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Abbey Road: 8 Reasons Why It’s My Favourite Album!

This was inspired by an article I recently read on NME, for awhile this has been my favourite album of all time and here’s why:

1. The bass riff in the opening track, ‘Come Together’

The opening bass riff by Paul McCartney in ‘Come Together’ with John Lennon singing “Shoot me…” is the perfect introduction to any album I have ever heard…

2. Paul’s vocals in ‘Oh! Darling’

I love this song overall and is arguably one of the songs I would’ve loved to see them perform live the most, there’s something about his voice that sounds satisfyingly exhausting.

3. ‘Here Comes the Sun’ always brightens up my day!

The title speaks for itself, I love listening to this song. It to me just sounds so complete and that if you were to add anything else, I feel like the whole thing would just fall apart.

4. The Medley!

The idea for the Medley is one perfect example of why Paul McCartney doesn’t get enough credit for his contribution to The Beatles.  This is my favourite part of the album, I sometimes just play the Medley section rather than the entire album. I just love how every track in the Medley smoothly transitions between one and another…

5. Sun King

All the vocals and the lyrics of this song create such a strong visual image in my head every time I listen to it…

6. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight!

This recently became my favourite track on the album, I absolutely love this song and the slow build up. Paul’s vocals are on bloody point, there’s something so heart-warming about his voice… and when it transitions into ‘Carry That Weight’ with George’s guitar solo… omg…

7. The Guitar Solos and Drums of ‘The End’

Each guitar solo played by Paul, John and George was absolutely epic… and Ringo Starr’s drumming was on point for the type of song it was… Such a great ending to the album!

8. The Hidden Track!

‘Her Majesty’ made me giggle when I first heard it, it sounds so sweet and innocent but… lol

Dating and having sex with Edward Nygma would include:

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Requested by Anon. 

Request:  hii!! i was wondering if you could do a “dating/having sex with Edward Nygma would include?” i hope that you’re having a great day xx

Warning: You know what. 

A/N: I’m having a great day, and I hope you’re having a great day, too? :) I’m sorry I’m so late, but here we go! 


  • You and Edward being the bestest friends.
    • Movie nights. 
    • Riddles. 
    • Gaming.
    • Talking. Lots of talking about your favourite topics.
  • Him knowing all your dirty secrets.
  • You knowing all his dirty secrets. 
  • Ed buying you flowers and your favourite sweets. 
  • Compliments. 
    • Him making you blush.
  • Holding hands. 
  • Him putting an arm around you and pulling you closer when you’re cold.
    • Or when he’s jealous.
  • Cute kisses.
    • Him placing kisses all over your face. 
    • Him having the softest lips you ever kissed. 
  • More Riddles. 
    • Lots of riddles. 
    • You not always guessing right but still trying to figure out his riddles.
    • You getting better and him being proud of you. 
  • You visiting him at work and everyone being confused why Ed has a bomb ass hottie as a lover. 
    • Edward totally grinning when he realises why they’re staring. 
    • Him being a little bit jealous. 
    • Him trusting you. 
  • In the evening chilling on the couch or bed. 
    • Cuddling and/or talking about what happened over the day.
  • Him confessing to you about his other side. 
    • You trying to help him.
    • Never leaving his side when he’s feeling sick. 
  • Him losing his glasses and you always knowing where he put them away.
  • You giving him very cute and unique nicknames and him not being ashamed when you use them in public.
  • Fights.
    • Him being almost all the time the one who first apologizes. 
    • Of course, he apologizes with riddles. 


  • Long make out sessions with lots of touching. 
  • Slowly undressing and moving to the bedroom or living room.
  • Laughing when he tickles you. 
  • Oral Sex: 
    • Him having this one little trick when he’s eating you out/sucking you off.
    • Him loving to recieve blowjobs under the shower. 

Making love: 

  • Kisses. 
    • Passionate.
    • Tender. 
    • French.
    • Lip pulling.
  • Edward holding you tight.
  • Sometimes eye contact and sometimes closed eyes during sex.
  • Forehead on forehead.
  • Quiet moans and groans. 
  • You sliding down your hands to touch his nice butt. 

Rough kinky sex: 

  • French kissing the hell outta you.
  • Lip biting and pulling.
  • You holding his shoulders tight.
  • You scratching his back and leaving marks.
  • Him taking you on/against the kitchen counter.
  • His other side taking over sometimes.
    • His other side being extra kinky and hard.
    • Him having a lot of stamina. 


  • No Quickies at work even thought his other side wants it so bad. 
  • Quickies before work.
    • Edward grabbing your waist and pulling you to him to steal a kiss. 
    • Doing it on the kitchen counter, the washing mashine, the table, wherever you are at the moment. 


  • You having the feeling that he has a slight riddle fetish.
  • Hair pulling.