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Best Ed Moment #28

My most favorite eene scene is the whole swamp scene from the movie.

Our three friends who we have grown up with for the past ten years are having the biggest quarrel which looks as if it is not going to end well.

Only, Ed is not fighting. He knows, due to what his mother has said, that fighting is wrong. Fighting never does anything to help a situation. Talking the situation out does a lot however.

Ed is trying to stop Edd and Eddy from their quarrel that is growing physical.

Ed is taking charge. This is a very hard position to be put in especially for Ed because he has never taken the position to be a leader.

That is because nobody gives him a chance thinking he won’t be able to do it. And Ed believes that due to how people, such as his mother, have said or done to disrespect him.

Ed has a very positive outlook, but not on the inside. He is hiding a dark life behind that mask. His friends are the only thing he has to feel happy. Ed has always been the glue to keep his pals together.

He is desperate to keep them together in this moment in particular because they’re off alone away from the cul-de-sac. They have never been away from their home this long.

I love how even though Ed fails he doesn’t give up. This lead him to help beat out Eddy’s Brother. He is smart. Ed forgets that he is due to what everyone says. Ed is more then what he thinks and if he can take charge in a situation like this then he can do anything he sets his mind to.

I love this movie.