ed ed & eddy

Here, have a random Edd and Eddy sketch dump. 

I did a bunch of really rough 30 second-1 minute sketches that, unfortunately, never turned into any ideas… So, now they have a home in this dump. ;P

Well besides that Edd choking himself on the far right. Lmao. That was a stupid expression to draw hahaha

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Okay, but seriously, why were Ed and Edd even friends with Eddy!? All he ever did was take advantage of Edd’s intelligence and ingenuity and Ed’s strength. On top of that, he treated them like shit ALL the time. The other kids seemed to like Ed and Edd when they weren’t working with Eddy to take their fucking money. I don’t think there is a single girl in that show who didn’t flirt with Double D at one point or another. Seriously, Edd was a total dick, and caused 98% of the conflicts in the show, and they would have been way better off without him. They called him out on it sometimes, but the episodes always ended with them making up because they understood ‘friendship’ or something. The best ending that show could have had would have been Ed and Edd telling Eddy to fuck off, so they could finally make some real friends.

Best Edd Moment #26

This is my favorite Edd moment of all time.

Edd forgetting about his fear, dives into a pit of mud that could be filled with parasites to try and save his friends.

This moment alone says so much about Edd. He cares so much about his friends. He can overcome his fears and that takes courage.

As I have been asking today I believe Edd gets over his germaphobia. After finding that Ed and Eddy did not die he walks back through the murky waters of the swamp. He wouldn’t let alone touch it before the scene began.

There is even a brief moment after the morning they wake up in a dog pile. After a few seconds of being disgusted over accidentally dog piling with his friends he says, “Who am I kidding?”

Edd faces his insecurities and grows. It is inspiring to watch because there are a lot of people who can relate to Edd. It will take time to get over his insecurities, but this is a start.

Edd is a true hero. He can do anything.


cartoon characters re-imagined as millennials

1. Pokémon 
2. Ed, Edd n Eddy
3. Power Puff Girls 
4. Vanellope, Boo, and Lilo 
5. The Proud Family
6. American Dragon: Jake Long
7. Scooby-Doo
8. Totally Spies
9. Sailor Moon
10. Danny Phantom

created by Taisa