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The Signs & iTunes Top Songs

Aquarius: Honey, I’m Good- Andy Grammer

Pisces: Elastic Heart- Sia

Aries: Shut Up And Dance- Walk The Moon

Taurus: Cheerleader- Omi

Gemini: Where Are U (ft. Justin Bieber)- Skrillex & Diplo

Cancer: Good for You (ft. A$AP Rocky)- Selena Gomez

Leo: Worth It (ft. Kid Ink)- Fifth Harmony

Virgo: Fight Song- Rachel Platten

Libra: Photograph- Ed Sheeran

Scorpio: Bad Blood (ft. Kendrick Lamar)- Taylor Swift

Capricorn: Lean On (ft. DJ Snake)- Major Lazer

This week on Ear Biscuits is TomSka!

In one of the most poignant episodes of the series to date, Thomas Ridgewell, known as TomSka, joins Rhett & Link to discuss how he finds comedy in the subversion of expectations, why his religious upbringing led to his current agnostic beliefs, why he decided to make and release a legitimate sex education video on his otherwise comedic channel, and how losing his best friend and business partner, Ed Gould, to Leukemia changed his life forever.

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Hey guys so @shaking-off-the-bad-blood (Samar) had a great idea of trying to get ‘Last Kiss’ to #1 randomly (at least on iTunes). In order to accomplish this we need everyone to spam the hell out of every social media site.

EVERYONES PARTICIPATION IS NEEDED TO PULL THIS OFF!!! Use the hashtags #BuyLastKissOniTunes and #LastKissToNumber1 to promote it even more.

If you have already bought Last Kiss, you can gift it to people and that will count too!!! If you want to somehow buy it again, create a new account or something!

Check your local city time as we will try to make it happen during 1:58AM New York City Time!!! Everyone has to buy it at the same time so try to do it as close to the designated time that it is in your area!!!

Thanks guys and let’s do this Swifties!!!!