ecw television championship

ECW Television Champion Chris Jericho
[June 22nd, 1996]

At ECW’s Hardcore Heaven, the young and yet already world-traveled Chris Jericho took on Pitbull #2 for the ECW Television Championship. Pitbull #2 (Anthony Durante) had been champion for 21 days after defeating Shane Douglas, who was also champion for 21 days. Jericho defeated Pitbull #2 for the gold, and how long did he hold the title, you may ask? That’s right. 21 days. 

ECW World Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko
[February 25th, 1995]

At the show dubbed Return Of The Funker, the ECW World Tag Team Championships were on the line as the champions Sabu and The Tazmaniac (better known today as Taz) defended the titles against the team of Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. By this point, Malenko and The Tazmaniac weren’t strangers, having battled for Malenko’s ECW World Television Championship which Taz was unsuccessful in attaining, but the feud between these two heightened as Malenko and Benoit topped Taz & Sabu for the tag team titles. This was Benoit’s first ECW championship and would make Malenko a double champ, as he was still the World Television Champion.

The duo’s tag team reign was fairly short-lived, as Malenko and Benoit would lose the straps in their first title defense. At Three Way Dance, the champions defended against The Public Enemy and the team of The Tazmaniac and his new partner, Rick Steiner. The Public Enemy were successful in gaining the titles, which second consecutive loss Malenko would encounter as he had already lost the ECW Television Championship to the man he had defeated for the title, Too Cold Scorpio, only a few weeks earlier.

ECW World Television Champion Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam has been known as one of the cornerstones of ECW, having been featured in the company on the level of which Shawn Michaels was in the WWF. Van Dam’s stardom in singles and tag team competition, having won the ECW World Tag Team Championship twice with Sabu, and having held the ECW World Television Championship for nearly two years. Van Dam defeated Bam Bam Bigelow on ECW Hardcore TV for the title, and only relinquished the title in March of 2000 due to a legitimate injury. The next time Van Dam won ECW gold was in 2006, when he defeated John Cena and became the champion of the new WWE brand of ECW.

A portrait of the writer at the age of 16 with then-ECW Television Champion Rob Van Dam, wearing yet another shirt that he definitely thought was cool at the time.

I actually ran into RVD last year at San Diego. I stopped him in the aisle and said “Hey, I just wanted to thank you, I met you at a signing when I was a kid, and you were really cool to me.”

His response, in total: “Yeah, that sounds like me.”

Love that guy.