icymi ~ Mad Max: Fury Road: Black & Chrome edition is now streaming on Amazon. I’m guessing you’ll want to wait for the DVD release in December, but this is an option. Director George Miller says the Black & Chrome cut is the best version of Fury Road and the one he wanted to make all along. :)

“Overall for me, it’s the best version of the movie. It will be interesting to see if you agree.” ~ George Miller

Watching the pirates in Stardust makes me wonder if Killian’s crew maybe thought him a little odd as well. Fearsome reputation and a temper and all, but on the other hand - always dressed well. Always smells good. Fancy cursive handwriting. Talks like a hero from an Austen novel. Treats every woman like a lady, even the scullery maid at the tavern. Probably checks his hair when he walks past a reflective surface. Recites poetry.

I can just imagine Smee or one of the others give him subtle cues, especially at first, when he’s a little too genteel, a little too courteous.

And they’re not around at the moment but eventually they rejoin him, and they find out about Emma and the whole hero thing and Killian’s all like “bloody hell there goes my reputation”

but Smee’s just like “it’s all right, Captain, we always knew you were a sap”