ed plank

Here’s another page of watercolor sketches, this time with characters from Cartoon Network.

Only two more pages to go until the Bootleg Cartoon Colouring Book will go up for preorder through @bluemondaypress.

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Ed, or the monster, slithers into the construction yard.

I love how audience still aren’t shown what Ed looks like in his monster costume. It enhances the suspension.

Eddy spies the kids who are attracted to the noise.

Jonny leads the kids over to where Plank ‘heard’ the noise..

The kids have no idea what is going to happen to them. We have already seen what Ed the monster has done to Eddy and Jimmy. Viewers are put on the edge of their seats because something big is going to happen to these characters.

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The kids keep calling out for Jimmy as they’re being watched.

I remember being on the edge of my seat when I first watched this episode. This episode is suspenseful of you’re watching it for the first time.

This and the whole scene at the swamp are the only suspenseful episodes I can think of.

Kevin keeps calling out for Jimmy by his nickname ‘fluffy’ while Nazz calls out his real name. Rolf has no idea who they are trying to find.

I love Kevin’s overall relationship with the other kids. He looks out for everyone, especially for the younger kids. He held Sarah back from entering the monkey jungle gym in See No Ed, and he waited until everyone was out from the cafeteria in Fistful.

He’s a good kid whether he wants to admit or not. Kevin has a hard time showing affection. His parents have been divorced since he was a kid. He lives with his father, but they don’t know how to talk with one another. With the close relationships he makes he learns how to take care of everyone.

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Rock-A-Bye-Ed Analysis Challenge

The episode begins with Ed being Ed and playing with a paddleball.

“Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.”

Sarah is trying to watch TV, but is bothered by the pestering noise.

Something immediately feels off. When is Ed ever upstairs in his house? It’s edident that he has been banished to the basement. One of Ed’s desires is to be a part of the family.

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Ed lets out a monstrous scream sending chills up the kids spines

And for Rolf to mess himself… apparently while clinging to Kevin.

Nazz feels she is in a horror movie. For a moment the camera focuses on her as she is walking backwards away from her friends.

She’s making the dumb move to leave her group of friends who she is already safe with. Just when she thinks she is going to escape danger on her own the monster captures her.

Just kidding!

Nazz trips over Plank.

You can tell I watch a lot of horror movies.

But no, I believe Nazz to be smarter then viewers think her to be. The writers made her that way because they never have her any personality. I don’t understand why they’d turn her into a dumb blonde who couldn’t do anything when she is such a smart person.

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And now, back to our regularly scheduled program… :3

Jonny is trying to get away from those crazy Ed-boys.

And we get our first look at their run cycles! :D (Quick as the moment is.)

Eddy hurries his boys along the way in a scene I (literally until this very moment) always thought was a really cool scene transition. (I.E. I thought he was running to the next scene…..I just realized, it was likely just them passing the fence…..remember that thing I mentioned about having a wonky sense of perception? .__. )

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The monster drags Nazz into his lair full of… chewed up chunky puff prison bars.

Ed is a horror film fanatic. He loves watching monster movies, but he lets them go to his head which is not healthy for his mind.

Take how he can’t tell from fantasy and reality in the Halloween special. That was after hours of being glued to a screen watching horror movies. It affected his mind.

We have been discussing that it’s possible Ed could have schizophrenia. He has a hard time distinguishing fantasy and reality. Ed has never been given the proper help or attention making his mind worsen over the course of the series.

His friends take notice, but what can they do? They’re not his parents. Ed is living as a prisoner away from the family life upstairs. They never know what is going on in their son’s life because they refuse to come downstairs.

For instance, Ed’s Mom is home and yet she doesn’t take notice of the screaming children and occasional monster roars to come and see what is going on. She sends Sarah to do her bidding.

Nazz has the perfect damsel in distress voice when it comes to a horror movie. She begs for the monster not to eat her.

Nazz is desperate because she has not found her true self yet. She doesn’t want to die without coming to full realization about who her true person is all along.

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