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“Um, hello?”

Asami looked around in confusion, her bare feet padding softly against the cool tiled floor as she entered the living room. She immediately took note the absence of her friends, finding it odd that they weren’t sitting around the kitchen table or sprawled on the couch like they usually were every morning. Everything else was there; scattered trash, empty pizza boxes and other fast food containers, the books she’d gotten to help with her english… everything but the remaining Runaways.

“Sore ga fushigida…” She ran her fingers through her mess of hair tiredly, deciding to ignore the oddness of the situation and stifling a yawn as she turned around and silently headed back towards her room.

The girl felt a chill creep up her spine as she stumbled into her room and fell back onto her bed head first. Deciding that a few more minutes of sleep weren’t a bad thing, she buried her face against the pillow and shut her eyes. A grunt left her mouth as she threw the covers over her body and she relaxed at comfort of her now familiar bed. Asami assumed that the guys had gone out before she woke up, so she’d clearly not be missed anytime soon.

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