Bad luck.

You woke up this morning excited to go on your road trip to visit your friend Dave Strider, you haven’t seen him much since you had gone with him and John to Disney and you wanted to check up on him. He didn’t know that you were going to visit him, it was a surprise and you highly doubt that he would mind and even if he did… oh well, he’d get over it. You packed up more clothes than you really needed, but that didn’t matter, the more the merrier. You grab your light pink suitcase and roll it downstairs, double checking to make sure that you have everything that you’ll need for the next week or so.

Once you did that, you grabbed the keys off the counter and headed out for the car in the driveway. You made sure to go to bed early last night, hoping to wake up sober, which you did because drinking and driving were for people who were irresponsible, which you are, but you’re not that irresponsible. You pack everything in your car and sit in the front sit, making sure that all your mirrors are in the right angles, your seat belt buckled, your GPS with the correct address and your iPod was plugged into the stereo; you turned it up and drove down your long driveway.

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aethyn replied to your photo: Have a picture of my cat being an adorable…

“i’m sorry if you want to get to these drawing things you will have to pay the belly rubs tax”

He’d totally bite me if I even tried.

 granulated replied to your photoHave a picture of my cat being an adorable…

cat why are you laying on suna’s porn

The funny thing is that is is porn. Horrible, horrible porn.

 ectobiologisst replied to your photoHave a picture of my cat being an adorable…

awwwwww, you cat! i can’t handle it. i wanna see a picture of you now.

But why tho?