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Here are the color charts from the Ed Edd n Eddy Style Guide. These are the official recommended colors for creating merchandise for the series. I’ve also included some of the color model sheets used in the production of EEnE because oddly enough, there are minor differences between the two sets. Its safe to say that the EEnE Style Guide doesn’t reflect the exact colors used in the series (I also cross referenced the Style Guide color sheets with cels in my collection from around the same time the Style Guide was published). However these are still pretty interesting and serve as a decent general guideline for artistic reference.
The Style Guide also included a really nice supplementary color palette to complement the series clip art as well as a muted color palette for the Eds.

If you’re curious what the color codes are, they’re Pantone color numbers (basically a way of indexing color in profesional design similar to the way hex is used for computer graphics). I’m not entirely sure what color system the codes on the model sheets are but my best guess is that they’re how Yeson labels their paints.

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Eric/Donna and Hyde/Jackie with The Holiday, man. Eric is the widower Jude Law we all deserve.


In this AU, Eric and Hyde are the siblings but in America. Donna works in England and trades houses with Hyde, who ends up in England and meets Jackie, Donna’s best friend.

Donna is tired of her life. That simple. She loves her job, she is now the editor in charge of an important politics magazine in London, she has an incredible house and an in general ‘nice’ life, but there’s something missing… Maybe it’s the fact that she misses home, and at the end of the day, no matter how much fun she had at work and seeing her friends, she is alone. So, ready for a new adventure seeing family in America, she decides to try a house trade with an american guy.

The american guy is Hyde, who is also tired of his day by day life and he just needs a break. His sister is getting married and his grandma, and dad, are bothering him too much about being alone and blah, blah, a few days far from them will be FINE. Besides, it’s not like if he is running away from this, but— he just learned his biological mother has passed away and he doesn’t know what the hell is he actually feeling.

So when he gets Donna’s message, he almost says ‘yes’ too quickly. That’s how Hyde ends up in England, and Donna in America.

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so i got a sheet full of stickers with characters from different animes. i’m not sure what the stickers are for exactly but they all seem to be gift-related (with messages like to/from/for you), and there are lots of heart stickers too so maybe valentines-related?

anyway this Hughes and Roy sticker was in the corner and i am going to assume that it’s for valentine’s gifts ok


If there is any one Rat Fink item anyone should ever own, its this one.  The 1960′s kustom car icon is brought into glorious 3 Dimensions thanks to a Japanese company called Dunk.  And yes, its made of vinyl!  The detail is staggering.  I feel like I’m getting punched in the face with tiny crevices and bumps each time I look at this thing. My Rat Fink, what big teeth you have! What a big nose you have! What amazing translucent plastic eyes you have! All the better to look awesome on my shelf with.  I think Big Daddy Roth would be proud.

what i love about ed and oswald’s relationship is that it would be so easy with them to take the easy way out i think? and make their dynamic, now that they know each other better, that ed is The Brains of the Operation™ and oswald is The Emotional One™ and oswald as the passionate excitable one vs ed the cool collected one is really played up, and their whole thing is that ed loves oswald FOR his emotion and finds the way he gets all worked up and yells (while ed himself stays calm, of course) to be charming and adorable and i’m not saying that’s NOT their dynamic, because of course that’s part of it, but to leave it at just that leaves it with this layer of, idk, condescension almost? ed can look at the way oswald is and say “awwww” while being The Smarter One in the relationship 

but then instead! ed admires oswald so much! and thinks he’s so brilliant! “i believe in you even when you don’t believe in yourself.” “i still have so much to learn from you.” “i continue to be in awe of you, oswald.” that’s been part of their dynamic since the beginning really and it hasn’t changed now that ed knows oswald better. he respects the fuck out of him!!! ed validates oswald’s intelligence and his accomplishments and it’s!!! so!!! good!!! no wonder oswald falls for him! i mean, just the way that, like, ed is really awful to people, yeah…but then to oswald??? man. to oswald he’s so kind.

“We are four blocks from her apartment”

Something struck me during this scene. Ed’s collective “we”. Is this collective just be a process of his, or something else? 

It is common belief that both Edward and dark!Ed are now one. However, is dark!Ed returning? I though that might have been a possibility last week, what with the ‘Kristen cosplay choke me scene’. We witnessed a brief change in Ed’s facial expressions and mannerisms, like something took over.

Or, is he just further embracing this dark, analytical, technical side of himself that grows to become the villain we all love.

Season 3 of Gotham has been about the rebirth of characters. Fresh starts and new roads discovered. Does this “accident” mark the birth of the Riddler we all know and love? Yes! I believe it does.

 or maybe I should stop analysing Gotham episodes this late at night


I’ve recently added a really unique piece of memorabilia to my Ed, Edd n Eddy collection: the official “Ed, Edd n Eddy Style Guide” consisting of a CD rom and index book with everything designers would need to produce licensed merchandise from the show.

The CD contains about 750 vector graphics of characters, backgrounds, icons, frames, patterns and editorial patches. Some of the images are re-draws from frames in the show while others are uniquely promotional art. Theres also samples of what fonts and supplementary colors should be used on products and their packaging so that all merchandise from the show looks consistent (and of course all the guidelines on how images may be placed, what size they should be, where trademarks are necessary etc).

I’m familiar with most of the merchandise from the show so its interesting to see the full catalogue of images that designers have at their disposal. I’ve seen some of these images get used over-and-over again but theres also a hand full that I’ve never seen at all, let alone on any merch.

As much as I’d love to upload the contents of this CD for other fans to enjoy, I don’t want to be responsible for an emergence of (really authentic looking) bootlegs popping up all over the place. I might post more of the pantone color charts if any artists are interested in having a definitive late-2000 palette for each of the characters.