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Better Than A Grammy

Request:  Omg can you do a Shawn imagine where we are married and have a 3 year old daughter/son. And Shawns nominated for his first Grammy and really thinks he’ll win. But when he doesn’t he’s crushed but we get home and our daughter/son drew Shawn a Grammy (not the most artistic cause they’re little) but it’s so sweet and Shawn just melts

a/n; this request is so cute, I just had to write it this instant!

Word Count: 308 (short, sorry)

Pairing: Shawn Mendes X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“And the Grammy goes to… Ed Sheeran!” I instantly looked over to my husband, seeing sadness cover his face. “I’m sorry, baby.” I mumbled against his skin as I kissed his cheek. He nodded, “It’s okay.” He replied, smiling softly as we watched Ed accept his award. 


I linked my arm with Shawn’s as we walked up to the door of our house, I opened the door expecting our daughter to be asleep. I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion as I saw Aaliyah asleep on the couch, she was watching Lily for us. “What are you doing up?” Shawn chuckled squatting down to be eye level with Lily. 

“I wanted to be awake when you got here!” She laughed cutely, I smiled as she ran off to grab something as I laid a blanket over Aaliyah. “I drew you something daddy.” Lily mumbled holding a piece of paper behind her back, I walked back over to them.

“It’s one of those things that you were on the TV for.” She blushed handing it to him, I smiled widely as we both looked over the drawing, it wasn’t the best thing in the world but the thought is what counts.

“Do you like it daddy?” She asked after Shawn hadn’t said anything. He looked up from the piece of paper and scooped her up into his arms. She giggled as he placed kisses all over her face, “I love it, princess.” He smiled as she held onto him, she kissed his cheek. “Yay!” She cheered, her tiredness starting to show, “Thank you, baby girl.” He mumbled moving her so she could wrap her arms around his neck. 

“You’re welcome.” She mumbled her eyes closing, Shawn turned to me and motioned to the picture, Lily and myself, “Better than a Grammy.” He whispered holding the now sleeping little girl. 


Kiss Me | Shevine | Ed Sheeran (x)

once upon a time i was bored part 2

here is almost every song ed sheeran has covered xxx

all my life // nizlopi

be my husband // nina simone

blind faith // chase & status

coco // o.t. genasis

could just be the bassline // artful

chasing cars // snow patrol

dirrty // christina aguilera

do it like a dude // jessie j

dont think twice its alright // bob dylan

drunk in love // beyonce

empire state of mind // jay z & alicia keys

feeling good // michael buble

fuck you // cee-lo green

guiding light // foy vance

hallelujah // leonard cohen

heartbeats // the knife

heaven // emeli sande

hit me baby one more time // britney spears

i knew you were trouble // taylor swift

last ones standing // example

little things // one direction

make you feel my love // adele

masters of war // bob dylan

no church in the wild // jay z & kanye west

no diggity / thrift shop // blackstreet / macklemore & ryan lewis

parting glass

pony // ginuwine (bonus x)

royals // lorde

she looks so perfect // 5 seconds of summer

skinny love // bon iver

someone like you // adele

stay with me // sam smith

swim good // frank ocean

take me to church // hozier

traktor // wretch 32

trap queen // fetty wap

volcano // damien rice

way down in the hole // the blind boys of alabama

wayfaring stranger

we found love // rihanna ft. calvin harris 

who you are // jessie j

wild mountain thyme

wish you were here // pink floyd

wonderwall // oasis

if im missing anything, if you want something in better quality, or if there is something wrong in general, please send me an ask and ill fix it, enjoy xxx

An Important Statement

*stands up and clears throat*

I strongly believe in the fact that Mr. Óscar Isaac Hernández Estrada was wrongfully deprived of a Grammy award for song of the year with his cover of Bill Murray’s ‘Star Wars.’

Yes, I am fully aware that it was released late in the game, and is a YouTube cover not an actual song, and is a cover of someone else’s song, and isn’t, persay, an official record under a company, but just listen to those intricate guitar chords and incredibly delicate fingerpicking and that quiet but powerful voice and that lighthearted chuckle at the end and realize deep in your heart, that Oscar is the real winner. That is all.


Unseen video of Ed covering Be my husband

Harry Styles- features

Here I bring you a masterpost about- Harry’s features. 

Or at least, my favorite Harry features.

I encourage you to kick back, relax, and grab your favorite beverage- because you’re in for the long haul (like 20-something pictures)

We’ll start with Harry’s..


His love of singing is always something to admire- that he is- to this day- who he’s always wanted to be.

Now for his…


He’s really the cutest piece of shit, look at this smug asshole

Really, like…

He fell so dramatically, really it’s quite adorable. (Shout out to the annoyed security guy bro)

Next is his…



I mean, this car looks like literally a million bucks

I do not- and will not ever- understand how he can go from falling in slow motion on a stage to a “I’m a fucking CEO of a company and all I do is travel to Florida. Also i’m an asshole.” kind of look.

That car is just… perfect, really.

I’m considering writing Harry a letter asking him to pay my college tuition.

Next up is…


If you can somehow get past his pretty face here, his hair is so thick and long now, like..

And he can put it into a bun?


Next up is:


They’re really nice. (Bonus points for my husband-to-be, Ed Sheeran)

This could go nicely into the “abs” category coming up, but whose really the most important feature here?

Next up is…


But are you ready?

My favorite gif of Harry- okay, it’s not, but it used to be.

I just love the way his muscles work

I wan toush it

I’m really stressed out, guys.

Next up…


God help me

Who the fuck took this picture because I have a bone to pick with them and their HD.

Pretty, pretty

Next is…


This picture is so hot.

Like those candles

They’re unrealistically red.

I search constantly for the tube of lipstick, I really do.

Next up- and last up is


Oh jeez

They’re bursting. they will pop.

I will pop

I did this to myself, I really did.

Well, that’s the last of this masterpost at least- I hope you enjoyed it, because now i’m fucked up.