honestly though like ghostbusters was so refreshing? I know it isn’t the first movie to do this but it’s so rare to have huge budget films portray women in the way ghostbusters did. the women in this movie got to have dramatic battle montages and scream and slap each other and shoot lasers and get covered in ectoplasm and get dirty and gross and tired and have sweat stains on their clothes. they got to have weird expressions and fat rolls and double chins and awkward angles and unflattering positions and clothing without any “hahahaha it’s okay we’re actually supermodels!!!” moments. they were shown as literal geniuses!!!!! as smart and capable and strong and none of it was backed up with “I have seven brothers” or “I had [male mentor] teach me everything I know.” the entire premise was based on incredibly smart and ambitious women who had nothing they did defined by men (even the ~romantic subplot~ was played for comedy and hardly even considered romantic). this movie is so important and I’m so glad it’s been made.


In the late 19th and early 20th century, the Spiritualism movement was all the rage, and people sought out mediums to communicate with spirits.  

One of the most famous mediums of the day was Marthe Beraud (also known as Eva C. and Eva Carrière).  She was especially known for excreting a spiritual substance called “ectoplasm” through her nose, mouth, or ears, during seances.   These photos were taken in 1910.  She was debunked in 1922, much to the dismay of her supporter Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and her mysterious ectoplasm was found to be chiffon, gauze, and other lightweight fabrics.  (via)

You want to know what I liked about the Ghostbusters trailer? I liked Kristen Wiig getting vomited on by a ghost. I liked Melissa McCarthy leaking ectoplasm out of her nose and ears. I liked Melissa McCarthy dangling Kate McKinnon out a fucking window while Leslie Jones tries to pull them back inside. I liked Leslie Jones beating the literal hell out of Melissa McCarthy in an over the top slapstick reaction (pun intended). 

You know why? Because women don’t get to see ourselves do that shit. We don’t get to have physical comedy. We don’t get to have gross out comedy. We have to be cute and these women aren’t being cute. They’re being crass and weird and funny. And as much as I know dudes are hating on the trailer because “ugh feminists ruining my childhood,” I really think part of it might be them seeing these women be Not Cute, seeing them in comedic roles previously reserved only for men (and in specific roles previously played by men), and not knowing what the fuck to think about it.