You may be familiar with the more primitive ectobiology of the past, a somewhat inexact science, in which a Paradox Ghost Imprint (PGI) of a whole organism is created and the genetic material within sequenced. Not only is this highly energy inefficient, but it risks appearifying the whole organism, where causality allows (or even demands) it.

The advent of next generation sequencing and biological synthesis technology allowed for the creation of genetically identical paradox clones from the appearified material within minutes. However I am now able to report successfully modifying the appearifier to lock onto an organism and only take a small sample of tissue, an Ectobiopsy if you will. Pictured above is a 100 cubic centimeter Ectobiopsy of my own deltoid muscle, but if my calculations are correct, a sample a thousandth that size should yield sufficient material for sequencing and cloning, as well as rendering moot the current problem of possibly appearifying original tissue, as the sudden disapperance of a tissue biopsy this size from heterogeneous tissue will not even be noticed.

With this modification we can streamline this science, for accelerated breeding of Anura (and other) species, and give the confidence to experiment with the knowledge you will not create unstable time loops. Come with me and enjoy an amazing future for the science of ectobiology.


Your senior ectobiologist.