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      day 02 - your least favorite character: reverend ed driscoll

…and judging from the fact that there’s only like one episode still of the rev, i’m going to guess that i’m not the only one who feels that way.

see, i’m generally the type to appreciate evil characters for their inherent evilness. if anything, the rev is the kind of villain i love– one that has a reason for being the way he is, maybe an understandable reason, but a reason that does not seem apologetic. we got to see a lot of the rev’s backstory to understand why he was the way he was, but the show never presented him as a poor, misguided soul who could’ve turned out good if only his life had been different. no, it was always clear that the rev was a bigoted, hateful old man who wanted to get rid of all troubled people just because he was evil. and i love that. as a character, i love the rev because he’s the kind of villain i love to see in a show.

so why is he my least favorite character? well. let’s just say he has one of those faces. like, did you know that anthony hopkins freaks me out even if he’s playing the most saintly good guy ever? it’s just something about his face that gives me the shivers. maybe it always makes me flashback to the silence of the lambs, but in general i think it’s just him. well, i get that same feeling with stephen mchattie. the guy was born to play psycho characters, i tell you. and because of that unsettling feeling, what i feel for the character is irrelevant– the guy could just stand on-screen without saying anything and i’d be creeped out of my mind. i respect the actor enormously, that’s for sure, but it’s just an immediate effect on me. so, that’s why.

30 days of SyFy's Haven

Day 02 - Your least favorite character

Ok, this is no easy task but… I have to say there’s one character that I loved to hate and that character is of course

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Nasty old Ed Driscoll, but not because he was a bad developed character, I hate him because I have to hate him like who doesn’t?

He was a meanie, a very bad guy, troublephobic, kind of a jerk, despotic and just nasty in general. Besides, he hated Nathan so…

Fuck you, Reverend.