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The Beatles fourth and final appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show on 14th August, 1965. The top three photos are from the rehearsal on the same day and the bottom three from the performance. The Beatles played a dress rehearsal performance in the afternoon to an audience of 700 and then the actual show was recorded at 8:30pm that evening. 

i don’t care about waking up to a person i love, i wanna wake up to a new song of my favorite artist for the rest of my life


George Harrison and Ravi Shankar, Los Angeles, California, 3 August 1967. Photos © Ed Caraeff.

“Sitar music is 100 percent spiritual. I want to learn a little Indian music and use it in our medium, but I’m not an expert sitar player. If I could sit down and play sitar properly I would. I don’t expect to be a brilliant sitarist.

[…] Some people think it is a sin to [change] at all. The whole point of life is change. Success has given me everything material I need, and I realize I need something not material.” - George in L.A. on this date, KRLA’s The Beat, 9 September 1967

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