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Here’s another page of watercolor sketches, this time with characters from Cartoon Network.

Only two more pages to go until the Bootleg Cartoon Colouring Book will go up for preorder through @bluemondaypress.

If you want the original of this, it’s only £25 (+p&p) and will help me fund the printing of the coloring book. 

I started ArisED in 2013. Life became stressful and I could not finish the comic for my devoted fan base. Deaths, school, and relocation all plagued my attempts to complete what I have started. Four years later, ArisED is set to return this year.

I have completed the writing portion of ArisED. I will tell you that ArisED will be 180 pages. 180. TOTAL!

This week will bring the sketching portion and I will be working to FINALLY bringing this story to all of you. I thank you all for your patience and I will give you the date when it is set to bring WEEKLY pages.

My twitter handle is @KaylaAmri – find me THERE if you can’t seem to contact me on DeviantArt.

Arise and be, everyone!

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And now, back to our regularly scheduled program… :3

Jonny is trying to get away from those crazy Ed-boys.

And we get our first look at their run cycles! :D (Quick as the moment is.)

Eddy hurries his boys along the way in a scene I (literally until this very moment) always thought was a really cool scene transition. (I.E. I thought he was running to the next scene…..I just realized, it was likely just them passing the fence…..remember that thing I mentioned about having a wonky sense of perception? .__. )

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Plank apparently dared Jonny to make himself a snow man.

Part of this is unsettling to me because I don’t believe that Plank is real. His voice is a figment of Jonny’s imagination.

In the first few seasons Jonny knew Plank wasn’t real. He’s always had anxiety socializing with other people. I also believe that Jonny was using Plank to make himself look cool in front of the other kids.

Whenever Plank moves I believe it is Jonny doing magic tricks or he is so fast people don’t even realize that he moved.

Jonny has always had a mental issue, but gets worse in the later seasons. It’s so bad that he loses his mind in the movie. The fanbase believes the movie reveals Plank to be real because he is seen to drive the bus.

@book-o-scams discusses that there was a deleted scene talking about an extended scene that happened on the bus. Jonny was to have more of a panic attack and while this is happening he is shrinking among the adults on the bus.

Jonny was so far gone that he envisions the bus driver as Plank.

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