ed is such a dork

Jonathan: Just bring Edward to me

Jervis: I can’t, he’s locked himself in his lab

Jonathan: Just tell him I said something

Jervis: Said what?

Jonathan: Anything factually inaccurate

[two minutes later]

Edward [to Jonathan]: I’m sorry, the sky is blue because it reflects the colour of the ocean?


Galway girl is the next single!!!

The second video is Ed trying to DJ! 

Ok but what if ed only started doing his antenna because it made him as tall as winry, like she wouldn’t marry someone shorter than her so eds just like “ok but who’s shorter NOW?!” as he spikes that one chunk of hair up one morning in front of the mirror just so he had a CHANCE and I just they are so meant for each other even since childhood this was totally just a hint that they would end up together, but I know I’m over analyzing but who cares it’s canon