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Could we please have some Dark slowly fading/dying and the other egos reacting to the situation?

(Alright, but you asked for it…)

The Egos visit Dark’s cell from time to time, just to see for themselves that he’s still trapped and that they are still safe from him. Each time they visit, though, he looks worse. Bim runs into the break room one day where several of the Egos are gathered, and he’s wheezing too much to speak.

But somehow they all know.

They weren’t sure if this is what they wanted, if somehow this is what he deserved for all the things he’d done, but when they saw him, even they felt some measure of guilt. Yet they still hated him.

Peevils kneels beside him on the floor inside the mirror. Her gentle hand smooths the hair from his face. His breathing is ragged, chest rising and falling in jerks and shallow draws of breath. His eyes stare at a faraway point beyond the mirror, beyond the cell, beyond the whole world it seems, but they can still hear his cries of pain.

His shell cracks, glitching and tearing at the air, raging. Peevils has to back away so that he won’t claw at her. “Bring him out,” Host whispers to Bim.

“But…” But they all swore that they wouldn’t. No matter what he said. No matter what he did. They swore that Dark would never, ever get out of that mirror.

“He’s dying, Bim,” Dr. Iplier presses. “Just let him out.”

Bim gnaws on the inside of his mouth. It could be a trick. He could be faking it, pretending just for this moment, and then it would be Bim’s fault. But he does it anyway. Peevils pushes him closer to the mirror and hands him through, and when the other Egos work to lay him out carefully, Dark cries out in pain with each movement.

Wilford’s face has become like stone as he watches Dark. The Host’s hands twitch to cover his ears to block out the sound of Dark’s wheezing breaths. Ed walks over and faces the door, unable to look, and Silver even takes off his gloves.

Google is there to scan him, and when he looks up at the Doctor he says simply, “He’s fading.”

Doc nods, and the room falls into silence aside from Dark’s labored breathing. It only seems right, Bim thinks, they’re all together. One last time.

Dark grits his teeth. “Did you miss me?”

Wilford’s head drops, and Dr. Iplier sucks in a breath suddenly. Google makes a face, his eyes flashing blue, and the others take another step back from Dark. Blood drips from the corner of his mouth as he laughs at them. It’s a sickening, wet noise. “I guess… that’s a… no, then.”

“Shut up, Dark,” Wilford mutters. “Just shut up.”

Dark’s black eyes wander up to Wilford and glint like a knife reflecting moonlight. “You’ll never… get rid of me… not really. I’ll always… always…” His breathing stops; his curled hands relax.

They all take a collective, staggering breath as his aura washes over them in one last, burst of anger and hatred. Then it’s over. Bim fiddles with the cuffs of his suit. Silver kicks the wall. Dr. Iplier takes the reflective headband off his head. Wilford lets his dagger slip and cut his finger. The Host pulls at his bandages. Ed takes off his hat. Google glitches silently. Peevils wipes her eyes with the backs of her hands.

And Dark fades into a thin layer of smoke before disappearing entirely.

You only get so many second chances
Don’t waste a second second guessing
Not everything’s always your fault
Life’s not always simple
You don’t have to hate yourself.

I get fanmail, which I read constantly. I get my instagram which I read stuff on and my facebook which I read stuff on because, you know, your fans are on these things. You can only really see what I’m up to because you follow it, whereas twitter is like anyone can with like retweets or whatever. So yeah, I still read stuff from my fans! I’m just not gonna read things from people that don’t like me. I think that’s a pretty normal thing to do.
—  Ed Sheeran, July 8, 2017. [x]

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Purely hypothetically, what would the egos do if someone hurt/killed the Host's pets?

Wilford draws back the hammer of his gun. “Hypothetically, I’d shoot said person in the knee caps.”

Dr. Iplier smiles at you sweetly, “And then they’d have to deal with the rest of us. That is, until they bleed to death.”

Ed Edgar smacks his fist into the palm of his other hand, “And you wouldn’t want that. Trust me.’


Charli Paige got to chat with Ed Sheeran! They talk about everything from his MOST painful tattoo to words he has for trolls online!

I rewatched the Ed Sheeran scene to fully understand why the world was so offended by it and surprise surprise, I still don’t get it! 💁
He sang a sweet melody and said two words. That’s it. Why are people so angered by this? He was HIRED to do a job and he did it. 
People are reacting as if though Ed forced himself into the HBO offices and demanded a cameo…thats not how it works! That hate should be redirected at HBO productions for casting him. They wanted Ed Sheeran in the scene, they got him…DEAL WITH IT! 
And honestly Ed Sheeran is the last public figure that deserves this online drag fest.
Plus all of this social media outrage pulled complete focus from how amazing the season opener was; and the public had no one to blame but themselves for that. Shame. Do better next time Game Of Thronies!