, those pretty lips he always bites as that last bit of his orgasm tears through him….

You can actually feel his heart slamming against his inked up chest, pressed against yours. He slips out of you, and gingerly helps you set your feet on the floor, and you both sort of giggle amidst catching your respective breaths, and you find yourselves both sliding into a sort of collapsed against the wall sitting position. He presses his forehead to yours, and a flash of that sexy little shit smirk crosses his face. “Well. That wasn’t shit…” and he cackles at your expression.
“Lucky your dick is so talented, Edward.” You raise an eyebrow, biting done on the grin that threatens. “Think I’ll keep you.”
“Lucky me…” he murmurs, and grins, planting a kiss on your lips.

Hope you guys like it. Think I turned my damn self on… Phew. Comments, Asks (Even Anon ones!), feedback, it’s all loved and appreciated.

Also @fingersnthumbsbaby and @whydontijustleavethisrighthere still get the blame for this, I’m pretty sure 😙

What Goes Up… A Mile High Club Ed Sheeran Oneshot! (NC-17/MATURE for SEXYTIMES!)

Another airplane.  Never being big on flying meant that having a boyfriend whose main mode of transportation was, in fact, airplanes, was sometimes a difficult thing to deal with. Airports, with their hustle and bustle, crowds up crowds of people, loud overhead announcements and let’s face it, never ending wait times, were one of your least favourite places.  You were currently camped out in the world’s most uncomfortable chairs, after yet another flight delay, waiting for your phone to charge enough actually provide some desperately needed entertainment. You stretched your arms up, your legs out and your neck sideways, when from your left you heard what might be one of your favourite sounds in the entire world; your boyfriend’s giggle.

“Have you seen this video??”  Ed asked.  “This bloke must have crashed off that bike 3 times!”

As you shook your head no, you couldn’t help but laugh at his enthusiasm.  His penchant for random YouTube videos knew no end most of the time, especially when long waits and travel were involved.  He looked back down at his MacBook, and you took that opportunity to enjoy the view (a frequent occurrence, now that you think about it).  Sometimes you didn’t know where to look first. His clear blue eyes that you had a tendency of losing yourself in? The smile that lit up his whole face? The precious dusting of freckles that were sprinkled across his cheeks (why he was so self-conscious about them you would never know)? Or his sweet, soft, perfectly pink lips?   Then there was his hair.  That fluffy, soft mop of beautiful Gingerness that if you had a choice? You’d never keep your hands out of.  It was currently sticking out in all directions with his favourite Beats headphones squashing it down, but the way the light was hitting it…so pretty. So sexy.

Of course, you knew you were for sure NOT the only one who had developed a healthy appreciation for the beauty of the Ginger Boy sitting next to you, not by a very long shot.  Millions of girls, both young AND old would kill for the chance to experience just a teaspoon of what you two shared.  You had known Edward Christopher Sheeran since you were grade schoolers, long before his voice and his lyrics became famous the world over. Platinum records, world records, sold out stadiums, and now even a Grammy winner, his face and his voice were known and adored by millions of people. More than a little selfishly, though, you enjoyed being able to say he was yours.  It may have taken a long time, but the day you both suddenly realized that maybe what you shared was more than just best-friendship…it was the best day of your life so far.  Everything had changed, and you wouldn’t go back for a single second.

One of the things that you loved the most about him, even before that love was, well, “in-love”, was how big his heart his.  He never thought twice about making time for other people, and finding the one thing that would make someone smile or brighten someone’s day.  He was the least selfish, most positive person you knew, and the fact that none of that had changed in the slightest despite his mind-staggering fame, was one of the things that made him such a catch.   The screaming crowds, millions of fans, and never-ending media was something you weren’t sure you would ever be accustomed to, but in spite of all of that, he was just Teddy. Your Teddy.  

He was sitting crookedly in his chair, one leg tucked under him, and wearing one of your favourite sweaters, a soft gray one that he had currently pushed the sleeves of up his forearms.  His glasses were sitting low on his nose, and as he absent mindedly shoved them back up his face.  You couldn’t help but think how absurdly sexy the damn things were.  He hated them, would probably burn them if given the chance, but the poor boy was blind as a bat without them, and so they stayed.  You could never keep track of which pair of sneakers would find their way to his feet on any given day, he literally must have HUNDREDS of pairs, but the red ones he was wearing today were definitely your favourites.  Add in those tight black jeans, and the colorful ink on his arms that was peeking out from his pushed up sweater sleeves…Damn.  If you weren’t sitting in airport right now…

“SHIT” you yelped, as you felt two fingers very suddenly run down your bare arm.  Having been lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed Ed put his laptop away and focus his attention on you.  His head fell backwards as he laughed at your reaction, obviously enjoying the fact that it took next to nothing to scare the living bejesus out of you.  

“EVERY time, Love?”  He smiled widely, a twinkle in his eyes.  As you were a mature woman and older than Ed, you figured it was best to take the higher road.  By sticking your tongue out in his direction.  

“Not my fault my boyfriend is nothing but a Hobbit Man-child!”

“Hobbits have big feet, you know.” He laughed.  “I thought you liked men with big feet!”

Your mind immediately went to the size of his sneakers, and you giggled, thinking about the continuous online buzz that seemed to constantly surround Ed and what he was presumably hiding in those tight black jeans. Little did they know, it was more than just rumours, and the enjoyable fact that you had full access?  Yes MATE, as Teddy would say.  You had cackled out loud a few times at the obsession with “The Bulge”, as had Ed, but really, they were spot-on. It was…well.  There were times the “impression” he left had you walking bowlegged the next day.  If they only knew….

“Should I ask what’s going through that mind right now…?” Ed asked, seeing the evil grin tugging at your lips.  

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So it’s not really weird to imagine sex scenes for characters. And it’s not weird reading other people’s mature stuff. But it’s weird writing them, really weird. Like I stop and smirk with this stupid grin on my face. And I only write one sentence at a time cuz after each one, I just sit there like holy shit you just said that. And then it’s like, omg people are gonna read this wut r u even doing

Bad Day - An Ed Sheeran One Shot (Mature)

I’m back from my really long battle with writer’s block! HURRAY! 

Here is the one shot i’ve been promising. I’m so thankful for all of you who didn’t unfollow/give up on this blog. Really, i am. You mean the world to me.

As usual, let me know what you think. I love hearing from you all!


Bad Day -  An Ed Sheeran One Shot (Mature)

“You’re not allowed to have a bad day,” I cradle the phone between my shoulder and my ear, practically juggling a box of vinyl records in my arms as I kick the car door closed, “Pick up the damn phone, Ed.”

            I huff loudly, as the phone slips from my ear and onto the pavement at my feet, it’s clear case breaking open, “awesome.”

            I put the box in my hands down on the ground, kneeling to pick my phone back up, hitting the ‘end call’ button before shoving it, as well as its broken case, into my back pocket.

            Ed isn’t allowed to have a bad day when he’s in between shows and tours. This is the only time where he’s allowed to do whatever he chooses, whenever he pleases.  No one can tell him any differently because for that brief span of a few days or weeks, he doesn’t answer to anyone but himself. He’s not under management, or contract, or a time schedule. He gets to see his family and friends to catch up on their lives and feel like a normal guy. But here he is, five days after his arrival, not answering or returning any of my phone calls. Five days after we had made plans to spend the day together, and he’s having one of his infamous bad days. Ed’s bad days are few and far between and occupy a spot on the list of my least favorite things.

            Ed Sheeran shuts down on a bad day. Sometimes  he goes as far as abandoning all forms of technology, refusing to answer the door for any visitors, and exists as though he doesn’t. He wants to be alone inside his head. He wants to house the negativity and deal with it on his own terms. For as emotional and empathetic as Ed is in all of his songs, he’s the last person to divulge on any of his problems.

            I firmly believe that he’s allowed to have said bad days, but not on my watch. Not when this is my only day to see him for the rest of the time he’s off.  We’re growing up, to the point that our lives are slowly moving in opposite directions. I don’t know when I’m going to see him next. I don’t want him to leave without seeing me for even a few hours.

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