ed sheeran the a team

types of fusion dance we haven’t seen yet (and would like to)
  • swing dance
  • ballroom
  • salsa
  • cha cha real smooth™
  • the hoedown throw down
    • Steven singing ‘Best of Both Worlds’
  • someone break dancing to the Space Jame theme song
  • the Kpop smolder
  • clogging.
  • tasteful pole dancing
    • tasteless pole dancing
  • interpretative dance of Ed Sheeran’s ‘The A Team’
  • the jitterbug in full 50s regalia
  • doing the macarena in slow motion until you lose all sense of self and time and purpose

Okay but Ed sending Harry/Louis his demos of each song, Harry instantly loves Shape of You, loves the “mmmm” and the beat, turns it up on their stereo and lets it reverberate through their house, slips slides around next to Louis with socked feet on wood floors dancing. Louis giggles at Harry’s “moves” and makes an awkward giraffe joke that makes Harry laugh his guffawing cat hiss Louis laugh which makes Louis giggle harder, so then there’s giggling soft kisses and dancing and singing.

Meanwhile Louis’ obsessed with Castle On A Hill, he plays it in the evening when he’s working around the house, his raspy voice hitting the high “ooooooos” just perfectly as he tries to organize their pantry, he looks up to see Harry leaning in the doorway just staring his Harry stare at him. Louis has a frown on his face and is surrounded by cans of soup, but when Harry crosses the room to kiss the frown off of his face he smiles, all crinkly eyed, as Ed’s voice and the guitar croon in the background “I miss the way/ you make me feel/ it’s real.”

So when Ed calls two weeks later to ask which single they like best, Harry puts the phone on speaker and they each plead their case for “their song” until Ed laughs at them and says: “Think I’ll just do both. Thanks boys, you’re the best. See you soon, cheers!”


Shape of You

Title : Shape of You

Pairing : Castiel X Reader

Word Count : 2,800

Prompt : based on the song Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. Castiel has been an angel for thousands of eons, having a real vessel is still a little new to him. Not only that, but he has never taken the real opportunity to admire other human’s vessels. When he notices you for the first time, his reaction leads to a pleasant experience for the both of you. (not my gif)

“Oh come on, one more round on me!”

You let out a happy laugh as Dean lifted his now empty shot glass at you. “I think you’ve had enough for one night, Winchester.”

“Nnnope.” Dean drew out his denial with a sloppy grin, setting down his shot glass rather roughly. He wiggled his brows at you, a flirtatious gleam in his green eyes. “I am just getting started.” He turned away from you with an attempt at a charismatic smirk at a hot bartender that sauntered by.

You shook your head hopelessly. You were a bit tipsy yourself, but even in that state you had to admit Dean’s sloppy charisma was still way sexier than most sober men’s.

You looked down at your drink with a blushing smile. The alcohol was burning down in the pit of your chest, making your vision just a tiny bit fuzzy and your fingers just a tiny bit tingly. You looked to Sam for some help, but the younger Winchester was even sloppier than his older brother. Sam tended to avoid drinking on the usual occasion, therefore when he tried to keep up with his brother, he ended up the way he was now, giggling uncontrollably as he laughed with a guy and two girls at the bar a few seats away from you.

You looked around. This bar was one of your usual spots, and it wasn’t so bad, honestly. It was a good place to hang out with the gang on a good day, and after a successful salt and burn yesterday, you and the Winchesters found its glowing neon sign a little hard to resist on the drive back to the motel.

You looked around. The place was packed, and considering it was the only bar in the small town, you weren’t surprised. The air seemed thick with sexual tension and you smirked as you took in the ratio of men to women.

There were bodies everywhere.

A few men were struggling to talk their way into a booth with three younger women behind you, and by the door two other guys were starting to raise their voices as a girl struggled to stop the fight before it started. You turned to the left and stopped when you saw a young man and woman in the far corner, kissing. You tilted your head to the side as you watched them; the man wrapping his hand around her waist pulling her to his hips, his mouth open and passionate on her lips, his other hand tangling in her loose curls. She had her fists knotted in his collar, her neck strained to the side to kiss him back with equal fervor.

You felt a tiny blossom of heat tickle in your ribcage as you watched them kiss for a minute, your fingers tapping on the rim of your bottle.

You hadn’t ever really thought about how intimate a bar could be. In the end, it was better than the club. You looked away as the man’s hands began to roam down the woman’s chest, feeling blush rise to your cheeks for staring. In a bar, people were somehow more approachable.

More welcoming.

You let out a gasp as a man staggered into you with an apologetic smile before he kept walking toward the restrooms. You pushed your hair behind your ear with hot cheeks, trying to hide a smile.

People were more human.

You felt a familiar tingle run down your spine and you turned your head.

Blue eyes were watching you from across the room. You smiled, feeling your heart stutter in your chest. You hopped down from your barstool and headed toward the other end of the bar. You made your way up to the trench-coated figure sitting by himself on the far end of the room, trying to hold his blue gaze as you moved toward him.

The moment he realized you had caught him staring, the blue eyes shot downward.

You almost laughed at the absurdity of it all.

You stopped a few feet away from the body at the end of the bar. “Hey, Cas.” Your tongue felt a little heavy in your mouth, but it wasn’t a bad feeling. Your face felt hot, but you didn’t mind.

Castiel didn’t react instantly to your voice. Instead he stared down at the beer that Dean had bought for him when he first arrived. He shifted and slowly dragged his dazzling blue gaze up to yours. “Hello.”

You smiled, trying to hold back a giggle at his serious tone. You gestured to the empty stool next to his. “Mind if I join you?”

Cas stiffened a tiny bit. “No.”

You almost laughed then. “Cas…” Your tone made him look up and into your eyes. You threw back your head with a light laugh. “Why are you always so serious?”

Castiel stared into your eyes for a long moment. You both smiled at the same time, and you had to look away to stifle a giggle. “I am not always serious.” He mumbled, smiling sheepishly down at his drink.

You reached out and lightly tugged his arm, smiling at him with a soft expression. “Are you having fun?”

There was a pause.



You looked him over. Maybe it was because you had taken one too many sips of your drink, maybe it was the song that just started to play through the joint, or maybe it was just him, but Castiel seemed to glow in that light. Literally. He was glowing.

You cocked your head to one side, looking at him.

He was something else. You had never met another man who captivated you so entirely as he did. It had to be his eyes, those beautiful blue eyes. Maybe it was his body. He had an incredible one, you had to admit. He was gorgeous, even though he was wrapped up into too many layers of clothes.

“What are you doing?”

You blinked, shaken from your day dreaming state by Castiel’s rough, low voice. Only then did you realize he had caught you staring. You cleared your throat and tried to take a drink to divert his attention, but this was Cas. He had the lazer-like focus, and now, all his attention was on your face, his face soft and curious.

“I…I was admiring your…face.” You let out a laugh as your words tumbled out uselessly as a wave of heat flushed to your face. You shook your head. “That sounded stupid.”

You blinked up to see Cas studying your face, his eyes softer than usual.

When he didn’t reply, you looked away, a little embarrassed. “What?”

His lips parted for a moment. “I—” He looked at you with his piercing gaze, his focus curious and contemplative. “I’ve never been told that before.”

You frowned. “Come on, Cas. I have only been hunting with you idiots for a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I don’t notice how girls stare you down wherever you go.”

Castiel was still. “Girls stare?” He repeated softly, his blue eyes narrowed in confusion.

You blinked at him. “Uh, yeah.” You smirked when he stared at you, dumbfounded. “Wait, you mean to tell me you didn’t notice those girls at the door tonight either?”

Castiel swiveled on his seat to look at the two young women by the door, his eyes wide.

“Don’t look!” You snapped with a giggle, slapping him. He flinched, but his eyes went from confused to pleasant in a fraction of a second.

“They were?”

For a moment, you didn’t know how to respond to the angel. You would have laughed at him, had he not sounded so shocked. Finally you swallowed and shook your head with a smile at your shoes. “I mean, who wouldn’t? You’re hot.”

The moment the words left your lips you felt shock rush to the pit of your stomach with a pang. Shit. Did you seriously just say that?

“I mean…nothing.” You tried to save yourself, but it failed uselessly and you looked down at your drink, trying not to blush. When nothing happened, you dared to sneak a glance at Cas. You found him staring at you, his blue eyes deep and thoughtful and clearly taking in your features in slow precision.

“Why are you staring at me?” You hiccupped, feeling the heat in the pit of your stomach work into a bright red blush on your face.

There was a moment of silence as your eyes met Castiel’s. Finally his perfect lips parted and his voice fell from his chest, low, gruff and thick. “I’ve never looked at you before.”

You frowned at his words. “What?”

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