ed is saying mean things to me today

The People You Need In Your Life
  • Those whose voices are louder than your head - who tell you how beautiful you are more than you tell yourself you’re not
  • Friends who you rarely see, but when you do, nothing has changed
  • People who do the little things that matter - making you a cup of tea, reminding you about things you need to do, giving you change for the bus
  • They compliment you on things you thought nobody noticed
  • People who apologise when they have hurt you, and mean it
  • Friends who are honest with you when you have upset them, but will talk it through and forgive you instead of arguing
  • “Have you eaten today?” and “Are you home safe?” friends
  • Genuinely saying ‘I’m here if you need me’
  • Those who admire your talents and encourage you to pursue them rather than being jealous or criticizing you
Twenty-Three: The Birthday One Shot

This time last year, Ed was reading a birthday one shot i wrote about him on a radio show in New Zealand. He was convinced i was a debauched 14 year old.

This year, i’m back to prove him wrong (at least about the 14 year old part…don’t worry, i didn’t put any weird tongue action in this)

Twenty-Two was last year, Twenty-Three is this year.

I know that this took me forever, so i apologize for the hectic week i’ve had.

But without further ado, the much anticipated birthday one shot!

( i hope you enjoy it!! and quick, someone get this to ed!)


Twenty-Three: The Birthday One Shot

Twenty-Three. 23. XXIII. The ninth prime number, the title of a Jimmy Eat World song, the subject of the birthday paradox, the atomic number of vanadium, the number of pairs of chromosomes you have, Nathan Scott’s number on One Tree Hill, the number of times Julius Ceasar was stabbed, the age of Ed Sheeran.

 Birthdays feel more bittersweet with every year that passes. You’re a little kid, and the day you were born is the best day of the year. All of a sudden you’re 9 and 10 and then you’re a teenager and you’re getting your driver’s license, and your turning 18 and you can vote and smoke cigarettes, and then you’re 21 and you’ve got this state of mind where the world is yours and you can do anything you want. But then you turn 22 and you’re still on the high from being 21. You’re not old enough to worry about real adult life, but you’re too old to give a shit. People take you more seriously. And then you turn 23, and 24 and 25 and then 30 rolls around and all of a sudden birthdays are so bittersweet because it’s one year closer to growing old and it’s all you can do to make the days last longer to prolong getting older. We’re all just dying to get older.

All of a sudden Ed’s not feeling 22 anymore. The world is still in his hands, but he’s got more responsibility now. Everyone is waiting for his second album to drop, and in the meantime the questions about his personal life pour in. Is he in a serious relationship? Is he planning on settling down anytime soon? Who was that girl he was seen with after the Grammy’s?

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