ed sheeran in glasses

Give Me Love
Ed Sheeran
Give Me Love

Give me love | Ed Sheeran

Give me love like never before,
‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,
Maybe I should let you go..

Give a little time to me or burn this out,
We’ll play hide and seek to turn this around,
All I want is the taste that your lips allow,
My, my, my, my, oh give me love.

Studyblr playlist tag!

tagged by: @lexiipedla . Thank you for tagging me <3 

rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first ten songs. 

~ I am also including my favourite line from each song!

1. Chasing cars - Sleeping at last “Those three words are said too much and not enough”

2. Piazza, New York Catcher - Belle and Sebastian “Oh elope with me in private and we’ll set something ablaze, a trail for the devil to erase “

3. Georgia - Vance Joy “The way you kiss me will work each time”

4. Every other freckle - alt-J “Turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet”

5. Nowhere, Texas - City and Colour “ Hunting in the killing fields, small-town country boys do their worst”

6.The Other Side of Paradise - Glass Animals “I wish you could see the wicked truth… caught up in a rush it’s killing you”

7. Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran  “Lumiere, darling”

8. Say it ain’t so - Weezer “Your drug is a heartbreaker”

9. Ends of the Earth - Lord Huron “Please don’t say I’m going alone”

10. Down in the Valley - The Head and The Heart “Lord have mercy on my rough and rowdy ways”

My playlist is pretty chilled out, a bit of folk, a bit of alternative. 

Not your usual studyblr playlist. I tag @bibi-loves-books , @sharknctes , @timelesspossibility :) :) 

august music suggestions! (–link–)

love like you - rebecca sugar

bibia be ye ye - ed sheeran

gooey - glass animals

7/11 - beyonce

trouble (unpeeled) - cage the elephant

solo - frank ocean

slide thru - blackbear

twist and shout - the beatles

best friend - rex orange county

buzzcut season - lorde

passionfruit- drake

avalanche - walk the moon

i. pink toes - childish gambino

kiwi- harry styles

a-punk - vampire weekend

cocoon - catfish and the bottlemen

why - sabrina carpenter

see you again - tyler, the creator

naive - the kooks

t-shirt weather - circa waves


Warning: smut, daddy kink, hair pulling, choking, all that good stuff.

You grabbed a trash can, quickly spitting out the spoonful of sardines. Ethan and Grayson bursted into fits of laughter as you all sat on the plastic covered floor.
“There is no way that was happening!” You screeched, taking a drink of your water. The three of you sat before the camera, all covered in terrible smelling food. You ducked your head as Grayson poured the whole can of sardines all over your head. You gagged as you slapped Grayson’s arm,
“Okay that’s enough, I’m gonna puke!” You laughed as the twins chuckled.
“Okay guys that was the eat it or wear it challenge part 2! Don’t forget to subscribe and like this video! We will be posting twice a week!” Ethan and Grayson beamed happily.
“Until next Tuesday, peace!” You all said together, shooting up peace signs.
“Oh my gosh this is so gross.” You laughed as Ethan fell on Grayson trying to get up from the slippery mess.
“That’s definitely going in the outro.” Grayson laughed, pushing Ethan off of him.
“I call upstairs shower!” You yelled, quickly grabbing a towel as you wiped the access stuff off your body as Ethan and Grayson fought over the main floor shower.
“Grayson just go shower with your girlfriend, jeez.” Ethan slapped him, pushing him out of the bathroom. Grayson looked back at you but you were already headed up the stairs. You closed the bathroom door, turning on the shower as steam filled the room. You peeled your clothes off and put them in a trash bag, you definitely weren’t getting the stains out of those.
You pulled up your phone and pressed shuffle as shape of you by Ed Sheeran blasted through the speakers. You stepped into the glass shower, the cold tiles hit your feet. You moved under the shower head, washing off your body from any of the disgusting foods. You swayed your hips to the beat of the music, closing your eyes as you began to wash your hair.
“I’m in love with the shape of you.” You sang softly, still swaying your hips as you rinsed your hair.
Just then you heard a whistle as Grayson slid the glass door open, stepping inside the shower to join you. You clutched your chest,
“Have you every heard of knocking?”
“Have you ever noticed how sexy you are when you dance?” Grayson complimented you and he stole the warm water from you. You cocked an eyebrow as you watched your naked boyfriend run his fingers through his hair under the shower.
“Sorry, Ethan told me I’d better shower with you.” We winked, rubbing the dirty food off him. You grabbed a loofa,
“Well I was here first, wasn’t I?” You asked, putting some scented body wash on your loofa.
“Sorry princess, allow me.” Grayson smirked, taking the pink loofa from you as he motioned for you to turn around. He began rubbing your back slowly, his movements careful and delicate.
“Turn babe.” He asked as you turned to face him, he ran the loofa across your chest, washing your breasts, down to your stomach, then your legs.
“You’re so good to me.” You smiled as he stood up,
“You think you’re gettin’ this for free?” He cocked an eyebrow as you switched spots. You rinsed your body as Grayson handed you a black loofa with some of his body wash on it. You started on his muscular back, washing his broad shoulders, all the way down to his back dimples.
“Turn babe.” You asked lightly. He turned, as you began washing his chest, looking up at him as he stared down at you, biting his lip.
“What?” You asked innocently.
“Nothing.” Grayson smirked as you washed his torso. You noticed his cock hardening as you smirked, washing around it, going down to his legs. You both switched as Grayson took the hot shower and you started stepping out.
“Hey, were not done.” Grayson cut you off, pushing you against the wall. “You think you can leave me like this?” He motioned down as his throbbing cock. You bit your lip and shrugged,
“You wanna help daddy out? Be a good girl?” His voice was deep and quiet, the music was now drowned out as you slowly got on your knees. The water sprayed all over Grayson’s back and he let out a small groan when you wrapped a hand around his shaft. You stared up at him as you took the tip in your mouth, moving your tongue across it. Water droplets covered his body as his biceps flexed, grabbing onto your hair.
“All the way baby.” Grayson spoke quietly, making sure Ethan didn’t hear you from the level below. He slowly pushed your head further down on his cock. You hummed lightly as Grayson began lightly thrusting into your mouth. He hung his head back as his mouth shot open, letting out low moans. His tip hit the back of your throat repeatedly as his abs flexed. You gripped onto his thighs, knowing he had a pain kink, you raked your nails down them as he slowly pulled out, letting you breathe.
“Fuck baby, your mouth is amazing.” He breathed, making you go back down on his cock. This time his thrusts picked up speed as you hollowed your cheeks, lightly using your top teeth to graze his cock. Grayson accidentally let out a loud moan as you hummed on his length.
“Get up here baby, I want to feel you.” He pulled himself out of your mouth, pulling you up to turn you around and bend you over in front of him. You gripped the shower walls as Grayson slowly slid into you, giving your ass a harsh slap. He gripped your hips as you bit your lip, trying hard not to moan. You looked behind you to watch as your boyfriend pulled your hair, his abs flexed, face scrunched as he focused on his length sliding in and out of you.
“Who do you belong to?” Grayson growled.
“You daddy.” You moaned as he pulled you up so your back was flush against his chest. You reached a hand up to your throat, lightly choking you as you moaned.
“That’s right princess.” He growled in your ear. You laid your head back on his chest as he fucked you. He roughly sucked on your neck, leaving love bites along your shoulder.
“You feel so good princess, so tight around my cock.” He groaned.
“Yes daddy.” You moaned as he angled his hips up to hit your g-spot.
“That’s it baby, moan for me.” You couldn’t help it at this point as you let out your moans, you leaned forward as you gripped the tile walls as your boyfriend had a death grip on your hips, fucking harder into you. You clenched around his cock, moaning loudly as you felt your climax approaching.
“You gonna cum all over my cock?” Grayson asked, you could hear the smirk form on his lips.
“Yes daddy!” You groaned, clenching around him as you felt the pads of his fingers begin rubbing your clit. You clenched your thighs together as Grayson let out a deep moan,
“Fuck princess, do that again.” Grayson groaned through clenched teeth as his thrusts began to get sloppy. You lightly squeezed your thighs together, your legs shaking as you hit your orgasm. Grayson pulled you up, holding you against his chest as he rode you through your orgasm. He continued pounding into you as you moaned from the over sensitivity.
“Fuck princess.” He groaned as you quickly got on your knees, taking him in your mouth. You bobbed your head up and down as you felt him twitch in your mouth. You sucked harshly as he moaned, gripping into your hair as he came into your mouth. You had no choice but to swallow as he slowly came down from his high. He let out one last groan as he slowly pulled himself out of your mouth. You slowly got up, wrapping your arms around his neck as he kissed you deeply. His chest heaved up and down as he tried catching his breath.
“You’re so amazing baby girl.” He leaned his forehead on yours and you felt his breath against your lips.
“Now I have to shower again.” You pouted, grabbing your loofa for the second time within the hour.
“Allow me.” Grayson smirked. You rolled your eyes as a loud bang on the door scared you both.
“Are you guys done yet? You’re taking all of the hot water and the shower downstairs isn’t working.” Ethan groaned.
“Yeah we’re almost done.” You said, lightly laughing as you looked at Grayson.
“Okay princess.” You heard Ethan’s smirk within the way he said it, “ay daddy, you hurry up too.” Your mouth dropped open as you stared at Grayson. You knew that Ethan wouldn’t let this go. You bowed your head in embarrassment as Grayson’s jaw clenched.
“You’re my princess.” He kissed your forehead.
“I know babe, I’m more embarrassed rather than jealous right now.” You laughed.
“I’ll have to talk to him about this after, sorry baby.” He smiled, slowly washing your chest as you smiled up at your boyfriend.

Insomniac Playlist

   Click the songs to hear them. I recommend headphones, a hot cup of tea and a book - put your phone away!

1. Sound Asleep // Blondie : This song just describes that state of mind where you’re craving sleep but it just won’t come to you. Packed with a whirling lullaby melody, a soothing, calming beat and Debbie Harry’s dreamy vocals - this song is perfect to wind down to.

2. Oblivion // Bastille : The basis of this song is about watching someone fall into oblivion and never managing to quite get there yourself. Starting with Dan’s clear, calming voice and a single piano, it escalates into a beautiful tangle of strings with mesmerizing electronic beats and heartwarming, layered high notes.

3. Pale Blue Eyes // The Velvet Underground : It may be decades old but for me, this song is my secret sleeping weapon. Consisting of a mellow bass, light riffs of acoustic-goodness and a pure voice singing some of the most beautiful words ever written - this song and it’s hypnotic nature will have you snoring in seconds.

4. Breathe // Of Verona : This song is purely about love, however the chorus can really help to soothe your breathing and chill you out. Starting out as just a silky voice and basic, haunting accompaniment, it gradually blossoms into a beautifully dramatic collision of cymbals, layered, echoing vocals and a lullaby-esque flooding of drums and piano.

5. Tempt You (Evocatio) // Nothing But Thieves : Pure slow-indie perfection about being tempted away from ‘the city’. It’s a mollifying, smooth vocal that will make your head spin paired with a gradual build-up of minimalistic guitar and electronic sounds - this is sure to send you into a deep on-the-edge-of-sleep feeling.

6. I Work Nights and You Work Days // To Kill A King : This song is written about someone who works nights and comes home to see their partner sleeping lightly. Consisting of a consoling, rich folk voice that lies softly alongside a piano laced with sections of heart-warming strings - this song will make your eyes feel heavy and your bones feel tired.

7. Hold You // Nina Nesbitt (ft. Kodaline) : A match made in lullaby heaven, this collaboration will have you drifting between dreamland and reality. A slightly raspy but somehow clear, Scottish female voice teamed up with a gentle and heart-wrenching, Irish male voice layered over the top of a folk-indie instrumental, this is a definite track for a sleep playlist.

8. The Parting Glass // Ed Sheeran : Now I’m not a massive Ed Sheeran fan, but this hidden track found at the end of Give Me Love from his first album (+) is so simple and yet so soothing that it had to be included. With the only accompaniment being Ed’s harmonized humming and the rest is his reassuring vocal, this minimalistic track is amazing as a lullaby.

9. Final Masquerade (Acoustic) // Linkin Park : The original version of this song was on The Hunting Party, an album that I only own on vinyl but the acoustic version was floating about on iTunes. A true acoustic featuring Chester’s mesmerizing vocal, contrasted with a lower male voice and packets of a woman’s voice during the beginning - this song is like a stepping stone to a chilled out mind.

10. Metal & Dust // London Grammar : Indie relaxation at it’s best, this song can be interpreted into many different messages. Filled with light and fluffy beats, some hidden strings possibly and dominated by Hannah’s velvet-coated vocals, this is fantastic.

songs i'd recommend for each type

esfp: paramore - hard times
estp: flume - smoke and retribution
esfj: nora jones - sunrise
estj: xxxtentacion - look at me!
enfp: ed sheeran - new man
entp: WRLD - triumph
enfj: glass animals - season 2 episode 3
entj: beyoncé - ego (ft. kanye west)
infp: is there somebody who can watch you - the 1975
infj: the fray - cable car
intj: brand new - mene
intp: honne - i can give you heaven
isfp: chet faker - talk is cheap
isfj: coldplay - magic
istp: partynextdoor - come see me
istj: børns - american money


Ed Sheeran Talks about his glasses, Last Time He Cried, 2017 VMAs, & Game of Thrones

Happier (Seth Rollins X Reader /ex-AJ)

Based on Happier by Ed Sheeran I used google to find the lyrics 

Warnings: fighting, a glass bottle is thrown and theres some blood

Summary: After a nasty fight (Y/N) broke things off with AJ and ended up dating Seth Rollins. AJ started to miss her but he noticed how happy she was with Seth.

Tagging @llowkeys because I know she wants all the AJ. 

If you ever want to be tagged in my work just message me and Ill add your name! You can request to be tagged for certain people or for all my work! 

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