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Back in the Cul De Sac

It’s been years since I’ve left. Oh the memories… From the scams we would pull, to the mischief we would cause, my early years in the cul de sac have been both joyful and stressful. I wonder where the others are right now? Last I heard, Ed was working construction and Eddy, somewhere in Vegas. Oh how I miss them sometimes. Sometimes… “Double D! Is that you?!” I turned to see a fully grown Jimmy walking up behind me with another familiar friend. “Jimmy and Sarah,” I exclaim with delight, “long time no see.” Both seemed to be rather happy to see me, despite our past together. Jimmy went on to tell me about his time as a fashion designer, and Sarah, her work on the business they worked on together. When I asked about the others, they told me they didn’t know much other than Kevin and Nazz getting married and Rolf living back home with his extended family. What happened to Johnny was beyond them.

My trip down memory lane continued as I headed to the dreaded trailer park where the other eds and I would only dare to venture. As I stood outside that entrance, I could hear those voices that haunted my dreams ever night come from THAT trailer. “It’s your turn to take out the trash Marie!” “Eat a bag of onions Lee! It’s May’s turn today!” “Nuhuh! I took out the trash last week!” “Just throw it away Marie!” “Fine fine fine! I’m doing it, I’m doing it.” I watched as I saw a much more mature woman exit that trailer. Her hair in a much messier look and her clothes in a much more rough state. She caught a glimps of me with the one eye not hidden behind her hair and started to yell at me. “Who do you think you’re looking at you…” I could see the realization on her face the moment she realized it was me. “Edd?” I didn’t know whether to smile or to run away in this situation, but it didn’t matter to her. She bashfully approached me and tried to act all flirty like she did when I was young. Needless to say, I was somewhat nervous. I may be older, but being in front of her made me feel like 13 year old kid again.

My encounter with Marie Kanker was rather pleasant despite my behavior around her. She was actually more embarrassed for me to see her the way she was. For only being in town for a few days, I asked her if she wanted to dine with me before I left. In two days, I’ll be able to confront Marie on my terms for once. My final stop was none other than the junkyard. The eds and I would hang out here from time to time just to be alone. Just my luck, the van we would spend our time in, was still there! I opened up the car door, only to see it much more dirtier than I remembered… Well it was good to see it again!

All this time in the Cul De Sac has grown on me. I got to catch up with all those I grew up with and even faced my fear with Marie Kanker. I would like to say, this trip was a success. Here’s hoping I can see my friends again.


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