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hey, listen. i know i'm a heathen and its nto christmas time yet but im just like rlly craving reddie christmas hc's so if u could do that, id give u my undying love tbh :/

i’m garbage and i know it’s been three days since u sent me this but like. here i am. this is not even close to like what you asked for really and it’s fucking long as hell but uhhhhh yea man

- eddie n richie r college bfs who r both a lil strapped for cash but they still wanna like get something meaningful for the other for the holidays

- richie is particularly tight on cash but saw this old n vintage looking record player in an antique shop and he was like holy fuck. eds has a vinyl collection I Have To Get Him This

- that’s good and well but it was also nearly 300 bucks and richie’ll be damned if he just had that laying around somewhere

- so, richie works extra hours at the movie theater he works at but only manages to come up with an extra $70.

- richie moves on to a way he kept his household afloat as a kid: pawning stuff off for extra cash.

- (he used to pawn off his mother’s unused jewelry when he really needed extra cash or someone forgot to buy groceries for a while and he had to take matters into his own hands)

- richie realizes in his search for something to sell, he doesn’t own a lot of things of value. except maybe his electric guitar, but he’d saved up for that for 3 years, 13 years old through 16, he couldn’t just-

- richie’s mind wanders to picturing the smile on eddie’s face when he unwraps richie’s gift, picturing the two of them dancing giddily to eddie’s christmas collection vinyl together…

- within minutes, richie was out the door, guitar case in hand.

- // eddie thought for days about what to get richie. he sat on his bed for hours at a time and tried to think of something good enough for his amazing boyfriend. nothing stood out.

- one day in early december, eddie was surfing the internet and stumbled upon the perfect gift for richie.

- an amplifier. eddie knew richie needed a new one, the one he has now being over 10 years old and the sound coming out slightly muffled and scratchy.

- the only issue was that it was nearly $400, which wouldn’t have been a problem for eddie if he already had the cash. but the fact that he was already working his ass off at his minimum wage job and taking as many hours as possible all the while making just enough to keep him alive made it a problem.

- so, eddie decided to do the next best thing. sell something. surely he had something valuable laying around?

- eddie scoured his room for thirty minutes before he came across the vinyl collection in his closet. richie had been the first to get him a vinyl - simply the song ‘Africa’ by toto on one for his birthday a couple years ago, to hang on his wall, and since then eddie had collected them. he loved the sleekness of them, and sometimes he wished he had a record player to play them on, but he never thought to go out and buy one

- eddie didn’t really want to sell his vinyls, especially not the one that richie gave him, but he realized they were really the only valuable things he had and didn’t use.

- eddie put only the cover of the ‘Africa’ vinyl in his drawer (richie had written on it, anyway) before taking the rest of the vinyls to the nearest pawn shop, unknowing that richie had done something similar.

- a few weeks later and the Losers were gathered in Stan’s apartment, sitting in a circle each with their presents for the others behind them.

- stan kept neither a tree nor a menorah, and neither did the other losers. they preferred to keep the diversity of their group, and so they celebrated the holidays as simply a time of giving and being in each other’s presence. that was enough for all of them. they could celebrate regularly at home with their families.

- “Can I go first!” Richie raised his hand like a child, waving it in the air

- “S-sure, Rich”

- “Okay, Big Bill this ones for you. This is for Bevvie. This is for Stan the man. This is for benny. This is for Micycle-“ Richie read names off of wrapping paper he had sloppily written, and handed all of the losers their presents respectively.

- “Eds, this ones for you.” Richie beamed, motioning to the large package behind him. “That looks heavy, how’d you get it up here?” Eddie inquired, looking. intimidated by the size.

- “He gave me five bucks.” Mike shrugged.

- “I’m gonna wait to open it.” Eddie proclaimed. “I want us to open each other’s at the same time, I think that’d be cute”

- a groan emitted from their friends at their gross lovey-dovey-ness, but they continued happily all the same.

- when all the presents were handed out, the losers had all torn into every one of them except for richie and eddie, who still had each one more gift left to open.

- “1, 2, 3!” They counted down in unison, ripping off wrapping paper. they both stared down at their gifts, confused.

- “Is this…is this a record player?”

- “Is this a new amp?”

- “Yeah” they said, meeting each other’s eyes.

- “Richie, I- I can’t use this. I sold all of my vinyls so i could buy the amp.”

- “Funny thing about that is, Eds, I sold my guitar so I could buy the record player”

- “You’re so fucking dumb,” Eddie crawled into his boyfriends lap, hugging him. “But it’s cute that you… value my happiness so much that you’d sell yours to get it.”

- “Same to you, Eds, but we’re definitely selling these both back and getting our shit back”

- “Oh, definitely. Happy holidays, trashmouth. I love you, idiot.”

- “I love you, too, Eds.” Richie kissed his boyfriend on the forehead, mumbling while he was there, “Happy holidays.”


In which Iris is 200% done and Barry still doesn’t like his name. 3/