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Yo. I’ve been feeling down in the dumps recently and I just wanna share the comfort music I listen to when I’m in this place. Majority of it is from the artists “This Wild Life” and Ed Sheeran’s new album “÷” but it will either fluctuate yourself to get better or worse. It is sad music, for sure…but the comforting kind :-)
Here ya go!!!!

1. Evermore - Dan Stevens (Beauty & The Beast Live Action Soundtrack) // side note; if you haven’t gone to watch this movie yet, GO. Highly recommend it!!

2. Over It - This Wild Life

3. Ripped Away (feat. Nilu Madadi) - This Wild Life

4. It’s Alright - This Wild Life

5. No More Bad Days - This Wild Life

6. Save Myself - Ed Sheeran

7. Happier - Ed Sheeran

8. Dive - Ed Sheeran

9. It Hurts Until It Doesn’t - Mothers

10. Weird Around You - Eerie Summer

11. Feels Like We’re Dying - Johnny Goth

12. Like We Used To - A Rocket To the Moon

13. Fine On The Outside - Priscilla Ahn

14. Closure - gnash (fea.T Skizzy Mars)

15. Miserable at Best - Mayday Parade

16. It Was Enough - Blind Pilot

17. I Love You So - The Walters

18. How Are You True - Cage The Elephant

19. Take Care - Tom Rosenthal

20. Reckless - San Cisco


1. the a team // ed sheeran - 2. anywhere but here // mayday parade - 3. drown (acoustic) // citizen - 4. fast car (cover) // boyce avenue - 5. fool’s gold // one direction - 6. hate to see your heart break // paramore - 7. mercy (acoustic) // shawn mendes - 8. so hard to breathe // b.o.b - 9. truce // twenty one pilots - 10. unsteady // x ambassadors

spotify playlist: x

sad songs for a sad day

it’s going to get better

happy songs for a happy day

Guys i want a friend

Seriously I want a friend who sends me random selfies at three am; i want a friend with the one i can have conversation only using music lyrics; I want a friend with the one i can fangirl about bands and actors; I want a friend with the one i can talk about art and music knowing Im not boring them; I want a friend that actually wants to talk to me; i want a friend that sends me bad jokes and the cheesiest pick up lines, just because; I just want a friend, a best friend, someone that actually cares.

when I was 12 I was supposed to be staying at a friend’s house because my parents were out of town but I faked sick so my brother would come get me and we went to a green day concert and it was my first concert and I was dead for like a week but my parents still don’t know it happened and I’m 18 now but that’s the story of how I started sneaking out and going to concerts