here’s a sample of what i’ve created, if you happen to like it i would be elated!

my resume i will be sending along, as ‘heir of breath’ i have sung many a song. i’m certain that i could find many a place, where a market for thneeds could find quite a good space. all that i’m asking is just for a chance, so thank you for giving my artwork a glance!

John, there are no words for this.

You’re hired.

Submission by ect0biologist

replied to your photo: Why? Everyone thinks I am a guy. Ok then. I am a…

stereotypes are for losers. u b u.

Hey John,

It was some confusion, but amongst people whom I’ve regularly spoken to. It shocked me a little, but I do not think it was intentional to cause offense.

It actually happens a lot– I guess because of the manner by which I conduct myself online. People think I’m a prickish troll of a man, when really I’m just a prickish troll of a girl *laughs*

Stereotypes are lame, people shouldn’t confuse these with generalities those.

Alright~ *ollies out*

ect0biologist asked:

hey creeper dude! you gotta do what's gonna make you happy. not what will make other people happy, not what will make greyfaces happy, not even what'll make spider happy - make the choice that'll make you happy, and the people who care about your happiness will respect that. everyone else can go take a long jump off a tall balcony, right?

Y.. Yesss. Riiiight. Thaaank you, John.

I don’t regret my choice in the leassst..~

ect0biologist asked you:

aaaargghhhh yes he sent another three packages today. its not as bad as at home though. i don’t get his obsession with baking! do you knit? i like your thing that looks like a scarf but isn’t. did you want a cupcake? oh i drew a picture today.

Whoa, whoa, slow down. I think I got lost in that word spill there. Uh, well I’m sure your dad does it out of care. I’m starting to worry about all the boxes, but hey, you can’t have too many cupcakes in a day. Thanks for the the compliment on this here wrap, and may I see your picture? Oh, and did you remember to talk with Cap? I don’t want any unregistered stowaways in the cabin.