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You only get so many second chances
Don’t waste a second second guessing
Not everything’s always your fault
Life’s not always simple
You don’t have to hate yourself.

You only get so many second chances
Don’t waste a second second guessing
Not everything’s always your fault
Life’s not always simple
You don’t have to hate yourself.

Yo. I’ve been feeling down in the dumps recently and I just wanna share the comfort music I listen to when I’m in this place. Majority of it is from the artists “This Wild Life” and Ed Sheeran’s new album “÷” but it will either fluctuate yourself to get better or worse. It is sad music, for sure…but the comforting kind :-)
Here ya go!!!!

1. Evermore - Dan Stevens (Beauty & The Beast Live Action Soundtrack) // side note; if you haven’t gone to watch this movie yet, GO. Highly recommend it!!

2. Over It - This Wild Life

3. Ripped Away (feat. Nilu Madadi) - This Wild Life

4. It’s Alright - This Wild Life

5. No More Bad Days - This Wild Life

6. Save Myself - Ed Sheeran

7. Happier - Ed Sheeran

8. Dive - Ed Sheeran

9. It Hurts Until It Doesn’t - Mothers

10. Weird Around You - Eerie Summer

11. Feels Like We’re Dying - Johnny Goth

12. Like We Used To - A Rocket To the Moon

13. Fine On The Outside - Priscilla Ahn

14. Closure - gnash (fea.T Skizzy Mars)

15. Miserable at Best - Mayday Parade

16. It Was Enough - Blind Pilot

17. I Love You So - The Walters

18. How Are You True - Cage The Elephant

19. Take Care - Tom Rosenthal

20. Reckless - San Cisco

when I was 12 I was supposed to be staying at a friend’s house because my parents were out of town but I faked sick so my brother would come get me and we went to a green day concert and it was my first concert and I was dead for like a week but my parents still don’t know it happened and I’m 18 now but that’s the story of how I started sneaking out and going to concerts


1. the a team // ed sheeran - 2. anywhere but here // mayday parade - 3. drown (acoustic) // citizen - 4. fast car (cover) // boyce avenue - 5. fool’s gold // one direction - 6. hate to see your heart break // paramore - 7. mercy (acoustic) // shawn mendes - 8. so hard to breathe // b.o.b - 9. truce // twenty one pilots - 10. unsteady // x ambassadors

spotify playlist: x

sad songs for a sad day

it’s going to get better

happy songs for a happy day

Guys i want a friend

Seriously I want a friend who sends me random selfies at three am; i want a friend with the one i can have conversation only using music lyrics; I want a friend with the one i can fangirl about bands and actors; I want a friend with the one i can talk about art and music knowing Im not boring them; I want a friend that actually wants to talk to me; i want a friend that sends me bad jokes and the cheesiest pick up lines, just because; I just want a friend, a best friend, someone that actually cares.

Roy Mustang Q&A (Character Guide Translation)

from pages 122 - 123 of Fullmetal Alchemist Character Guide

T/L notes[comments/additions]. I did not translate literally, as usual, but I tried my best to keep the essence/tone of the sentences.


Four men + α (with no girlfriend) will answer questions about Mustang! Let’s reveal the secrets of the Colonel!!

Q: With whom did he spend his 30th birthday?

HAVOC: Somebody finally asked! [lit. trans.: I’ve been waiting!]. He was so proud that he celebrated every year with everyone, but only for his 30th birthday, he was alone and lonely, and went home and drank all by himself. Colonel Mustang — the king of popularity — drinking alone!! He was busy with the transfer to Central, and that’s on top of the mess with Barry, right? Moreover, he was confined in a military hospital so he could not make an appointment for a date. Serves him right!

FALMAN: While he [Mustang] was in the hospital, a bunch of visitors arrived at the headquarters [looking for him]. There weren’t any for the second lieutenant, though.


Q: Is it true that he is the type [of person] hated by dogs?

FUERY: Instead of saying hated, I feel that it is at the same level as being regarded with dislike. In his attempt to make the dog obey, the colonel approaches it bossily, which in turn, makes the dog wary of him.  He tried to lure it with bait before, but it seems he failed. So even the colonel has his weak points…

Q: Is it true that he has a habit of sleeping with his mouth open?
[it comes with the picture of Roy in the Archives Room with Szieska waking him up]

FALMAN: It’s true. While on duty, he is quite focused on showing that he is finishing his work that is why he is exhausted. I’ve also heard of a testimony that he was sleeping while hugging a pillow and was drooling with his mouth open in the nap room of the Eastern Headquarters. [this is based on Havoc’s report from Roy Mustang Observation Diary]

Q: How does he code his research notes?

BREDA: It seems that everything is [coded with] female names. Furthermore, his notes are written as a date diary. Well, in that case, he has to come up with women’s names one after the other.

Q: Did he really steal someone else’s girlfriend?

HAVOC: Some guys were jeering [at Mustang] when he fought Ed in the parade grounds in the past [in Flame vs. Fullmetal battle]. That would be unjustified resentment from a misunderstanding if the break-up line was “I have someone else I like.” Even so, I understand the desire to think that the girlfriend was stolen. Me too… *tears*

Q: Is it true that his drawing [skill] is bad?

FUERY: Rather than saying he is unskillful, [we can say] he is as good as an elementary school student. An alchemist is someone who can draw a perfect circle with his bare hands, but this is quite interesting. Edward seems to have the same level of drawing skill as the colonel.

Q: Is it true that his type of woman varies [i.e. he has a wide scope]?

EDWARD: He is on the same level as everyone else!! This is annoying~ You’re right. The Colonel smiles at any woman — no matter who she is —  and he says the sweetest things to her that teeth could fall off. He’s a scary bastard. I think older women are no exception.

Q: Which part of a woman is the most attractive?

MUSTANG: Wow. I would say a woman is attractive no matter where you look at, I can’t decide. *laughs* But if I may dare say, it’s the “thigh.” [yes, I triple checked the translation, it’s not the leg, but thigh!!]. With that said, Havoc…


I really like the questions from this Q&A (OMG, the first and last Qs killed me!!), but translating Edward’s answer was such a pain. His speech pattern is so informal, I got confused with the words several times!!

I was laughing my head off while translating because Team Mustang (especially Havoc) is epic <3 Falman’s replies are very polite. Fuery’s answers are kind and cute. Havoc’s bitterness and snarky comments are absolutely hilarious. Ed is being annoying and angsty, while Roy is smooth as silk as usual.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. There are still some interesting Q&A pages I’ve bookmarked from FMA Institute DX that I’d like to translate. I hope I find enough motivation to do them!! Until next time~


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