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Batfam Halloween Costumes Last Year:

  • Bruce - Target Superman Costume (fake abs and all)
  • Alfred - The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
  • Kate - Sappho (couples costume with Renee)
  • Renee - Aphrodite (couples costume with Kate)
  • Dick - Sexy vampire
  • Babs - Daphne from Mystery Inc.
  • Jason - Zombie 
  • Stephanie - A faun (to match Cass)
  • Tim - A sim
  • Cassandra - A faun (to match Steph)
  • Duke - Werewolf
  • Harper - Joan Jett
  • Damian - Batman
  • Carrie - Peter Pan
  • Selina - Sexy black cat

anonymous asked:

what if the batfamily had really bad powers au

  • Bruce Wayne - can teleport…but only if he is blackout drunk
  • Alfred Pennyworth - understands what wrong only AFTER it went wrong
  • Dick Grayson - eat anything without gaining any weight. (it’s practical for IRL use but not in a fight)
  • Barbara Gordon - insert a USB into the port on the first time, every time
  • Jason Todd - knows exactly how long to reheat food in the microwave so it’s the perfect temperature 
  • Cassandra Cain - can turn blue whenever she wants, but only blue
  • Tim Drake - can shoot 5 cotton balls from his hands every 7 days
  • Stephanie Brown - can make her nails grow at a really fast or slow rate on command
  • Kate Kane - bug repellent skin
  • Luke Fox - paper cut immunity 
  • Damian Wayne - can understand what dogs are barking about
  • Duke Thomas - can emit a cinnamon smell for 20 minutes every few hours

Self love;

The morning,


Warms up to,

My skin,

I stay,

A few,

Minutes longer,

Laying down,

With my thoughts,

I carry my goodbyes,

And say hello to myself,

I wash off your fingerprints,

And see me for who I am,

I weigh my hollowness,

And fill it with the echoes,

Of my voice,

I look at my face,

With the eyes of a beloved,

I outlive this moment,

Till it becomes infinite,

I take back the broken promises,

And make a vow,

To not hurt myself again,

I let go,

Of what you’re doing to my love,

I separate paths,

On this journey to nowhere,

I understand,

The undertones,

Of the rhythms,

Inside my mind,

And for once,

It’s the melody,

Of my name,

A written haiku,

Of self love,

Spread across,

The greying horizon,

Of gloomy clouds,

And flickering sunshine,

In my eyes,

I can finally see,

A life,

Without you,

Filled with,

An embrace,

That falls asleep,

Blanketed over my,


It looks familiar,

It’s been here all along,

The person,

I’ve been yearning to love,

Is myself.