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I hate when Deadpool fans strip him of what makes him so great they make him into this boring run of the mill cis straight male

Deadpool is at least not straight at all I mean look at his relationship with Spiderman he openly admits to having a crush on him and liking him and the fact Deadpool cross dresses a lot he loves wearing dresses

So yeah…calm your jets and stop erasing what makes deadpool deadpool


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Guys I got my tattoo!!!!!!?:!3!:837 (its really fresh ignore the ink/swelling/bloat)

By the way it barely hurt and all the artists were like wtf. Considering it was my first tattoo, I was on my period, and in one of the most painful spots, it was pretty odd.

It’s quote from a song that really struck a chord with me and my recovery. Both ED and bipolar recovery/maintenence. I was not born to be a hollow shell of a person with nothing to me but my illnesses. So yeah. Woot!

Chris Hardwick: “Carol is so wonderful, and so complex and I adore her as a character and for most of this season I kind of feel like I was a little more Team Carol than Team Rick, like I kind of want Carol leading, she seems more focused, you know…so how’s, how’s it been for you?

Melissa McBride: “Its been really satisfying playing Carol this season, so much fun stuff to do and when I get the scripts and I am you know, I am reading like she’s, she’s covered in walker guts and she’s going blowing stuff up and I am thinking, what are they doing…you know and shes terrorising this little child, telling him horrible stories and I’m thinking…wait a minute…I get a little worried…and then I realize, okay, I see what’s going on here!
She’s, she’s okay, she’s good, she’s good-bad, she’s good!”

Chris Hardwick: “Well, I think, I think she’s better than okay because it’s sort of that thing, even going way back to when Shane describes to Rick like ‘this is how you have to be’ and Rick hasn’t really gone through the transformation yet. I think he’s aggressive manifestation of that but Carol is like ‘calm but gets stuff done’, she knows what needs to be done…”

Melissa McBride: “She’s realizing that she’s well equipped for this world, you know given in her pre-apocalyptic situation with Ed, she…she learned how to survive, she was surviving day-to-day and you are using all sorts of tactics not to, not to set him off, not to set Ed off, you know to really watch herself and protect yourself and I think this world is creating all these circumstances and situations for her to bring that up…


March 29, 2015 - Chris Hardwick and Melissa McBride on Team Carol

*Talking Dead*