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Lo seeing as you're both fun and hilarious and this hell plot has sent me into a coma 😴 if you had to give a presentation on the one and only Robert Sugden what moments would you include eg if you looked up ROBERT SUGDEN in a dictionary what would his definition be to you ? Make it as fun and hilarious as you can I need a laugh x

this isn’t what u asked for but this is what u got anon (also ur too kind)

eta read it here in bigger letters if u want

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So Robert Sugden breaking down in tears over Aaron Dingle is fucking canon. What is my life right now?

Also those motherfuckers who’ve talked down Ryan cause he couldn’t cry? Yeah come fight me. That was brilliant. Because a character like Robert, so tightly held together, only cries when he is truly heartbroken.

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13 and 6 for the prompt thing??? Thank you

13. Someone does something stupid/6. “Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate.” (Post-break-up, pre-reunion, kinda mates AU)

“Are ya ever gonna talk to me again?” Robert’s voice is in Aaron’s ear and he tamps down the shiver that runs down his spine. It’s slurred and soft. A sadness that’s too familiar these days, and Aaron grunts. He shifts his hold on Robert as he tries to get the door to the house open. They stumble in, Robert’s weight heavy at Aaron’s side, his arms slung round his neck. It’s familiar, reminds Aaron of the way they used to be, of nights at the pub where Robert was a little too drunk and it was his job to take care of him.

He drops the bag with the pain medication on the side table before he directs them toward the couch, careful not to put too much pressure on Robert’s broken ribs, tries not to think about the knife wound. He sets Robert down and heads for the kitchen, stops when he hears Robert’s words.

“I was just – I wanted to help, Aaron.”

Aaron’s hands curl into fists, and he breathes through his nose, counts to five slowly. Robert was a right idiot and Aaron doesn’t even know why he – “Why? Why did you go by yourself? Why didn’t you tell me? Or Adam?”

“Because she was in trouble and I just wanted to protect her, bring her home.”

Aaron turns, his body tense, ready for a fight. Because he’s been spoiling for one since he heard Liv’s scared voice, choked with tears.

“Aaron, it’s Robert – he’s – there’s so much blood…”

Robert stares at him from his seat on the couch, his head against the cushion, eyes half-closed. He grimaces when he shrugs. “I didn’t – you’d never forgive me if Adam got hurt. And I’d never forgive me if you did. There was no – it seemed the right thing.”

They’ve taken months to get here. To where Aaron can let himself feel and hope that maybe they can get back to being them. His chest explodes with heat – anger and fear claw for dominance because Robert thinks –

“So what? You saying you’re expendable, then? Is that it?”

Robert doesn’t answer, looks down and away and that’s it.

Aaron growls out a curse, watches Robert turn to look back at him, confused.

“You fucking moron.”

Robert shakes his head as Aaron approaches, kneels in front of him to stare him directly in the eyes. “I know you wouldn’t – I know you’d not want me hurt, Aaron. I’m not saying that. But you love them and it’s not the same—“

“Don’t you fucking finish that sentence, Robert, or I swear I will kill you myself.”

Robert’s eyes fill with hope – with some light Aaron hasn’t seen in a while. “So, you – you saying you love me? Again?”

Still, Aaron thinks. He clears his throat, keeps his hands where they are on the couch, glances away as he says, “Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate right now.”

Robert nods and he smiles sleepily. “Yeah, that sounds about right.” His face gets serious. “I was only trying to—“

“I know, Robert. But you can’t okay? I can’t lose Liv but I can’t lose you either, alright?”

Robert nods, eyes closing as he reaches for Aaron’s hands, runs his thumb over his bruised knuckles, “Okay.” He is asleep the next moment and Aaron stays there, watches his face and breathes through the warmth unfurling in his chest and stomach.

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update: ed tw
today I met with my nutritionist and she told me i am in a hypermetabolic state because of the new meal plan we put in place. so to compensate for that, we increased my daily caloric consumption (I am not allowed to count calories, only the points for the point system we use for each food and it’s serving size) in hopes of me putting on some weight. I have not yet gained any weight from being on the meal plan so here’s hopes to it! Yes I have much anxiety about it still but I’m trying my best to put that aside right now and focus on recovery