Beauty and the Beast || Closed RP with sleepisabella

Jeremy held an unconcious Vlad by the throat against the wall. He was so tempted to snap his neck, his hands glowing red as they threatened to ectoblast him into next week.

A small pair of hands grabbed his shirt, diverting his attention to a small figure with teary eyes desperately trying to get his attention.

trying to figure out where to put the handles on my ectoblaster and so many of the screenshots i took of the gun have continuity errors like

one on the tube thing one on the box thing

then the one handle moved backwards and the other is gone

wait what is she holding onto in the back?

oh it’s back! ok well that’s nice. but now the back handle is way in the back ??

so yeah. hooray for animation errors

Are there any AUs where Maddie got hit with the ectoblast during Masters of All Time? Because I feel like that could quickly snowball into something horrifyingly terrible. Maddie as angry as normal-Vlad at Jack for ruining her life and blameing him obsessively, while the other two are either depressed with what happened and trying to forget it ever happened or trying to help her if they know something’s wrong with her. 

Someone pls tell me this is a thing. I might have to make it a thing if its not.