ed double d n eddy

Double D might be an alcoholic, but he’s still classy… 😂

I dunno why, but I have a fascination with drawing Edd drunk off his ass, in particular. Maybe it has to do with his big character flaw being his “holier than thou” complex… don’t get me wrong… I love the little guy, and he’s my favorite fictional character, but he’s hella flawed, in that respect.

And, well, because of his superiority complex, I guess I sorta like the idea that he might end up being the one out of the trio having the most difficult time coping with adulthood.

(I both love AND hate drawing drunk facial expressions… they’re really fun to draw, but I really despise looking at them. I’ve hated drunk cartoon characters ever since I was a kid lol.)

hello my sweet sweet ship…it’s been a while :D..don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about these two (three ?)

you might be familiar with these scenes..yes…it’s from Steven Universe’s episode “Last out of beach city”…all I could think about this episode,well besides the fact that Pearl has finally got a new love interest (?), is I’m imagining that Edd was Pearl and the Mystery Girl was Kevin…they’re somewhat fit for the character XDD…I love this episode…I’ll try to draw them in other scenes if I got the time


(i don’t own any of these character..I’m just a mere fan both of these show and this ship)

Nathan Kedd Goldberg © c2ndyac1d

Edd,Edd n Eddy/Steven Universe © Cartoon Network

fan art ©Spogunasya


A really lame and boring animation, but STILL!!

I was dying to experiment with those boiling lines for a bigger animation I want to do, so I thought Double Dee would be the perfect test subject… still haven’t perfected it yet, but I learned a lot, so I’d say it was worth the effort, anyways. ;)

..Edd is making the same face all of you guys make when I post something stupid.