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eene-fangirl  asked:

Do you ship Ed with May? Who do you ship Ed with?

I’m honestly kind of iffy about all Ed’s / Kankers relationships that go beyond the platonic. They have just been so unapologetically shitty to them, and the Eds are legitimately terrified of those girls (with good reason). 

Like, I’m interested in the idea of the girls growing to become better people and actually becoming close with the Ed’s in a platonic way, while trying to make up for the shit they did as kids. But any romance between them generally kinda makes me uneasy. 

Of the Kanker/Ed pairings, I’ll admit the one I’m most tolerant of is Ed/May (and to some extent Edd/May when it’s done well), but it’s still not a pairing I ever seek out. But May is adorable, and she does seem to be the one that’s the most genuine about her feeling toward Ed, the most hurt by rejection, and would probably be the first to really figure out her actions are legitimately hurtful toward Ed. And maybe that would make her the first to try and correct her behavior and befriend him.  

I could also see Ed possibly (once he gets over his ingrained fear of her) being one of the first Ed’s to forgive/befriend her or the other girls. I’ve seen a lot of really cute art of Ed and May becoming friends and I could see them getting along pretty well if May would just chill out and realize Ed’s a person and not freakin’ plaything.

Outside of that my main ship for Ed is having the boys grow up and have a poly-ship. But also, Rolf.


Just look at it!

I mean, 

They’re adorable. And they have so many good scenes with each other. I love literally every time they interact. Again, it’s not something I really go seeking out, and hell I don’t even really just come across it like I do Ed/May, but the idea of it tickles me.