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One hc i have is like that danny killed a lot of ghosts by destroying their cores(undergrowth etc)but he thinks they respawn or sth and the ghost zone is scared shitless cause hes so carless with murder and everyone fears him and he doesnt get why

Are you telling me that Danny has basically become a crazed murderer and he doesn’t even realize it? Oh my god. 

A ghost core is basically the ghost’s heart. Without it, the ghost doesn’t exist. So, imagine one day Danny is fighting oh I don’t know, an ectopus. Say that in a fit of annoyance, his punch has more power behind it than normal and it drives right into the ghost. Like, breaks through the “skin” and keeps going until it hits something that zaps him with a ton of energy. It’s the core, protecting itself. Danny, since he’s always annoyed, fills his hand with energy and kaboom, the ectopus is gone and he is covered in ectoplasm. Danny doesn’t think anything of it, its 4 am and he’s tired.

One ectoblast aimed a bit too well is how the next one dies. It doesn’t take long for Danny to realize that these ghosts have a weak point that isn’t guarded like the more powerful ones. It’s a quick and easy way to get shit done and continue on with his life. They may be animals, but they are ghosts. It’s literally murder. 

Skulker thinks Danny has gone batshit crazy. He’s never actually killed another ghost, just hunted for sport. All his talk of using Danny as a pelt is a joke. He likes the catch and release aspect of it all. Even Vlad Masters is horrified when he finds out. But none of them wanna say anything since they think he’s doing it on purpose.

Danny wonders why he hasn’t seen an ectopus in a while.

this is a ghost-friendly blog
  • just because you’re dead doesn’t mean your feelings aren’t valid
  • you are spookier than anyone
  • you are scary only because of how intensely, intimidatingly magnificent you are
  • your ectoplasm is wonderful and not gross at all do not be ashamed of it
  • you are not monsters
  • you are each so mysterious and beautiful
  • i love you
  • please talk to me i want to meet a ghost
  • please
the signs as shitty DP villains
  • aries:skulker. and not even with his cool, tricked out suit or anything. literally just an angry, glowing frog
  • taurus:that sexist piece of shit dragon/man prince aragon
  • gemini:the box ghost
  • cancer:that one ghost whose always asking everyone to be their friend but lol friendless 5ever
  • leo:the parrot that always followed youngblood around like. go fly south or somthin. how you gonna take over the world without any god damn thumbs
  • virgo:spectra after jack fentons DNA kicked in and she turned into a giant booger
  • libra:those two weird octopus ghosts danny fought for 2min in the beginning of the first episode. who even were they??? no one cares
  • scorpio:the ghost writer. like. how was he even a threat anyway??? fuckin nerd never even heard of free verse poetry
  • sagittarius:technus. a walking malware virus you get from torrenting dp episodes online
  • capricorn:ectoplasm that sticks to the bottom of your shoe like gum
  • aquarius:that one kid who got bullied to death and ended up trapped in eternal high school. but like. he's cool now and the kids wanna get egg creams with him so it could be worse I guess
  • pieces:the fucking ghost asteroid in phantom planet. do I even need to explain how shitty that was or?? yeah

ok but what if Danny had enough of his parents talk about killing ghosts and he just started crying but his tears were ectoplasm (hey look, I did a background!)

Ok, the text tool was bad (this is more 3ds art) so if u can’t read my handwriting then here’s what it says -

1) Danny: I’ve had it…

Jack: We’ll rip the ghost apart! Molecule by molecule!

2) Danny: They hate ghosts and they’ll hate me!

3) Maddie: Danny, why are you crying ectoplasm?

4) Danny: What? (oh no…)

- Do not reprint my art.

Laundry Day

(or how Maddie Fenton learned an important thing about mixing detergent and ghost repellent…)

The green stain on the otherwise white t-shirt brought a frown to the woman’s face. Of course, avoiding ectoplasm spatters was an absolute challenge in the Fenton household due to the amount of devices using this substance. That was why Maddie and her husband had traded regular clothing to their now trademark hazmat suits. But having to always wash traces of ectoplasm from Danny’s laundry was beginning to unsettle her.

The reason behind the stains wasn’t the real issue since she knew ghost attacks were much more frequent at Casper High. A school full of angst-ridden teenagers was like a buffet for creatures feeding from negative emotions. Aside from that, both Fenton parents believed the school was Phantom’s main haunt, which would attract even more specters that wanted to take down the ghost kid. Why the school hadn’t approved the budget for a longer-lasting ghost shield was still beyond her…

No, what had her worried was the persistence of ectoplasm on her son’s wardrobe. It was obvious the hundreds of products she had already tried were useless against such a foreign substance. She wondered if that was why he often triggered their inventions. Even if the amount of goop wouldn’t activate bigger alarms, it could be the just enough to set off their gadgets in a closer range.

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i just wanted to point something out that i noticed in the episode Phantom Planet.

so in the ep, danny removes his powers, but i cant be the only one who noticed this:

that green glob didnt go with the rest of the ectoplasm. it stayed behind, vanishing to dannys hair.

where did i get hair from?


that little ectoplasm wasnt enough to read on the masters blaster (or whatever they called them) thing, probably because it was small enough to pass as a kid who had been messing around with his parents ecto junk. besides, they were looking for the signature of a full ghost, not a little ectoplasm thing.

what this means is that the ectoplasm was there, and when the ghosts blasted him in the ghost zone, it grew. not only that, but it showed dannys hair, rather than his mouth.

please tell me im not the only one to notice this.

Naomi:- Nah, the house was never mine. I moved in a little later than Amos and the aunties, and then everyone else came afterwards a couple of decades later! So the living years in total? Mmmm…I think around some 800 or 850 years or so? I might be off a century or two, but that’s that closest estimate I can give you. Love the outfit, though!

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What happened the moment you opened your third eye? I'm confused on how it feels/what's supposed to happen.

I can only speak from my own experience. I don’t know what it’s like for others.

For me it wasn’t a “moment”. Or if it was a moment, I didn’t recognize it when it happened.

The most noticeable effect was that I suddenly developed exploding head syndrome (I didn’t know what it was until a while later though). I started to see things like sort of ectoplasm-y looking spiderwebs, mists, and orbs moving through the air. Whenever I closed my eyes I would have vivid images of frightening people or monsters rushing to attack me. I also constantly felt like I was being hit or punched in my head, as if my energetic body was being slammed around. Most noticeably when I was laying down to sleep it felt as if someone was taking my astral head and slamming it against the ground.

However, I never got the feeling that I was being specially targeted or attacked. I never felt a spirit was attacking me or anything like that. I think the negative effects I experienced were the result of rapidly and forcefully opening my third eye. 

I don’t really know what most people expect or desire when they ‘open’ their third eye. I did it accidentally while trying to improve my scrying ability. I suspect that after I basically clawed my third eye open it has never fully closed - or it has naturally stayed open due to my magical lifestyle. Either way I have never felt any need to open up my third eye on purpose.