here’s a sample of what i’ve created, if you happen to like it i would be elated!

my resume i will be sending along, as ‘heir of breath’ i have sung many a song. i’m certain that i could find many a place, where a market for thneeds could find quite a good space. all that i’m asking is just for a chance, so thank you for giving my artwork a glance!

John, there are no words for this.

You’re hired.

Submission by ect0biologist

replied to your photo: Why? Everyone thinks I am a guy. Ok then. I am a…

stereotypes are for losers. u b u.

Hey John,

It was some confusion, but amongst people whom I’ve regularly spoken to. It shocked me a little, but I do not think it was intentional to cause offense.

It actually happens a lot– I guess because of the manner by which I conduct myself online. People think I’m a prickish troll of a man, when really I’m just a prickish troll of a girl *laughs*

Stereotypes are lame, people shouldn’t confuse these with generalities those.

Alright~ *ollies out*

ect0biologist  asked:

10 & 11 for the fictionkin meme? :0

I just answered 10 but!! thank u john!!

do you try to emulate the appearance or personality of your kintype(s)?

Sort of?? Like I would really love to look the same but it would be a little difficult for me to do so and also I might feel self conscious about it. also I do sort of have the same personality I guess? In the sense that I’m an anxious little shit haha