odddaysgeorge  asked:

Wait but if Anna was raised by the Condesce wouldn't she still technically be a sister to Jake? Actually, how could she even be raised by condy if not alongside Jake?

she was probably just raised in like an ectolab or w.e by the Condesce directly. Raised apart from Nanna and Grandpa, I mean. I don’t think that makes her a sister since she wasn’t raised as a sister and there is no genetic relation.

theleftsideofmyroom  asked:

I just read your updated Li'l Cal timeline. I'm just confused on 2 things. 1, how does the Lil cal - souls get to baby dirk in the lab/end up on earth? 2, can you explain in more detail how Gamzee was able to control cal + souls in the void.

1.  So Cal’s hanging in Dave’s dreamroom and Rose comes to visit and throws him out the window and he lands on Bro’s hover board things that’s just kinds flyin’ where ever and that takes him to the ectolab. Lil Cal was then sent back with ecto-baby Dirk. The pre-scratch instance of Lil Cal kept the souls but the post-scratch Cal is empty since there can’t be two at the same time.

2. Gamzee not in Cal couldn’t control Cal but the Gamzee inside Cal was able to use his chucklevoodoo to infest Dave’s dreams because he knew from his past that he would.