Monsters aren’t always in your dreams

Phanniemay15 prompt #5: Underappreciated
Show a little love for Mr.Damon Gray, we don’t talk about it but the poor guy goes through some shit. His baby’s out there risking life and limb, he’s totally onboard with helping as much as he can with all this crazy shit that goes on, hell the man lost an eye and an arm in TUE and did everything in his power to keep Dan at bay.
It looks weird, but the angle is looking at him through his computer screen.

Why Did This Not Happen?

Vladimir Masters considered himself a patient man, one had to be to deal with the constant hassles of running a company, being mayor, planning the death of his arch nemesis, and leading a double life as a half-ghost.

This, however, was a little more than he could bear.

“Valerie,” he said sternly as he cowered, “put the ectogun down.”

“Puh-lease, these do jack against humans,” she snorted before leveling the weapon at his head, “you are human? Aren’t you Plasmius?”

“So that’s what this is all about?” he asked, dropping the cowardly act and standing straight once more, “very well child, you caught me.”

Onyx rings appeared around his waist and split, traveling towards his head and feet to reveal a new form. That of a vampiric ghost in white garb.

“I am Vlad Plasmius! The first, oldest, and most powerful halfa in the world!”

“Halfa? Like Danielle?” she asked, keeping him in the crosshairs the whole time.

“Oh? So you’re close to that little blunder of mine then?” he asked, seemingly unworried about the armored girl with the pistol to his head, “I’ll assume you spoke with Daniel then?”


“Phan- you mean-?”

He couldn’t help himself, he laughed at the child’s foolishness.

“You still haven’t figured it out? Oh this is just too rich! Almost half as much as me! Well, maybe a third.”

“Figured out what!?”

“Danielle isn’t Phantom’s cousin, you ungrateful brat,” he snapped, “she’s his clone. A mistake of my own making.”

“A clone!?” she gasped.

“Precisely. A near-perfect replica of Daniel himself I used to retrieve what I needed to create my perfect half-ghost son.”

“A half-ghost son?” she asked, “that’s impossible! How many more of you are there!?”

“Just one,” he replied with a shrug, “you’ve been pining for his snow-white scalp for some time now.”

“Snow-white scalp? You mean Phantom’s a half-ghost too!?”

“I did say Danielle was a clone didn’t I?” replied Vlad with a smirk, “I needed three samples of the same DNA to create a perfect half-ghost child. A human sample, a ghost sample, and a mid-morph sample.”

He turned back to his human form.

“Taken from the transformation rings that all halfas use to switch forms.”

He turned back.

“It’s a shame really, Danielle was almost perfect,” he said mournfully before his eyes turned cold, “but almost isn’t good enough!”

“She’s just a kid,” she told him, “she could’ve been your kid!”

“I don’t tolerate imperfections,” he snapped, “I sought out to create a perfect, stable, and powerful half-ghost son and will settle for nothing less!”

Valerie glared at her former mentor.

“You are one crazy fruit loop,” she snarled at the madman.

“Oh great, another one!” he growled, waving his hand at her in exasperation.

Confusing the motion for an attack, Valerie fired at the blue-skinned specter, only for the blast to be easily deflected with a casual slap.

“Put that away before you hurt yourself,” he snapped at her, “playtime is over. I don’t have time to watch you pretend to be a huntress.”

“I am a ghost huntress,” she spat at him, “I’m THE huntress!”

“You are a fool,” he growled, “no, even worse, you are a TOOL! Why do you think I gave you your first suit? Why do you think you got the second one? You have been nothing but a tool since you picked up an ecto-gun!”

“That’s a lie!”

“Is it?” said a voice behind her, before pink ectoplasm burst against her back, “Let’s recap, shall we?”

The Red Huntress fired again, but her opponent dodged and destroyed her ecto-gun with a single blast.

“I needed to keep Daniel busy, so I gave you your first suit,” he told her before he blasted her board to pieces, “it was easy. Your misguided rage made it easy. What makes it even funnier is that he could’ve been your greatest ally.”

She fared from various cube drones, each of which was easily destroyed.

“Then I had you hold an item of immense power, to keep Pariah from finding it on me,” he continued as he deflected a blast back to Valerie, slamming her against the wall in the process, “a ring passed down from ghost-hunter to ghost-hunter. I honestly didn’t think that one would work. I figured no one is that gullible, yet here we are.”

She threw a multitude of knives, each of which was shot out of the air.

“Then Technus came in and took over your old suit,” he drawled as he snatched a star out of the air and threw it back, burying it into her visor a millimeter away from her forehead, “Daniel, knowing you weren’t in it, opted to finally destroy it. I’m sure he hoped you’d finally quit, now that you knew what he could’ve done to you from day one, yet you continued to disappoint him.”

She ripped the knife out of her visor and drew out a sword made of solid ectoplasm. With a scream of rage, she swung at him, only for him to catch her wrists.

“I still chuckle when I remember that Technus had to play matchmaker to keep young Phantom distracted,” he chuckled, “you do owe him for some lovely dates.”

“I was dating Danny you wackjob!” she screamed at him as she struggled to break his steel grip on her wrists.

“Oh for the love of-! How can a girl as intelligent as yourself be so stupid!?” he snapped before he drove his knee into her gut, shattering the armor and knocking the wind out of her.

He let go of her wrists and let the wheezing girl crawl a few feet away before calmly strolling towards her. He grabbed her chin and forced him to look at her.

“Think Valerie. For once in your wretched life, think through the blind rage,” he snarled, “Think of Phantom’s face. Turn the white hair black, turn the green eyes blue. Who do you see?”

She tried not to listen. It was a trick, she knew.

And yet…

White to black.

Green to blue.

If you made him a shade paler he’d look just like…

“No,” she whimpered.

“That’s right,” he said with a smirk as he roughly released her chin, “Technus needed to keep young Daniel distracted for his own means, so he used a readily available tool. You.”

He pulled her up by the collar and glared into her visor, pumping pink ectoplasm into the suit.

“You are not a heroine, huntress, and at this point you are not even a tool!” he snarled as hot pink cracks spread through the suit, “You. ARE. NOTHING!”

The suit burst into a million pieces, exposing he girl to her fate.

“But you could be something,” he admitted, “a dangerous something.”

Pink energy gathered on his hands.

Valerie stared as he turned the deadly energy towards her.

“And that will not do.”

She shut her eyes as the blast left his fingertips, waiting for the end.

And yet…


She slowly opened her eyes, fully expecting another trick.

She saw black cloth.

White hair.

Green eyes.


“I’m getting you out of here,” he told her, before launching at the other ghost.

An hour later, they were flying back to the suburbs. Valerie was thinking. How had she not seen it!? Not only did they look like palate-swapped versions of each other, but they had the same voice, the same attitude, the same quirks, even the same sarcasm.

“I’m such a fool.”

“Um, Val? You feeling okay?” asked Pha-. No, Danny, “I mean, not that it’s not nice, but we’ve been flying for twenty minutes and you haven’t tried to kill me yet.”

“Can we talk?” she asked, “On the ground I mean.”

“Uh, sure! Just give me a moment.”

It didn’t take them long to find themselves in a park. It wasn’t even that far from her house from what she could tell.

“What did you want to talk-?”

“Cut the crap Fenton,” she snapped, “I know it’s you.”

Valerie, in spite of herself, couldn’t help but grin at the deer-in-the-headlight look Danny developed.

“Wh-what are you talking-?”

“Please don’t make me dump a bucket of black paint on your hair just to prove a point,” she scoffed, “I know that’s you.”

“He told you?”

“Might as well have,” she admitted.

They stood awkwardly for a few seconds.

“Is your suit okay?”

“it’ll grow back,” she replied, “it’ll take a while, but it’ll return.”

“You sure you’re not half ghost too?” he joked.

Valeried smiled, “hope not!”

She scowled at the ground, “Can- can I see it?”

Danny seemed confused at the request before his eyes widened. With a nod, he let the white rings surge around his waist and turned back into his human self.

Valerie tackled him to the ground immediately.

“I’m sorry!” she sobbed into his shoulder, “I’m so sorry Danny!”

“…Madeline, did you give my daughter an ectogun?”
“She’s a good shot, Pamela!”

Originally drawn for last year’s Phanniemay (Theme: Girl Power) but I didn’t post it ‘cause I’m a dolt like that. But hey! The April Fools Bodyswap event is as good an excuse as any to dust it off and upload it to my blog. Right?

I both do fanart and fanfic, but I art less than I fic, so this counts.

Late Night Problems

Summary: Maddie gets an unexpected surprise late one night.

Maddie Fenton paused in her tinkering to look at the clock. The glowing screen read 3:47 a.m. Maddie sighed and stood up from her hunched position over a small ectogun. With a yawn Maddie started up the stairs out of the basement. Walking down the hallway she smiled softly at the pictures adorning the wall.

Looking at the old pictures Maddie could see the once happy child Danny was. When he was around 14 he had begun to push her away and while it hurt she chalked it up to him being a teenager, but lately he’d been acting even more distant. He’d begun to push even his friends out, though she wasn’t sure if they were friends anymore. They would come around sometimes but every time they did it would end in yelling until his two friends stormed out the house. Now he shut everyone out. He was missing curfew more and more often and lying to cover his tracks. A loud thump caught her attention and she raced into the kitchen. She was greeted with a bizarre sight. Phantom stood in her kitchen looking excessively beaten, trying to grab the medical kit hidden in the cabinet as he held onto the counter for dear life. His arm weakly reached for the cabinet before falling limply to his side. The ghost let out a squeak before he collapsed onto the floor and Maddie ran to him. He groaned as she rolled him onto his back as he kept trying to curl up into a ball.

“I need to get you down to the lab.” Maddie spoke quietly so not to scare the ghost.

“No no no no no, I’m fine I just…” Phantom trailed off as he whimpered in pain. The woman picked him up against his protests and carried/dragged Phantom down to the basement, setting him down on one of the cleaner tables. Maddie shivered as the room temperature dropped drastically from Phantom’s core flare. Tears sprang into Phantom’s eyes as his stomach contracted in pain.

“P-Please, need h-help.” Phantom looked at her with teary pleading eyes. Should she help him? He was a ghost and ghosts were evil, he could just be tricking her. But he seemed genuinely in pain. Phantom let out a whine and curled up on the table. She would help him, she decided, if only so he would be healthy enough to examine later.

“What happened?” Phantom laid out flat as she looked at particularly nasty wound on his shoulder.

“Fight with Skulker. He upgraded again. Didn’t see him coming.” Phantom gasped as she pressed down on the skin around the shoulder wound. Silence enveloped the two as Maddie poked and prodded at Phantom’s wound, trying to assess the damage. “Get him out! Get him out!” Shocked she looked to Phantom’s face as it contorted in pain.

“Get what out?” As if on cue an imprint of a hand pushed of Phantom’s stomach and he whimpered. “Are you in labor?!” Phantom nodded shakily and Maddie sucked in a breath. Ghosts couldn’t bear children, it was impossible. She didn’t know how to even deliver a ghost child, was it the same as a human? “What do you want me to do?”

“F-Fenton Ghost Claws, sh-should be able to pull him out.” Maddie ran around the lab trying to find the claws. Smiling triumphantly she turned around with the gloves and almost dropped them in shock. The Wisconsin Ghost was floating next to Phantom, petting his hair and rubbing his stomach gently as he whispered soothing words of encouragement. Phantom seemed to calm down considerably in his presence and smiled as the hand continued to massage his stomach. Sensing her presence The Wisconsin Ghost glared at her, red eyes darkening. They stood that way for a while, him glaring and her frozen in shock.

“Plasmius.” Phantom grasped Plasmius’s hand tightly, bringing the attention back to him. Maddie hurried over to the table, dropping the claws, her movements deliberate as Plasmius watched her warily.

“Shh, I’ve got you.” Plasmius stood over Phantom, both his hands hovering over Phantom’s stomach. He slowly lowered his hands before they went intangible and disappeared into Phantom’s stomach. Phantom gasped and latched onto the table, ignoring Maddie’s offered hand. After a few seconds Plasmius’s hands came out of the stomach holding a small blue form with black and white hair. The baby cried as it was finally brought into the world. Maddie stared as the two cooed over the child. Phantom let out a gasp as pink eyes opened for the first time and stared into its mother’s. He teared up and Plasmius set a hand on his shoulder. The two stared into each other’s eyes until a soft cooing brought their attention back to the baby.

“Vlad, he’s beautiful.”

“He’s ours, Daniel.”

“What should we name him? I like Gabriel.”

“Then Gabriel it is.” Phantom smiled contentedly until two white rings appeared at his stomach. With great effort he willed them away and panted as he tried to regain his breath. “Daniel you need to-”

“No.” Phantom nodded towards Maddie and Plasmius sighed. In a puff of pink smoke the three ghosts were gone. Confusion flooded Maddie as the events replayed themselves in her mind. First she finds out that ghosts could bear children, next she finds Phantom in labor. Then she finds out that the child is Phantom’s and The Wisconsin Ghost’s. And the most confusing thing was the way the two acted around her. Phantom seemed nervous around her while Plasmius didn’t seem to care about her unless she came too close to Phantom. Deciding it was too early to try and think this through she walked to her room. Had she thought to check her son’s room she would have found it empty.