It’s Danny Phantom cosplay photo story! Hope you like it!

As Danny Phantom: Kouji Alone(me)
As Evil Doctor: Tachi
Ph: Ovsyan
Thanks Kai for help and Joe for the slime!

Best scenes of Ch.126

1. Can Kaminari never stop playing with Ojiro’s tail ‘cas its friggggggin’ adorable. And Ojiro doesn’t object so win win??!!!?!

2. I can’t even imagine Ectoplasm singing…like think about how after work the heroes just go to the nearest Karaoke bar and sing along to ‘My Heart Will Go On’

3. I swear Momo, you are the best. Momo-sensei. Please let this be a weekly thing so everyone can gather around the lobby and just listen to her ramble on and on about literature and calculus. I want Todoroki to be there just staring at her in awe


5. Can’t forget the PLUS ULTRA face of UA

My absolute highlight of this new chapter:

All Might not only shown as a real, full-time teacher, but also the other teachers being completely casual with him. Look at them in the background - they’re not listening in or pretending not to hear anything out of respect. They’re just being normal about it and comment to their leisure. Toshinori is their colleague - he doesn’t get some sort of special treatment for being the former Number One, he gets teased like the others as we can see here:

Also, Toshi, are you talking about your sidekick or your ex-boyfriend, you utter dork.

Look at Mic. He doesn’t freaking care one bit that this is All Might himself. He just pops up in the background and is he usual loud and funny self.

 "Ha, All Might is being sensitive!“ and Toshinori’s sweatdrop makes me think that this is not the first time this happens.

Also, Bonus:

Somebody please go to karaoke with Ectoplasm. I call teacher’s night out with Karaoke and lots of funny photos and stuff.

okay but Danielle is probably missing such weird chunks of knowledge like Vlad taught her how to speak and read and probably write and he taught her enough social skills to be useful to his plans but there would be so many things she hasn’t learned and she soaks up random shit like a sponge so

she could tell you everything there is to know about ants because she watched this David Attenborough special last night and did you know some ants can jump like there’s this species from Tasmania- but if you ask her what clouds are made of she’ll be like, I dunno, marshmallows?

and she could tell you every detail about her ghost core and what elements are found in ectoplasm but if you ask her to name any human organs she’ll basically stop at ‘brain, heart and stomach’ like what’s a liver?

and the first time she gets her period she has no idea what’s happening and it’s like that scene from Carrie, she thinks she’s dying, she’s on Valerie’s bathroom floor crying her eyes out begging her to call Danny because she thinks her human form is destabilising and doesn’t know what to do or how to fix it

and she has no concept of matching colours or what foods go with what so she’ll eat cereal with orange juice because they’re out of milk and I mean it’s the only other liquid in the fridge and it’s tastier than water, and she’ll wear the most garish mismatching clothes and not understand why people are giving her strange looks

she also uses a lot of words she doesn’t understand and pronounces things wrong a lot because she’s only read them in books and never heard it out loud, but the girl can pick up a new language like a pro, she can speak Cantonese and Swahili as well as she can speak english and nobody really knows where she learnt them and she can ask for the bathroom in like twelve other languages, she just picks shit up from her travels

she thinks the moon is the size of a coin and asks why nobody has ever just, plucked it out of the sky and Danny is just, HORRIFIED and six hours later Danielle knows everything Danny knows about space and she still doesn’t understand where trees come from

and she has the most impeccable manners but punctuates sentences with really bizarre swear words and phrases because she knows those words have power and makes people gasp but she’s not sure how to use them because nobody will tell her so if she wants to make a point she’ll lob a random swear at the end of a perfectly articulated sentence and think that’s just how it’s done

I just love the idea of this tiny chipper outlandishly dressed girl travelling the globe and talking to strangers on the street in whatever country she’s landed in this time, slipping in and out of three different languages, eating a hot dog with chocolate sauce drizzled on it and chatting in precise detail about how bees make honey and then asking where rain comes from like

she’s such a contradiction I love it

Peyroux Paving Stones

One of Evil Supply Co.’s more unusual exports from the tiny, haunted village of Peyroux is a particular paving stone and mortar.

Haunted castles, graveyard paths, forest trails, and all matter of walkways throughout the Netherworld use these stones because they last for hundreds of years, make a wonderful “click clap clop” sound when walked upon — and are very accessible to people and creatures without the use of legs.

“We use a special ectoplasmic mortar formula that binds the stones and senses the needs of whomever is on them,” says Atticus Q. Redghost while lending a hand on a new installation. “For instance, this road becomes slick when a legless giant snake slithers on, but
 firms and texturizes in the rain so people don’t slip. And if you are using a cane or a wheelchair, it levels out to make your path easier.”

When asked if the paving stones could reverse, to make an enemy’s approach more treacherous, Atticus laughed. “We have a gorgon client who uses that technique to slide invaders into a lava pit.”

Sidney Poindexter didn’t die at Casper High; in fact, he didn’t die at all, the original Poindexter is still alive, living out his retirement in another city. The Poindexter we know is the manifestation of all the psychological pain the original went through, combined with the ambient ectoplasmic energies of Amity Park. Hence why he’s black and white and his ghostly lair is a 50’s Casper High.  

He’s not a ghost, he’s a memory.