So I’m Rereading homestuck, and AM I THE ONLY ONE HAVING PROBLEMS GETTING OVER THE ADORABLENESS? I mean look what we’ve got here…

Baby Dirk is just surrounded by broken glass but he’s still chillin.

Baby Dave is clinging to things like the adorable little fucker he is.

Baby Jane is on john’s head, I mean HOW’D SHE GET THERE???

Baby Jade is all ‘JOHN PAYATTENTION TO MEEEE’ and is tuggin on his pants and DAWWWOL:HOIOIJ:OIJ

Baby John is being cuddled by mutini

Baby Rose and Roxy are having important baby conversations, either that or their trying to play patty cake.

Baby Jake is hitting the stagething (that i cant remember the name of.)


Oh, and Karkat wants johns attention and we all know how adorabloodthirsty KK is.

Homestuck Log: November 29, 2012

John made green goop.

Then he made babies, 8 of them.

Promoted to Ectobiolobabysitter

Talk to [CG]

On and on and on.

Strife and it says end of Act 4 on the bottom.

I’m not sure if Hussie sang that, but hey I’m not complaining. It’s good.

Hahaha, Facebonk. 

This gave me feels and laughter at the same time.

Onto Act 5 (Enter RvB intro theme)

Dave bled himself and now talking to [GC].

Hmm…[GC] has a thing for human blood, but then adverted to trolling him.

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