pros of being into daft punk/ed rec:
-robots singing about love
-there is literally no drama
-everyone ships the same things
-good french films
-all we do is joke about avocados and baguettes
-justice feeds the fire themselves
-incredible fics/fanart
-like 0% chance of anyone splitting up
-none of ur favs are problematic
-pedro has a radio show saturdays
-they have a clearing out label garage sale ????? like their old merch ?????????? for sale irl??????
cons of being into daft punk/ed rec
-when will we get a tour
-what the fuck literally its been 7 years
-what are they doing????? what thefuck???? where is everyone
-almost none of them have a social media accounts what the fuck what are they doing
-wtf the fuck no justice album until like 2016