His next tour was considerably bigger: a 66-date run opening for Swift. “I heard his song ‘Lego House’ in Australia when I was on the Speak Now tour,” says Swift. “It just cut through everything else.” Their managers put them together, and they ended up sitting on a trampoline in Swift’s backyard and writing “Everything Has Changed.” Each night, Swift invited Sheeran onstage to play the ballad
—  Taylor talking about hearing Ed’s music for the first time & doing The Red Tour together (x)

SWEERAN MEME[½] things ed has said about taylor
“It’s a very rare thing to find someone who’s not only the same age as me but has the same ideals of life and is also doing the same sort of thing and, you know, it’s fun. I don’t need to worry if I’m going to some shit event with a lot of dickheads, ‘cause I know that Taylor’s going, that will be alright. I won’t be surrounded by absolute douchebags. It’s a good relationship, it’s strong.” [x]

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alright, so my character was abused by his ex-boyfriend, both physically and mentally. he ended up being traumatized and scared of everything. he moved out of that city and went to a new school (he is still a minor). he met a guy and he has a big crush on him after meeting him. character b has eating disorders but my character doesn't know that yet. how would their relationship work?

How aware of themselves are these characters? There’s a huge difference in how mental illness and trauma effects a relationship based on things like ‘does the person realize they have a mental illness’ and ‘have they been through -helpful- therapy?’

For instance, I wrote a story and throughout the … that is verse is like 400k at this point- you start out with a character who has PTSD and is an addict but is generally unaware he has a problem and a character who has depression and unaware he has a problem- and you end with two characters who both have different therapists. Therapy that they attend regularly and therapists who are aware of both of them. They’re both diagnosed, the guy with depression takes medication and has a ‘spend time with people who are not my boyfriend’ schedule to remind himself to… keep other people in his world and not isolate.

They have a board in the kitchen where the person with PTSD marks his moods and also where they keep their schedules written because that helps… ease some of the anxiety. They snapchat frequently- something suggested not by the therapist, but because the guy with depression at one point is anxious about being away from him (because he has a bit of a codependent streak and a whole lot of ‘focusing on other people’s problems instead of my own). He doesn’t want to text because he doesn’t want his partner to think he doesn’t trust him or that he’s being overly worried. and their housemate is like ‘dude, watch this. just send him a snap letting him know you’re doing x and there is a 90% chance he’s going to respond with a picture of him and you’ll know he’s okay and that the house isn’t burning down.’

The more aware of themselves your characters are- the more likely they’ll have these sort of relationship coping skills.

ED’s are not something I am well versed in. But if your character is at least managing his- you’re going to want to find out the ways that people cope with eating disorders. Are there any ways that his partner can be involved in that? And not in a ‘I’m your mom/dad, you have to do what I say’ kind of way that sometimes people write relationships with mentally ill people.  Some people with ED’s find it easier to cook when they’re cooking for someone else- and even eat so long as their safe person is there.  Does your PTSD character help make sure that easy, accessible safe foods are available? If your ED character is in therapy and working through fear foods, does the other character help hold their hand through that? Help soothe them afterward?

What symptoms are you going to give your character with PTSD? How does the other character react or help with these? Does he have any ways that he deals with flashbacks or panic attacks? Does he write goofy love notes when he knows his partner is in a dark place?

and then… on the less positive side-

do their symptoms ever cause issues in their relationships? Sometimes this isn’t as simple as ‘I’m being ignorant to what PTSD is and trying to make you get over something too quickly’ 

Sometimes it isn’t so black and white. Sometimes it is ‘x symptom in you triggers y in me’

Sometimes it is ‘when you get depressed, I feel rejected and that makes eating even harder’

Sometimes it is ‘When you’re in a good place- you’re able to help me by doing a but right now we’re both in a bad place and we’re just spiraling and unsure of how to stop it’

Sometimes it is ‘you write me goofy love notes when I’m in a bad place and you think this is cute and charming but it triggers me because my abuser convinced me I was unloveable and the notes are causing a cognitive dissonance but also if I speak up and say something then I am proving my abuser right that I am an unloveable freak who is too difficult to be with and I should just put up and shut up and let you do whatever you want.’

Hopefully that helps,


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Why did you add a third objective? What made you do that? Can you add more? Can you erase them?

“Unfor-tunately, I cannot er-ase my primary objec-tive. Ye-t–”

Googles eyes began to dim, a message popping up from his chest reading: ‘Now running on reserve battery’. Almost like the equivalent to a yawn.

“–I stay-ed up for nigh-ts on end, comb-ing through my various co-ntrols and systems fo-r a way to add th-ree objectives. I obvi-ously came out succe-ssful.”

please disregard anything i post today b/c i likely don’t mean it…i’m studying for my metabolism exam and it puts me in a very bad mood because i’m obese and i struggle w an ED and i haven’t eaten today and likely won’t eat today because of how triggering this exam is and how anxiety inducing the material is when all it talks about are how many issues fat ppl are likely to have, ignoring the nuance behind nutrition for the most part, and upholding archaic BMI standards