ed hardy

I subbed a thing for Threadless’ Not Safe For Threadless challenge. 

I did the linework and my friend Dave laid down the colors. This is the first pop culture design I subbed there, and it’s an Ed Hardy homage. This is how to be relevant, right?

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Wipe the sleep from your eyes, whip up a killer breakfast, and get pumped for “Eat Hardy” by Mike Bautista and Dave Kunst, bro!

We asked these two artists where the most inspirational place they’ve ever been is, and Dave’s answer really speaks to this design:

“The all-you-can-eat continental breakfast bar at my local Motel 8. Breakfast always and 4ever! Amen.” - Dave Kunst

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ED HARDY: Studio Session

NOTE Ed Hardy is not only about ugly t-shirts, he’s an artist. Watch live painting.


Recently a pleasant gentleman in his late 60’s contacted Adam for a small amount of tattoo work.  He had ¾ sleeves on both arms done by Ed Hardy in the 70’s and he wanted them extended to wrist length.  Naturally we were all really excited to check them out.  I arrived just in time to snap some crappy photos of the end result but he’s coming back for more work soon (He wants to do his back!) and I’m hoping we can get nice photographs of all the work.  Total nerd-out!