ed hardy

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Story by ShaunWrites / art by Judyta

When the chaos came, the Nonbelievers destroyed all of New York except Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The residents who didn’t bike away to greener pastures in Asheville, Portland, or Austin stayed in the city to rebuild.

A thriving new economy based on trading services for sunglasses emerged. Acting classes could be purchased for as little as one pair of gold-rimmed aviators. Bikram Yoga sessions could be purchased for two pairs of Wayfarers and an invitation to a rooftop party.

For 100 years, the area between the Bedford and Bushwick L-train stops became a utopian zone of cultural tolerance. Anyone, no matter their race, gender, or religion would be accepted, as long as they could afford to live there, and as long as they’d gone to a private liberal arts college, and as long as they weren’t really all that religious.

I mean it’s okay if you’re “spiritual,” that’s cool. They’re just a lot more suspicious of “organized religion,” you know?

And you can’t dress like you bought your shit from the Ed Hardy store at the mall. Nobody really wants to see that shit around there.

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ED HARDY: Studio Session

NOTE Ed Hardy is not only about ugly t-shirts, he’s an artist. Watch live painting.