In Mexico, as well as many other countries, we advance our clocks 1hr during spring-summer, so the daylight lasts longer in the evening. I think this works in countries closer to the poles, but the closer you get to the Ecuator the daylight doesn’t change much during the year. So, honestly I don’t think it works in Mexico, but we have to do it.
Anyway! Here’s the vocabulary for Horario de Verano (Daylight Saving Time)

Sustantivos (nouns)

  • horario: schedule, time
  • horario de verano: Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time)
  • horario de invierno: Standard Time (Winter Time)
  • reloj / relojes: clock / clocks
  • hora: hour
  • luz: light
  • luz del día: daylight
  • luz del sol: sunlight
  • tarde: afternoon
  • noche: evening, night
  • electricidad: electricity
  • diferencia: difference
    una hora de diferencia: one hour difference.
  • cambio: change
  • cambio de horario: time change

Adjetivos (adjectives)

  • menos: less
    una hora menos: one hour less
  • más: more
    una hora más: one more hour

Verbos (verbs)

  • adelantar: to spring forward, to advance
  • atrasar: to fall back
  • ahorrar: to save [time, money, resources]
  • dormir: to sleep
  • ajustar: adjust, set
  • aprovechar: to take advantage, to benefit, to make good use of
  • acostumbrarse: to get used to [Reflexive Verb]

Frases (phrases)

  • Este domingo 2 de abril adelantamos los relojes una hora.
    This Sunday, April 2nd we spring forward the clocks one hour.
  • En noviembre atrasamos los relojes una hora.
    In November we fall back the clocks one hour.
  • El horario de verano es para ahorrar electricidad.
    Daylight Saving Time is to save electricity.
  • Cuando cambiamos al horario de verano dormimos una hora menos.
    When we change to the Daylight Saving Time we sleep one hour less.
  • Cuando volvemos al horario de invierno dormimos una hora más.
    When we return to the Standard Time we sleep one more hour.
  • Recuerda ajustar tu reloj este domingo.
    Remember to adjust your clock this Sunday.
  • El horario de verano es para aprovechar mejor la luz del sol.
    Daylight Saving Time is for taking better advantage of the sunlight.
  • Tengo que acostumbrarme al nuevo horario.
    I have to get used to the new time.
  • En Corea no cambian de horario, así que ahora son 14 horas de diferencia entre México y Corea, antes eran 15 horas de diferencia.
    In Korea they don’t change time, so now it’s 14 hours difference between Mexico and Korea, before it was 15 hours difference.
Dragostea noastră merge cu trenul, din gară în gară, şi dacă trenul nu se va opri, dragostea noastră va înconjura Pământul pe un alt Ecuator, al nostru!
—  Radu Tudoran, Fiul risipitor
How to have good grades

Hi, guys, I wanted to write this long time ago. You may not know, but I am a sixteen years old girl from Argentina and a student. Well, my grades are really high, my notes are mostly 10/10 or 9/10, last year my average of all subjets was 9,33/10. But I wasn’t always like that, I learned how to study the most efficient and healthy way  and I want to share this with you because people often have bad grades, not because they aren´t smart or they don´t study but because they don´t know how to do it. I want to share MY method, it may help you, it may not, but give it a try.

(Yeah my english is terrible, sorry for that, I took french)

1. Always pay attention in class and stay focused.

This is VERY important and mostly key, you NEED to pay attention to everything the teacher says and follow the class. Some people talk a lot and then when they have to study on their own, they can´t understand anything. That´s why this is important. Think that you are alone in the class, the class is for you, listen, take notes and ask the teacher if you don´t understand. You can talk with your friends later, believe me, if you really pay attention most of the work is done.

2. Focus on ACTUAL learning and understanding, not memorizing

This, for me, it´s the MOST IMPORTANT THING. First of all, if you memorize things, you are not learning which should be your first priority and second, you aren´t going to do it very well. Why? Well, simple, people may get nervous at tests and it doesn´t matter if you really have a good memory, it´s really hard to remember everything a long text say, so on the test you may say things that you don´t really know, because you don´t know what  are you talking about and then that cost you points. Or in math, you memorize how to solve a problem, but if you don´t really understand how to do it, you may find some “weird” ecuation that you can´t solve because it´s different. If you really understood the subject (believe this is true) you would be able to reason it and do it. Of you course, you can learn some things memorizing it, but it shouldn´t be your priority,

3. Follow the subject

This actually works for a lot of people and I find it way less stressing than studying the same day or the night before the test. Follow the subject, when you get back to your home, open your notes, read them, do your homework, study with weeks of anticipation, maybe you can transcript your notes or a summary, read the books you have to, practice some math or physics. Just give 30 minutes to do that everyday and you will see how everything becomes easier, plus, you will be able to understand more easily in class.

4. Use highlighters

Yeah, colors, rainbows, and more colors. Colors, at least for me, are very important. Use different highlighters on a text to separate differents themes, it actually works. Then, if you like doing summaries (which I recommend and will talk about later) use the same colors you used on the texts for the same themes. I think it helps you retaining more data.

5. Help others and ask for help

This helps and it could make you know people. In your class, you may find that you are really good at math and terrible at literature but another person is good at literature but terrible at math. Well, ask for help and help them. Why? Well, when you help others you are actually learning more! Explaining something it’s really helpful, and trying to make someone understand too, you are retaining more information and actually transmitting your knowledge to others, and viceversa, if someone more like you explains you how they understand the subject and help you step by step it will help to learn more and doing better.

6. The day of the test, do not study

You can make some exceptions to this one, but I prefer not to. Why? Well, it makes me feel nervous, unsure and I may end blocking myself. I really prefer to relax, don´t think about it, I studied a lot, I know what I know, and that´s okay and I will always try to do my best. That´s all, listen to music, draw something and relax. This helped me a lot to keep my mental health.

7. Try to make summaries

Emmm this one is more like an optional one, I didn´t do any summary last year and ended with an excellent grade point average. But this year, I decided to start doing them and I really enjoy it. I do the pretty ones from studyblr, with highlighters, illustrations, colors, caligraphy, but simple ones could work. Do what you find that is better for you.

8. ALWAYS but ALWAYS, reserve an entire day for yourself and rest.

THIS ONE, DO THIS ONE, DO IT WITH NO EXCUSE unless is really necessary. Why? well, we are humans and we need some time to rest and repare to keep our minds sane. Mine is saturdays, I don´t do anything related to school that day, I draw, watch series, sleep, rest, go running, hang out with friends, just relax. Okay, I get that sometimes we get busy and we can´t do it every single week, I mean, I can´t, but try to respect it. Because we need our space if we want to be healthy and happy, and if we are, believe, you will see results on your grades.

9. Trust on yourself, YOU CAN DO IT.

Believe me, you can, you may think people with good grades are just smarter or hypernerds who have been like that their entire lives. That´s way far from truth, on my first year of high school, I was a disaster, my average was just 7.5/10 (we need a 7 to pass), I almost failed a lot of classes and I used to look at people with good grades as they were special. My second year, everything changed a little, I was a disaster, but trying to fix it and improving for myself, my average ended being 8.1/10, it wasn´t bad, but as you read before, I did it WAY better last year and this one. What changed? My mentality: on my second year I had latin with one of the best teachers on my school, and I used to hate latin because I was terrible at it and I was scared because my teacher does tests that are hard af, but I just did everything I mentioned it for THAT subject and I ended with and average of 10/10 for that subject. I was amazed and shocked, and he made me realize I was able to do it, I was able to have good grades. And then, I started studying with that method for every subject and BAM, I am the second best student in my high school, 

Remerber: you CAN do it.

Thoughts about Kaguya Otsutsuki + theories.

Okay, so I said I will be giving my insight on Kaguya Otsutsuki’s newest appearance in the recent chapter.

First of all, I will start with her appearance.

As we can all see, she looks like one hell of a badass lady! And she was. Recently, it seems that Kishi has a thing for making females powerful badasses. Props to you, Kish! In the end, the most powerful being in this manga was/is none other than a woman, haha.

But anyway, skipping that part, let’s come down to other stuff. From the asks you guys left in my inbox and from what I already saw from myself, many people linked Kaguya Otsutsukis with the Hyugas. While I am not denying the possibility, to me, given how Hyugas weren’t put in a spotlight in regards to all these connections, it has no relevance. However, that’s just me. So let’s continue with that I think, haha.

First of all, I want to say that these types of eyes aren’t exclusive for only the Hyuugas. Let’s remember another highly important figure in Narutoverse who had these types of eyes.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s none other than The Uzumaki Empress [like I like to call her], herself!

Not that I have anything against Kaguya being linked to Hyugas, far from me, however, her characteristics don’t speak to me in that direction. They do more, on this one.

Also, Mito has the same dignified figure as Kaguya herself, as we can see.

Everything, absolutely everything about Kaguya reminds me of none other than Mito Uzumaki. Her apparent mannerisms, her dignified air, this sternness they both seem to indicate, all, absolutely all of this leads me to believe that if there is any connection, it’s between these two ladies.

Also, like we just found out, Kaguya had two sons and Uzumakis are distant relatives of the Senju, which only means that, as we all wondered, the descendant of the Uzumakis is none other than the other son of Kaguya’s. As we can see, Kaguya has some signs on her forehead as well. We are not sure if they are seals or not, but it might be, given how both Hagoromo and his brother are referred to have sealed the Juubi inside them. They ought have known these techniques from someone and I wonder, from who other than their own mother?! Also, another proof is how, within the Uzumaki clan, the female members seem to hold a high spotlight. Yes, we also have Naruto and another unknown member of their clan, however, the figures of impact when it comes to Uzumaki are none other than the female members: Mito, Kushina, Karin and while half of it, Tsunade too and last but not least, with a connection, Sakura, who, by herself managed to master one of the hardest Uzumaki seals known to NV: The Byakugo seal. 

Speaking of which, let’s continue further with a slight connection I have seen myslef.

I will bring 3 images into ecuation:

I have theorized many times on this, but my theory lately seems to be getting a lot of contour. 

First of all, I am almost sure that the Dead Reaper Seal is none other than Kaguya herself. If you look, both Kaguya and the DRS have those two things in their forehead that look like big pimples, lol.

As we know, the DRS ends all life by using a knife with which he cuts the soul from the body. It basically ends your life, no matter how strong you are. Hagoromo referred to his mother in today’s chapter as being stronger than anyone. I think this is no coincidence given the fact that DRS is one of the most feared sealing techniques in NV.

However, seeing the latest particularities, these things can only lead me to Sakura. Not only Kaguya is eerily similar to Mito, which Sakura parallels in a way, however, seeing as how she seems to be reincarnated to speak like this, in the DRS, and seeing that knife the DRS uses, this can only lead me to believe that there is some sort of parallelism between her and Sakura and we will soon know exactly what.

As a further proof on this, stands also, Hagoromo’s words: “People used to call my mother The Rabbit Goddess or the Demon”.

With the Demon, I think I was clear enough with the connection, however, let’s refer also to that other part also: The Rabbit Goddess.

As we all know, the Rabbit Goddess makes clear reference to Kaguya’s name, but what people also might not know is that Princess Kaguya and Konohana Sakuya-hime are said to might be one and the same given that both of them were referred for their beauty. 

Hagoromo said to Naruto that it doesn’t matter from where his mother came from, but I think we all know it and suspect it: his mother came from the moon, as the tale of Kaguya-hime tells us that she is sent from the Heaven to earth because she has stolen the medicine of immortality. Doesn’t it medicine + immortality right you something?! To me it screams Mito Uzumaki, Tsunade and Sakura. 

Also, what’s interesting about Sakura’s name is that the word Sakura is said to be derived from Konohana no Sakuya-hime.

Konohana no Sakuya hime was used to indicate “the goddess that is beautiful as much as when that flower on the tree blooms”. 

In Naruto we all know which tree and what flower we’re talking about. And as it seems, the tree and its flower is in high connection with the moon itself, therefore, establishing a slight connection with Sakura since well:

1. Sakura’s name is a flower.

2. Sakura’s DB says at a certain point that Sakura blooms on the battlefield.

3. Canonically, people may want it or not, Sakura has been called beautiful.

4. As we know, the flower is said to be going to put everyone into a big genjutsu via the moon. Well, someone has to break that genjutsu. Who was very-well known for her genjutsu aptitude and who, at the age of 12, broke a high-level genjutsu?!

Yup, all these lead, indeed, to none other than Sakura.

Now, to pin-point exactly what it will be, what techniques or relevance, she might get, I can’t.

However, with all these references, I am more than sure that it’s connected to Sakura and the fact that she, as a civilian, was able to master high Uzumaki fuuinjutsu which in the story, seems to be connected to none other than Kaguya Otsutsuki herself.

With that being said, that’s what I wanted to say in regards to Kaguya Otsutsuki and my theory on how Sakura might be relevant in all this.

Hope you enjoyed! ^_^

Yours truly,


PS: This theory is connected with another one which can also connect with a possible Slug Sage Mode for Sakura, via Kaguya Otsutsuki and Kimmimaro Kaguya.

La ecuación de Batman.

Muy simple, Google resuelve ecuaciones gráficamente. Pues buscad esto en Google:

2 sqrt(-abs(abs(x)-1)*abs(3-abs(x))/((abs(x)-1)*(3-abs(x))))(1+abs(abs(x)-3)/(abs(x)-3))sqrt(1-(x/7)^2)+(5+0.97(abs(x-.5)+abs(x+.5))-3(abs(x-.75)+abs(x+.75)))(1+abs(1-abs(x))/(1-abs(x))),-3sqrt(1-(x/7)^2)sqrt(abs(abs(x)-4)/(abs(x)-4)),abs(x/2)-0.0913722(x^2)-3+sqrt(1-(abs(abs(x)-2)-1)^2),(2.71052+(1.5-.5abs(x))-1.35526sqrt(4-(abs(x)-1)^2))sqrt(abs(abs(x)-1)/(abs(x)-1))+0.9