it’s known that Danny and Maddie used to be really close when he was younger and that Maddie is (was) the best shot/fighter in the family. I’d like to think that Maddie trained both Danny and Jazz in basic self defense and in firearms. just keep imagining little Danny with Maddie training down in the lab, shooting a little ectogun at the targets popping out of the walls. Maddie trying to share her joy of ghost hunting with her baby boy and also teaching to the basic fighting skills he only brings out when he becomes a halfa.

Drabble request via Tumblr-message was ‘knife’.


It was Phantom, or at least Maddie was pretty sure it was. The ghost had lost his spectral glow and looked haggard and torn, barely managing to stay on his feet. His chest was heaving with each breath. A knife was held in his right hand, the blade awkwardly gripped, the other arm held close to his body, likely gripping broken ribs. Or at least whatever the ghost’s equivalent was.

Whatever had happened to the ghost before making it here, Maddie wasn’t sure. All she knew was that he was here, now, with his back to her, glaring out into the darkness of a lab lit only by the steady glow of the portal. Protecting her, although she couldn’t fathom why.

“Freak,” came a voice from the shadows. There was a swirl of red and black - glittering ectoplasm barely given form. “Monster. Why don’t you give up already?”

“My human,” Phantom growled, twisting his head from side to side in search of the ghosts. “Lay off this one.”

Even as Maddie huddled in the corner, nursing her broken leg and keeping her hand pressed firmly against her side, her mind caught onto the oddness of Phantom having to look for the ghosts. He’d always just known where they were. Perhaps it went with the not-glowing thing.

Cold, empty laughter bubbled through the darkness, high pitched and merciless. “No. Why would I possibly follow the commands of a pathetic little thing like you? Look at you. You can barely hold yourself upright!”

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Late Night Problems

Summary: Maddie gets an unexpected surprise late one night.

Maddie Fenton paused in her tinkering to look at the clock. The glowing screen read 3:47 a.m. Maddie sighed and stood up from her hunched position over a small ectogun. With a yawn Maddie started up the stairs out of the basement. Walking down the hallway she smiled softly at the pictures adorning the wall.

Looking at the old pictures Maddie could see the once happy child Danny was. When he was around 14 he had begun to push her away and while it hurt she chalked it up to him being a teenager, but lately he’d been acting even more distant. He’d begun to push even his friends out, though she wasn’t sure if they were friends anymore. They would come around sometimes but every time they did it would end in yelling until his two friends stormed out the house. Now he shut everyone out. He was missing curfew more and more often and lying to cover his tracks. A loud thump caught her attention and she raced into the kitchen. She was greeted with a bizarre sight. Phantom stood in her kitchen looking excessively beaten, trying to grab the medical kit hidden in the cabinet as he held onto the counter for dear life. His arm weakly reached for the cabinet before falling limply to his side. The ghost let out a squeak before he collapsed onto the floor and Maddie ran to him. He groaned as she rolled him onto his back as he kept trying to curl up into a ball.

“I need to get you down to the lab.” Maddie spoke quietly so not to scare the ghost.

“No no no no no, I’m fine I just…” Phantom trailed off as he whimpered in pain. The woman picked him up against his protests and carried/dragged Phantom down to the basement, setting him down on one of the cleaner tables. Maddie shivered as the room temperature dropped drastically from Phantom’s core flare. Tears sprang into Phantom’s eyes as his stomach contracted in pain.

“P-Please, need h-help.” Phantom looked at her with teary pleading eyes. Should she help him? He was a ghost and ghosts were evil, he could just be tricking her. But he seemed genuinely in pain. Phantom let out a whine and curled up on the table. She would help him, she decided, if only so he would be healthy enough to examine later.

“What happened?” Phantom laid out flat as she looked at particularly nasty wound on his shoulder.

“Fight with Skulker. He upgraded again. Didn’t see him coming.” Phantom gasped as she pressed down on the skin around the shoulder wound. Silence enveloped the two as Maddie poked and prodded at Phantom’s wound, trying to assess the damage. “Get him out! Get him out!” Shocked she looked to Phantom’s face as it contorted in pain.

“Get what out?” As if on cue an imprint of a hand pushed of Phantom’s stomach and he whimpered. “Are you in labor?!” Phantom nodded shakily and Maddie sucked in a breath. Ghosts couldn’t bear children, it was impossible. She didn’t know how to even deliver a ghost child, was it the same as a human? “What do you want me to do?”

“F-Fenton Ghost Claws, sh-should be able to pull him out.” Maddie ran around the lab trying to find the claws. Smiling triumphantly she turned around with the gloves and almost dropped them in shock. The Wisconsin Ghost was floating next to Phantom, petting his hair and rubbing his stomach gently as he whispered soothing words of encouragement. Phantom seemed to calm down considerably in his presence and smiled as the hand continued to massage his stomach. Sensing her presence The Wisconsin Ghost glared at her, red eyes darkening. They stood that way for a while, him glaring and her frozen in shock.

“Plasmius.” Phantom grasped Plasmius’s hand tightly, bringing the attention back to him. Maddie hurried over to the table, dropping the claws, her movements deliberate as Plasmius watched her warily.

“Shh, I’ve got you.” Plasmius stood over Phantom, both his hands hovering over Phantom’s stomach. He slowly lowered his hands before they went intangible and disappeared into Phantom’s stomach. Phantom gasped and latched onto the table, ignoring Maddie’s offered hand. After a few seconds Plasmius’s hands came out of the stomach holding a small blue form with black and white hair. The baby cried as it was finally brought into the world. Maddie stared as the two cooed over the child. Phantom let out a gasp as pink eyes opened for the first time and stared into its mother’s. He teared up and Plasmius set a hand on his shoulder. The two stared into each other’s eyes until a soft cooing brought their attention back to the baby.

“Vlad, he’s beautiful.”

“He’s ours, Daniel.”

“What should we name him? I like Gabriel.”

“Then Gabriel it is.” Phantom smiled contentedly until two white rings appeared at his stomach. With great effort he willed them away and panted as he tried to regain his breath. “Daniel you need to-”

“No.” Phantom nodded towards Maddie and Plasmius sighed. In a puff of pink smoke the three ghosts were gone. Confusion flooded Maddie as the events replayed themselves in her mind. First she finds out that ghosts could bear children, next she finds Phantom in labor. Then she finds out that the child is Phantom’s and The Wisconsin Ghost’s. And the most confusing thing was the way the two acted around her. Phantom seemed nervous around her while Plasmius didn’t seem to care about her unless she came too close to Phantom. Deciding it was too early to try and think this through she walked to her room. Had she thought to check her son’s room she would have found it empty.

The Hunters

“Here again, Fenton?”

Danny glanced up from his leaning point on the wall as his Math teacher stopped in front of him.

“Oh, I just needed to see Lancer about something…” he lied, hand creeping to the back of his neck. The teacher raised an eyebrow and moved her head from side to side in an exaggerated ‘I’m looking but I don’t see anyone,’ gesture.

Danny sighed, before lowering his gaze again. The Math teacher remained where she was for a moment before shaking her head and moving on. It seemed every teacher in Casper High was aware of Danny’s frequent trips to the Vice Principal’s office. A lot of them had actually sent him there.

The teen’s lips twisted into a sad smirk. One day he’d get out of all this. One day he wouldn’t have teachers breathing down his neck constantly while he was trying to save people’s lives.

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No One Will Touch You

“Jazz?” Maddie rasped, looking up in horrified shock. Jack stood beside her but he couldn’t bring himself to tear his eyes away from the broken, lifeless figure on the ground.

The oldest Fenton sibling looked from her mother to the heap on the floor.

Her brother.

Her brother was dead.

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hey guys, let's rewrite Phantom Planet

so we all agree PP was a huge load, most of the phandom pretend it never happened, those who do kinda gloss over the bad parts in favour of the (few) good bits because that’s all we can really do

unless we make a new Phantom Planet, one the phandom can use in place of the old one, using the same elements but actually putting them together with the love and care the phandom has for our fav show

we can either get rid of the all the stupid parts (Tucker becoming mayor what the fu-), OR give them a decent explanation (Sam was being a huge bitch this whole ep because Vlad got Spectra to get all up in her head in secret in order to isolate Danny from his friends)

Masters Blasters can stay I guess?? Vlad hired them to make Danny feel worthless, but maybe it backfires and Danny’s like, ‘yeah this is cool, the town is super protected now’, he keeps an eye out in case they get in over their heads but otherwise Danny gets a real good chance to catch up on his school work and reconnect with his family and friends

obviously Vlad miscalculated, thinking Danny cared more for ghost hunting than he actually does, so he tries again, with the aforementioned plan involving Spectra and Sam, with Danny taking a back seat in heroics Sam is slightly disappointed in his lack of exciting ghostly endeavours but she puts her own selfish desires for adventure aside because she is a decent human being and gets that he needs this break

Spectra fucks all that up by whispering to Sam in her sleep, Danny is being selfish, Danny is being lazy, Danny is being NORMAL and she plays into all Sam’s selfish teenage desires and amps them up to 11

Tucker doesn’t become the fuCKIng mayor but Vlad does send out an opportunity for him to intern at his tech company, he doesn’t tempt Tucker with this but Tucker’s parents, leading them into pressuring their son into taking it, it puts a lot of shit on Tucker’s shoulders and Danny feels awful for being partially responsible for putting Tucker into this position

but Danny still has his parents and his sister, Jazz is doing her best to support Danny but with all her college applications taking up all her time (because seriously? this show pays no attention to it’s own timeline, Jazz should DEFINITELY be looking into college by now) and she’s going off on campus tours with Jack and Maddie for weekends at a time

Hey hey hey, so how about this


his family is super busy, his friends are tied up with their own shit and/or being huge assholes, he has no one he can really lean on right now so CUE VALERIE

she probably finds him sitting alone at lunch some day fucking bummed as shit because Sam’s not talking to him and Tucker’s taking time off school because his parents are making him take an interview at Dalv co and Danny just looks so miserable and Val’s like, damn boy needs a friend right now

they become real close friends again, now keep in mind Val is ALSO off ghost hunting at the moment since Masters Blasters are handling everything so efficiently, so she doesn’t have to worry about her double life putting him into danger

old flames rekindled?

(by the end of the ep obviously the Sam debacle will be sorted out and explained but there cooouuuld still be sore feelings so like WHAT IF we leave it open ended? Danny and Val are close again and Danny and Sam have some stuff to sort out, it really could go either way, we can leave it up to individual interpretation)

anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself, so Vlad’s Isolate Danny plan is going downhill again, and he has to be super careful around Valerie because she now knows that halfas exist and she doesn’t trust him any more, he’s worried they could spill the beans to each other and team up against him, which is DEFINITELY A WORRY because that girl is FIERCE AND DETERMINED and even Vlad has to admit he would be a little worried if she set her vengeful sights on him

and also he’s got other things on his plate such as that meteor coming at the planet but he’s still waiting on new data for that and so can’t do much about it in the meantime, the beginnings of some kind of 'take over the world’ scheme form in his mind before he decides, nah that’s way too fucking stupid, like a million things could go wrong and he’d be forever fucked

so he doesn’t fucking do it

because he is an INTELLIGENT PERSON

knock knock, who’s at the door? it’s DANIELLE, she’s back and at Valerie’s doorstep injured and battered because Masters Blasters have a priority stamp on her and started gunning for her ass the moment she hit town, she knows Danny will freak out if she goes to him and doesn’t want to risk being under the same roof as Jack and Maddie while she’s so injured (not knowing they’re actually out of town) and so she asks Valerie for help because hey, she actually seems to be on her side now and she doesn’t know where else to go

Val’s like UHHH?? and ushers the girl inside and dresses her wounds and let’s her crash on the lounge while thinking about what to do next

knock knock, who else is here? it’s DANNY with that assignment they were gonna work on together, and hoo boy isn’t this an interesting group of secrets in one room, Danny seems to recognise Danielle and Danielle recognises Danny and Valerie recognises Danny and Danielle look basically exactly the same and Val is like holy fuuuuuuck something is going on here

Valerie clicks


cue rage explosion Val followed by extremely apologetic Danny and mouth clamped firmly shut Danielle not knowing whether speaking will make things worse or better and it’s just a loud mess, the neighbours come over to ask if anyone got shot

Val (carefully hiding her ectogun behind her back) says it’s all cool and sends them away but by that point the interruption has cooled everything off a little and actual explanations begin to happen

cue The Best Team Up in DP History

Vlad is fucked

but he doesn’t know it yet because even though he’s got eyes and fingers everywhere, all three of our new team have dealt with Vlad enough that they can keep this shit firmly clamped down because if Vlad finds out they’re all collectively gunning for his ass he may do something drastic

like, try and take over the world or something

or not because that’s fucking stupid and way too transparent for Vlad Always Pulling the Strings in the Background Masters

by this point the news about the meteor has probably leaked and Team Take Down Vlad is on hiatus because NEW PRIORITIES THE WORLD IS FREAKING OUT

Knock knock, who is it now? It’s VLAD

at Danny’s door

because the world is gonna end and he thinks he might have a plan to stop it, but he needs help…

roll credits

because of course, this should always have been at LEAST a two part ep, so stay tuned while I try to figure out episode two, I’ll be tagging this 'Phantom Planet Remix’ for anyone who wants in on this fun stuff

Why Did This Not Happen?

Vladimir Masters considered himself a patient man, one had to be to deal with the constant hassles of running a company, being mayor, planning the death of his arch nemesis, and leading a double life as a half-ghost.

This, however, was a little more than he could bear.

“Valerie,” he said sternly as he cowered, “put the ectogun down.”

“Puh-lease, these do jack against humans,” she snorted before leveling the weapon at his head, “you are human? Aren’t you Plasmius?”

“So that’s what this is all about?” he asked, dropping the cowardly act and standing straight once more, “very well child, you caught me.”

Onyx rings appeared around his waist and split, traveling towards his head and feet to reveal a new form. That of a vampiric ghost in white garb.

“I am Vlad Plasmius! The first, oldest, and most powerful halfa in the world!”

“Halfa? Like Danielle?” she asked, keeping him in the crosshairs the whole time.

“Oh? So you’re close to that little blunder of mine then?” he asked, seemingly unworried about the armored girl with the pistol to his head, “I’ll assume you spoke with Daniel then?”


“Phan- you mean-?”

He couldn’t help himself, he laughed at the child’s foolishness.

“You still haven’t figured it out? Oh this is just too rich! Almost half as much as me! Well, maybe a third.”

“Figured out what!?”

“Danielle isn’t Phantom’s cousin, you ungrateful brat,” he snapped, “she’s his clone. A mistake of my own making.”

“A clone!?” she gasped.

“Precisely. A near-perfect replica of Daniel himself I used to retrieve what I needed to create my perfect half-ghost son.”

“A half-ghost son?” she asked, “that’s impossible! How many more of you are there!?”

“Just one,” he replied with a shrug, “you’ve been pining for his snow-white scalp for some time now.”

“Snow-white scalp? You mean Phantom’s a half-ghost too!?”

“I did say Danielle was a clone didn’t I?” replied Vlad with a smirk, “I needed three samples of the same DNA to create a perfect half-ghost child. A human sample, a ghost sample, and a mid-morph sample.”

He turned back to his human form.

“Taken from the transformation rings that all halfas use to switch forms.”

He turned back.

“It’s a shame really, Danielle was almost perfect,” he said mournfully before his eyes turned cold, “but almost isn’t good enough!”

“She’s just a kid,” she told him, “she could’ve been your kid!”

“I don’t tolerate imperfections,” he snapped, “I sought out to create a perfect, stable, and powerful half-ghost son and will settle for nothing less!”

Valerie glared at her former mentor.

“You are one crazy fruit loop,” she snarled at the madman.

“Oh great, another one!” he growled, waving his hand at her in exasperation.

Confusing the motion for an attack, Valerie fired at the blue-skinned specter, only for the blast to be easily deflected with a casual slap.

“Put that away before you hurt yourself,” he snapped at her, “playtime is over. I don’t have time to watch you pretend to be a huntress.”

“I am a ghost huntress,” she spat at him, “I’m THE huntress!”

“You are a fool,” he growled, “no, even worse, you are a TOOL! Why do you think I gave you your first suit? Why do you think you got the second one? You have been nothing but a tool since you picked up an ecto-gun!”

“That’s a lie!”

“Is it?” said a voice behind her, before pink ectoplasm burst against her back, “Let’s recap, shall we?”

The Red Huntress fired again, but her opponent dodged and destroyed her ecto-gun with a single blast.

“I needed to keep Daniel busy, so I gave you your first suit,” he told her before he blasted her board to pieces, “it was easy. Your misguided rage made it easy. What makes it even funnier is that he could’ve been your greatest ally.”

She fared from various cube drones, each of which was easily destroyed.

“Then I had you hold an item of immense power, to keep Pariah from finding it on me,” he continued as he deflected a blast back to Valerie, slamming her against the wall in the process, “a ring passed down from ghost-hunter to ghost-hunter. I honestly didn’t think that one would work. I figured no one is that gullible, yet here we are.”

She threw a multitude of knives, each of which was shot out of the air.

“Then Technus came in and took over your old suit,” he drawled as he snatched a star out of the air and threw it back, burying it into her visor a millimeter away from her forehead, “Daniel, knowing you weren’t in it, opted to finally destroy it. I’m sure he hoped you’d finally quit, now that you knew what he could’ve done to you from day one, yet you continued to disappoint him.”

She ripped the knife out of her visor and drew out a sword made of solid ectoplasm. With a scream of rage, she swung at him, only for him to catch her wrists.

“I still chuckle when I remember that Technus had to play matchmaker to keep young Phantom distracted,” he chuckled, “you do owe him for some lovely dates.”

“I was dating Danny you wackjob!” she screamed at him as she struggled to break his steel grip on her wrists.

“Oh for the love of-! How can a girl as intelligent as yourself be so stupid!?” he snapped before he drove his knee into her gut, shattering the armor and knocking the wind out of her.

He let go of her wrists and let the wheezing girl crawl a few feet away before calmly strolling towards her. He grabbed her chin and forced him to look at her.

“Think Valerie. For once in your wretched life, think through the blind rage,” he snarled, “Think of Phantom’s face. Turn the white hair black, turn the green eyes blue. Who do you see?”

She tried not to listen. It was a trick, she knew.

And yet…

White to black.

Green to blue.

If you made him a shade paler he’d look just like…

“No,” she whimpered.

“That’s right,” he said with a smirk as he roughly released her chin, “Technus needed to keep young Daniel distracted for his own means, so he used a readily available tool. You.”

He pulled her up by the collar and glared into her visor, pumping pink ectoplasm into the suit.

“You are not a heroine, huntress, and at this point you are not even a tool!” he snarled as hot pink cracks spread through the suit, “You. ARE. NOTHING!”

The suit burst into a million pieces, exposing he girl to her fate.

“But you could be something,” he admitted, “a dangerous something.”

Pink energy gathered on his hands.

Valerie stared as he turned the deadly energy towards her.

“And that will not do.”

She shut her eyes as the blast left his fingertips, waiting for the end.

And yet…


She slowly opened her eyes, fully expecting another trick.

She saw black cloth.

White hair.

Green eyes.


“I’m getting you out of here,” he told her, before launching at the other ghost.

An hour later, they were flying back to the suburbs. Valerie was thinking. How had she not seen it!? Not only did they look like palate-swapped versions of each other, but they had the same voice, the same attitude, the same quirks, even the same sarcasm.

“I’m such a fool.”

“Um, Val? You feeling okay?” asked Pha-. No, Danny, “I mean, not that it’s not nice, but we’ve been flying for twenty minutes and you haven’t tried to kill me yet.”

“Can we talk?” she asked, “On the ground I mean.”

“Uh, sure! Just give me a moment.”

It didn’t take them long to find themselves in a park. It wasn’t even that far from her house from what she could tell.

“What did you want to talk-?”

“Cut the crap Fenton,” she snapped, “I know it’s you.”

Valerie, in spite of herself, couldn’t help but grin at the deer-in-the-headlight look Danny developed.

“Wh-what are you talking-?”

“Please don’t make me dump a bucket of black paint on your hair just to prove a point,” she scoffed, “I know that’s you.”

“He told you?”

“Might as well have,” she admitted.

They stood awkwardly for a few seconds.

“Is your suit okay?”

“it’ll grow back,” she replied, “it’ll take a while, but it’ll return.”

“You sure you’re not half ghost too?” he joked.

Valeried smiled, “hope not!”

She scowled at the ground, “Can- can I see it?”

Danny seemed confused at the request before his eyes widened. With a nod, he let the white rings surge around his waist and turned back into his human self.

Valerie tackled him to the ground immediately.

“I’m sorry!” she sobbed into his shoulder, “I’m so sorry Danny!”

“…Madeline, did you give my daughter an ectogun?”
“She’s a good shot, Pamela!”

Originally drawn for last year’s Phanniemay (Theme: Girl Power) but I didn’t post it ‘cause I’m a dolt like that. But hey! The April Fools Bodyswap event is as good an excuse as any to dust it off and upload it to my blog. Right?

I both do fanart and fanfic, but I art less than I fic, so this counts.

You Don’t Know Jack (6)

@haikujitsu‘s fic. My version what should come next.

Parts one, two, three, four, and five (for those of you who haven’t read it yet.


He made it all the way to the basement stairs before he heard his mother let out a loud, short breath. “Danny, stop.”

“No,” he muttered, grabbing for the doorknob. The knob moved at the last minute, forcing him to make a second and third attempt before his fingers curled around the metal. “I’m done. I’ll find some miserable hole in the Ghost Zone and live there for the rest of my… my… my afterlife.” He yanked the door open and stumbled down a few stairs.

“Danny,” his mother said again. The overhead lights flickered on. The top stair creaked behind him. Then an annoyed, “Jack. Come help.”

“Maybe Tucker and Sam will come visit,” he ranted to himself, stumbling from side to side on the stairs. Couldn’t his stupid parents even build flat stairs? And how many of these stairs were there? Walking down them was taking a lot longer than usual. “Or maybe Walker could just throw me in jail. I don’t care. I can’t just stay here with Dad - with Jack - watching me like a bug crawling on the wall. I’d rather die. Or… or… whatever.”

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Little Fires

1: I am the fly,

2: underneath their magnifying glass.

3: They tilt it from side to side,

4: making different parts of me smoke and squirm—

I’VE NEVER SEEN Sam so murderous. Underneath a lot of that anger is fear. Sam would rather punch and rant than be afraid. As soon as the video upload completes she demands to watch it. She repeats it several times, as if she can’t quite believe it.

“This is sick.” She’s said it over and over. “This is really sick, Danny.”

“I’m trying not to jump to conclusions,” I say. Afterall, these are my parents we’re talking about. I feel afraid and trusting of them, all at the same time. I don’t really know how that’s possible.

“You’re like… one of those frogs.”

I’m not sure what to say to that, so I let her keep scrubbing that little progress bar back, looping in on my mother injecting me. It’s at the tenth time that I take Tucker’s PDA from her and toss it back to him.

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Christmas Truce!

another-anonymous-author submitted:

HI!  I’m your Secret Santa for this year!  My apologies for waiting so long; I didn’t realize most people send their Truce gifts first thing in the morning (it’s my first year doing one of these, but I really enjoyed it!)

The story takes place anywhere after Torrent of Terror, because of particular ghost powers Danny needs to have.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas (if you’re in an appropriate time zone for that), and happy New Year!  

Split Personality, by another-anonymous-author

* * * * * * * *

“He’s ready,” Jack whispered.  His voice was scarcely quieter than normal, but for the first time in a while, Maddie couldn’t see the laugh lines around his eyes.  "Be safe, Mads.  I’ll be right out here.  Scream if you need me.“

Maddie nodded resolutely and slid an ectoweapon into one of the hidden compartments in her jumpsuit.  Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself and walked into the cage with the Ghost Boy.

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Secret Powers

The powers come slowly.

Jazz only notices after a while. She’s stronger than she used to be. Faster. Her high scores at the Fenton Virtual Training Helmet have increased, but that’s only the start.
She discovers she can hear things a month after the incident. Hums. Electrical cords, devices, but also, signals. Bits of binary transmitted over the air, from cell phones and computers.
What’s more, somehow, if she concentrates, they unfold themselves into meaningful words.

It’s embarassing, to listen. It feels like an invasion of privacy. But somehow, she can’t turn away. It soon becomes natural, like you’d use your eyes.
She stands in crowds. She goes up to the rooftop to listen to shortwave radio signals without needing a receiver.

It’s only when she stays up one night— all night— and doesn’t feel tired the next morning that she realizes she doesn’t need sleep like she used to.

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anonymous asked:

(Big fan of yours, loved the latest chap of SoaD, so here's a prompt) Jack's opinion on Phantom!

(aw thanks! This is kinda rambly, but whatevs)

“Hey Dad,” Danny said, going for casual. “What do you think of Phantom?”

They sat together in the lab, doing maintenance to the Fenton arsenal. Though in Danny’s case, some of it was sneaky un-maintenance on the more dangerous weapons.

Jack leaned back and grinned down the sight of his ectogun. “Well son, with Phantom you’re looking at a level seven top-grade ecto-entity. He’s got your ectoblasts, intangibility, flight, invisibility, and this neato sonic attack. A real catch! If he’d stop randomly blipping off our censors we’d have bagged that sucker ages ago!”

Danny twiddled with the Fenton Fisher, which was hopelessly in knots again. “Well… yeah, that’s what he is, but… what do you think of him? Him, him? Like… what’s he’s like?”

“You’re gonna be an analytical type, like your mother, huh. That’s good! Ghost hunting’s not all about instincts, son. Well, let me see.” He scratched at his chin, resting the gun casually across his knees. It was pointing in Danny’s direction, so Danny edged subtly to one side. The ecto-resin cord buzzed hard and unyielding in his hands. He wasn’t making much progress against the knots.

“Phantom’s a tricky one, alright. He’s all about the action. Always ready to tussle.” Jack frowned. “Except that one time he grabbed that runaway coaster, and that shield dealie he did out in the mall. He blusters a lot, but he backs that up too–level seven, remember. Some real muscle there. Huh.” Jack leaned back and shouted up the laboratory stairs. “Hey Mads!”

Maddie’s voice drifted back downstairs. “Yes sweetie?”

“What’s a word for Phantom’s psyche profile?”

A long pause. The smell of fresh-baked cookies drifted down the steps. Danny dug his fingers into the knots, but he wasn’t really trying anymore. It’s never a good idea to ask the people who hunt you how they feel about their prey. He should know better.

Maddie appeared at the foot of the steps, a pink frilly apron over her jumpsuit and her hands covered in flower. She glanced at Danny, then Jack, and gave an odd smile. “…complicated,” she said at last. “He’s not so easy to put into words.” She left without further explanation, which was a little odd, but Danny figured she had more cookies in the oven.

“There you go, son! If your mother’s beat, I can’t do better!” He laughed good-naturedly and went back to cleaning the gun. “Lucky we don’t need that kind of thing to bring him down. Nothing like good old fashioned ectoblasts to solve any ghost’s problem.”

Danny clutched the pole, staring down at it unseeing. “If you ever catch him, what’ll you do with him?”

“If he’s still in one piece, you mean?” Jack chortled, and Danny flinched.

“Nevermind,” he muttered, feeling foolish and somehow embarrassed. He tossed the mangled Fenton Fisher aside and grabbed a rag, picking up one of the ectoguns and polishing it with a vengeance.

“Don’t worry about that darn thing,” Jack said, nodding at the Fisher. “Your mother’ll sort it out.”

Court - DP

It quickly became obvious that Valerie was avoiding him.

After the Great Pizza Incident two months previously, Phantom rarely caught sight of the red huntress. Whenever they ended up at the same fight, the girl vanished almost like she was a ghost herself. Often, Phantom never caught sight of her - he only knew she was in the area because of the faintest whir of her jetsled.

So when he found the Box Ghost rummaging through a warehouse on the docks and heard the distinctive sound of Valerie hovering behind him, he didn’t even bother to turn around. He just assumed she would turn around a disappear again.

But you know what happens to those who assume.

A net appeared around him, accompanied by a shock that short-circuited his powers long enough for him to slam into the ground. He rolled back and forth a few moments, working feeling back into his arms and legs. At the sound of her boots hitting the ground with a distinct crunch, Phantom squinted one eye up at her. “Didn’t know you had nets,” he groaned.

“I don’t,” she said. The large thing she was holding in her arms clattered to the ground next to Phantom’s head: Skulker’s arm. “I borrowed it.”

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Reality Gems

Nobody took my computer away, despite my pleading, and I should have gone to bed several hours ago.  Cry for the universes I am about to destroy.

Ignore this fic.  Please.

I’m sure this idea exists somewhere else, but I’m too lazy to look… and so just wrote my own version.


Reality Gems

Danny Phantom / Steven Universe Crossover


“Patience is a virtue,” Lancer intoned without turning around, carefully steering the school van into a parking lot.  “Keep that seatbelt on until we come to a full and complete stop.”

Danny – who had been trapped in a tiny van with the teacher, Tucker, Dash Baxter, Valerie Grey, and Paulina Sanchez for the past three hours – scowled and forced his hand away from the seatbelt clasp.  Crossing his arms and staring out the window, Danny had a moment of pleasant thoughts about being trapped in the Fenton Thermos.  At least he’d have been alone.

Outside the windows lay the coast of Delaware, ocean waves crashing against rocks and sand, and gulls flocking overhead.  An old-looking lighthouse sat on a large hill up ahead.  The ocean-side town Lancer was pulling into for a rest stop was nestled into a small harbor, the tiny sign on the way into town proclaiming the place was called ‘Beach City’.

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