#PinkOut for Planned Parenthood TODAY! 

Anti-women’s health members of Congress haven’t given up their aim to “defund” Planned Parenthood health centers and block patients from accessing care. But we’re not letting them threaten Planned Parenthood patients’ health care, our rights, or our communities.

Today we’re showing the strength for our movement and showing up. 

How can you #PinkOut with us?

Join the Thunderclap >>

Add your support on social so millions of people will see us #PinkOut. The Thunderclap will go off at 12 pm ET today to make sure no one misses our message.

Wear Pink >>

Check out the Marketplace for pink swag that will let everyone know you stand with Planned Parenthood and the communities they serve.

Share a #PinkOut Selfie >>

Wear pink or your favorite t-shirt supporting our health, rights or communities and post it using #PinkOut or #IStandWithPP.

#PinkOut your Profile >> 

Add a special filter to your profile picture to show everyone where you stand.

Take the Pledge >> 

Sign on, and we’ll share your #IStandWithPP petition with Congress.

Help us turn the nationwide support for Planned Parenthood into action. Let’s flood social media with messages of #IStandWithPP on #PinkOut Day so no one can forget where we stand. 

For more, go to istandwithpp.org/PinkOut


Ed Sheeran appears on Good Morning Britain to talk about staying grounded, his two-year-old doppelganger, and the woman who was arrested for blasting his music. March 29, 2017. 

“I kind of think it’s… I mean, it’s obviously not awesome she’s going to prison, but I do think it’s awesome that like, it’s now got to a point where someone’s actually been jailed for playing my music!”


Ed performing Nancy Mulligan for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

*WARNING* You may become mesmerized by Ed’s thighs while watching this video.

Love your body. It’s the only one you’ve got. It gets you from point A to point B. It tries it’s best to keep you alive, and hasn’t failed you yet. Drink water. Go for a walk. Sleep when you’re sleepy. Take care of yourself. You deserve to feel well, but if you’re depressed, it’s gonna take more work than it takes for others who aren’t depressed. Accept this. This is your life. You are strong enough to live it. I believe in you.