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ed sheeran's divide: [½]

“The whole album being called divide…There’s a lot of schizophrenic sounds on here, very different.”


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What also didn't help with that argument was it came literally two weeks after the wedding when Robert was peak loving husband. He had such insight into how Aaron was thinking and feeling ("But you're not..? I know"). To go from 0 to 100 like that in terms of not understanding the man he loves? It will never ring true. Not in a month of Sundays. Plus there's the betrayal of cheating off the back of that wedding. Why bother with the vows? Its like buying a brand new Porsche and setting it alight!

Same, anon, same.

Robert led off his vows with “I promise to be faithful.” He knows that it’s Aaron’s biggest insecurity and also Aaron’s dealbreaker. Aaron barely forgave Robert in the past for kissing Rebecca, and that was a) only a kiss, and b) not “true” cheating (it was Andy’s appeal, he was playing her, there’s was no intention behind it to “cheat” on Aaron, blah blah). It was Aaron’s fears of Robert being unfaithful that led to Aaron’s escalation and his assault of Kasim, bringing them to the situation they’re in now.

I just can’t see how Rob’s response to Aaron saying “You don’t know what it’s like in here.” wasn’t “then tell me! What is it that’s going on?” We saw in the episodes prior to Thursday that Robert knew, like he did at the wedding, that things were not right with Aaron, that he sounded off, and that deeper things were happening. I just can’t see him not questioning that more. He was already confronting Aaron about lying, and with knowing about the drugs, so Rob could no longer live in denial. “Why turn to drugs? What is it that you’re not telling me?” etc etc. would’ve made more sense to me. What was so shocking about the episode was it was such a complete 180 from everything we’ve been seeing. Cheating on Aaron wouldn’t just hurt him, it would completely destroy their marriage, their relationship, his relationship with Chas and Liv, and the very future Rob had been creating for himself. If anything, this type of self-destruct hurts Robert far more than hurting Aaron, who not only expects it to happen but is actively waiting for it to. I just can’t see him setting his brand new Porche on fire without more of a trigger.

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My family life is in shambles, but I get to go see Power Rangers this weekend with some friends, so I'm excited about that, plus, I got Ed Sheeran tickets for September!

Omg that’s amazing!!! I hope you have a blast at Power Rangers and YAY for Ed Sheeran!

All my love! <3

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