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Sorry if you talked about this already but what's Ed's tv role about?

He’s a knighT ARE YOU FLIPPING OUT YET?!?! SORRY I’M JUST *breathes* SO *breathes* EXCITED. *breathes* 

Ahem. I’m um. Sorry if I’m being creepy, but I’m just in love with medieval stuff. 

Soooo, all the news articles are saying this: “He’s set to play Sir Cormac, an ambitious and deadly protégé of a high-ranking church elder.” At first I wasn’t sure if this meant he was playing some type of monk, being the protégé of a church elder and all, but since his title is Sir, I’m gonna go with knight. Can you imagine this?! He will probably be wearing chainmail, and he will probably be riding a horse and swinging a sword and since it’s medieval then he’ll probably be just a little bit dirty all the time and in some scenes we’ll probably see him in just firelight or candlelight and I’m sure we’ll see him scheming with this high-ranking church elder person and nobody understand how much I am looking forward to this? Like?????

Of course, Sir Cormac is just a recurring role and not a main character, so Ed might not be in very many episodes and he might not have many lines, but the show sounds really interesting to me anyway and since I love this time period I’m sure I’d give it a try even if the boy wasn’t going to be in it. BUT HE IS AND THAT MAKES IT BETTER. 

It’s called The Bastard Executioner. You can watch the first trailer [here]. :) 

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