Jimmy Fallon, Ed Sheeran & The Roots Sing “Shape of You”
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Imagine Dean coming home from a particularly long and difficult hunt. Bruised and tired he walks into his room to find Cas asleep on his bed, sprawled out under the covers. He considers it for a good few minutes before sucking it up and quietly gets under and laying next to Cas, pulling him closer and puts his head on his chest and falls asleep listening to his heartbeat. It's the best night sleep he's ever had. It soon becomes nightly routine and Dean looks forward to it every day.


This is the only “before and after” set I’m going to post regarding my recovery from my ED. Eating disorders aren’t a body type - no matter whether someone is underweight, normal weight, or overweight, they can have a life-threatening eating disorder. You can’t tell what someone is going through based on their body.

But when I look at the photo on the left, I’m filled with pity for the person I was when that photo was taken. I was so tired. I was so ready to give up control; going to two weeks of inpatient treatment and then twelve weeks of PHP was terrifying, but letting my eating disorder keep controlling my life was far more scary. I was sick of obeying the rules that had become lodged in my brain, but I couldn’t stop on my own. I tried, over and over again, to get better without help; and every time I failed, getting worse and worse each time I relapsed. The worst part was that I knew what I had to do, but couldn’t seem to actually DO it. By the time I went to inpatient, my mindset was far better than it had been earlier in my eating disorder - I avoided certain foods, but I didn’t have nightmares about them as much as I used to - but I was addicted to the restriction, purging, and weight loss. I felt helpless. Like a burden. Impossible to fix.

And when I look at the photo on the right, I see someone who was no longer too tired to smile. Someone who spent time with friends daily instead of avoiding events because there would be food at them. Someone who had the energy to explore the deeper problems - sexual abuse, relationships with family and my significant other, gender identity. Someone who no longer cared so much about food that they didn’t have the time to care about anything else. Someone with hope and goals and life.

I still have hard days - days where I feel a lot more like the person on the left. But every day I wake up hoping to be more like the person on the right.

I know we made a huge impression on the next generation of musicians. Ed O’Brien from Radiohead sat me down a couple of years ago in a barn on top of a mountain in New Zealand and played me the then unreleased ‘Knives Out’. It was an unbelievable experience. I was beyond flattered and quite speechless, which takes some doing. He explained to me that with that song they’d tried to take a snapshot of the way I’d done things in The Smiths. And I guess you can hear that in it.
—  Johnny Marr, Mojo 2004

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remember when i was writing typecast and ppl kept complaining that there was too much dean/lisa so i often held up my posting schedule to add more dean/lisa sex scenes into chapters, put off having dean and lisa break up for like seven chapters, made them super duper good friends after they broke up, then turned typecast into a series so i could write 20k words of dean/cas/lisa where dean and lisa both get pregnant with cas’ kids and they raise them together in a polyamorous relationship 

anyway nobody’s complained in the comments of my fics in a very long time