ed rochester

Unimportant thoughts about episode 43
  • I have a new favourite song.
  • I would get amazingly frustrated if the person I was playing giant chess with decided to kick over all my pieces. Giant chess is a serious matter. Get prepared for my rage. (Not joking.)
  • Eeeeee!
  • Jane’s camera has a long battery life.
  • “The rules don’t make sense. I love it.” (I don’t know why, but this speaks to me! It probably has something to do with Adam’s delivery..)
  • I want to go on a road trip.
  • Rochester chasing seagull.
  • Did I mention the song is perfect?
  • Wow.. Adam’s/Rochester’s mischievous eyes are spot on.
  • Rochester is 30. Jane is 21.
  • Just general Rochester facial gestures.