ed pirrie

It’s that time again folks! Colour commissions again AT LAST. I KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING. I AM SORRY! :P

This is how it works:

1. Bring me your black and white sketch
2. I scan it in and colour it up
3. I print it on glossy photo paper and because I’ve coloured the scan you get to keep your original too.

I’m opening a limited number of commissions and they will be tackled first come first served basis. Last year was the first year I had my son with me and to ensure I am fair to him, me and you I will have a smaller available list that will be done at the show and will have more that will be sent out after the show. I am not charging any extra for anything posted out after the show.

I will be at TFN from Thursday night and will accept commissions throughout the show until my list is full. The sooner I get the black and white the greater the likelihood of getting them done at the show. Commissions will be done as I get them so there may come a point where no more can be done in time for Sunday and will be posted after the show.

If you have sketches from a previous year
you’d like done you can also send them to me ahead of the show at eponymous@jpbove.com - scans should be 300dpi and greyscale unless it’s a sketch cover in which case full colour.


Auto Assembly Stuff I got besides tons of signatures on my comics that I brougth along.

The b/w Cyclonus and Tailgate are by Ed Pirrie! His style is really lovely. I’m glad I commissioned him :’D also some prints and a fanbook from riot!
Alex didn’t even start my sketchcover one but I will get it via mail~

Poor guy had really a lot to do.

I hope he enjoyed AA even though he was mostly busy with drawing D:

In any case yay for prints and plastic toys XD!

Billy got this commissioned for me for Auto Assembly. It was drawn by the awesome Ed Pirrie and coloured by the ever hilarious John-Paul Bove.

The basic story behind it is that I am the Rodimus to his Ultra Magnus. Or the other way round. Or whatever. Anyway the first time I saw this I was almost crying from laughing so hard.

I’ve had both the coloured and BW versions framed and just need to find somewhere to hang them :>

So all the artists attending AA have put up their preorders now for black and white sketches so now comes the colours!

Let me know which artist you have ordered the sketch from and which character/s you have ordered. You will also need to let me know which days you will be attending. I will contact them and arrange (if possible) to get a scan of it ahead of the show to have it ready for collection. Where that isn’t possible I will be able to collect it during the show, scan it, colour it and print it.


A4 Prices are:

Head shot: £10

Full body: £20

Anything in-between: £15

Simple backgrounds; +£5

Extra characters full body: £15

I will also be able to get A3 commissions printed but these would have to have linework completed before the show to have time to colour and print for collection by Sunday and if not the commissions will be done and posted after the show. A3 commission prices depend on the complexity (an 11x17 inch cover with 10 characters involves a lot more time and work than a pin-up). Let me know what you have ordered and I can give you a quote!

PAYMENT by PayPal in advance means the sketch will definitely be ready sooner than payment by cash on the day. Any questions or to confirm a colour commission and leaving me the info above at eponymous@jpbove.com

Thanks guys - SEE YOU SOON!


So my regular parter in crime Ed Pirrie aka http://kingoji.tumblr.com/ have a deep and special love for Beast Wars and we talked about homaging the MTMTE #1 cover (itself and homage) and getting to work with some of our favourite characters.

So here they are, the good guys. Bad guys to follow…