ed sheeran the a team

For some convoluted reason, everyone suddenly starts involuntarily bursting into song “Buffy: Once More with Feeling"-style.

Everyone in the crew has their own musical number revolving around their current thoughts and issues. Donut takes care of belting out the opening number, since he has such great range. Sarge sings about building robots with Lopez. Simmons sings about his dreams and ambitions.

Grif can feel it coming but has no power to stop it and starts singing a soulful love ballad to Simmons.

Simmons malfunctions.


listen here

bloom - the paper kites, pour another - nick hakim, brothers - penny and sparrow, youth - daughter, tally marks - joseph, autumn leaves - ed sheeran, me and mrs. jones - michael bublé, resolution - matt corby, lost / inside our minds - john vincent III, lakehouse - postcards, ILYSB/stripped - LANY, i see fire - ed sheeran, angel - sean hayes, never be alone - shawn mendes, the a team - ed sheeran, home to mama - cody simpson, roses - mackenzie bourg, say you love me - jessie ware, to build a home - the cinematic orchestra, from afar - vance joy, hedwig’s theme - john williams, woodland - the paper kites, harvest moon - neil young, give me love - ed sheeran, rules - nat & alex wolff, dust to dust - the civil wars. 

Bujo spread dedicated to last week’s snow ~.~

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🎶 Ed Sheeran - A Team

“I felt that with the first album, I remember thinking I would never write a song as good as A Team, and then Thinking Out Loud came, and I was like, ‘Oh, OK, well maybe it’s not impossible.’ So going into this album, there was no worry at all because I knew I’d done it before. It’s not like Thinking Out Loud will be the peak of my career. It’s definitely happened on this album. There’s definitely one that’s better.”

He wasn’t kidding.

Don't vs Chandelier
Ed Sheeran vs Sia

Ed Sheeran and Sia are two of the biggest artists in the world at the moment but considering how different their styles are I don’t think you’d ever expect them to work this well when combined. However Sia’s powerful backing music combined with Ed Sheeran’s soothing vocal make this mashup something great and unexpected in a really good way - Jakk

( We do not own this. Original produced by: Isosine )

Spoilers for the Produce 101 Season 2 Position Evaluation Performances (unconfirmed)


  • Spring Day by BTS performance: (some contradicting rumors)
    • Bae Jinyoung’s condition was not good
    • Seonho played piano at the beginning, and Jinyoung did some narration after
    • Seonho opened 2 buttons on his shirt
    • According to OP, Bae Jinyoung’s voice was not powerful but had an interesting vibe
    • Seonho did pretty bad
    • Seonho made a mistake and admitted it; he said it was unfortunate but all of his team still smiled, OP said it was a beautiful scene
    • Seonho did better than expected, audience was suprised
    • People in the audience think Seonho will debut after watching his performance
    • Seonho and Takada Kenta harmonized
    • Kenta’s voice was stable
    • When asked about the perf, Seonho said that he made a mistake when harmonizing but Lee Woojin also made a mistake too
  • Downpour by I.O.I performance:
    • Kwon Hyunbin’s vocal was pretty weak but better than expected
    • Hyunbin wore a white shirt and pink cardigan
    • Hwang Minhyun did very well without any mistakes
    • Kim Jaehwan did the high notes very well
    • After they sang, Yoon Jisung and Ha Sungwoon cried
    • Hyunbin cried after he said that it was sad to say goodbye to the other trainees, so another team member pat him and said “don’t cry”
    • MC Leeteuk asked Hyunbin about his instagram
  • Playing With Fire by BLACKPINK performance:
    • The team was going for a sexy concept
    • Jung Sewoon wore a red silk choker; halfway, the silk choker was becoming loose; OP said it was super sexy 
    • Jung Sewoon was really sexy
    • Sewoon played the electric guitar
    • Kang Dongho and Sewoon sang “buljangnan”; both did the high notes also
    • Lee Daehwi threw red powder into the air; OP said it was pretty awesome


  • Fear by Minho performance:
    • Lai Guanlin did pretty well, despite his pronunciation as a foreigner; his voice was charming
    • Guanlin’s rap lyrics: “I want to learn how to rap, I want to learn how to do popping”
    • Kim Jonghyun did well
  • Boys and Girls by Zico performance:
    • Im Youngmin made a mistake but still did very well
    • Kim Dongbin is still not familiar with rap; he messed up on some of the lyrics
    • Kim Donghyun did well considering he is a vocal
    • Dongbin told the audience to not vote for him since he made a mistake and to vote for Youngmin and Donghyun
  • Who You? by BeWhy, G2, Simon Dominic, ONE, G2 performance:
    • Ha Minho rapped about Mnet’s evil editing, so when he rapped, the audience screamed really hard


  • Get Ugly by Jason Derulo performance:
    • Ong Seongwoo wore a white hoodie underneath a denim jacket
    • Kang Daniel wore pants that were ripped at the thighs
    • Kim Samuel was the center
    • Daniel had a b-boy solo dance in the 2nd verse of Get Ugly
    • Park Jihoon did lots of fan service
  • Shape of You by Ed Sheeran performance:
    • According to OP, this team did the best; audience even asked for an encore

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* the rumored position evaluation teams are here