It’s the birthday of one of our translators.Happy birthday Ecstrinsic!

Have a great one and more more more years to come! Thank you for joining us. Its a pleasure to spread homo smut with you! 

Forgive me for lacking talent on making this kind of thing. I didn’t give colossal titan any justice but I did manage a smiley face 


I was originally planning to do this for my 125 follower mark but that was during AP testing and now it’s 134 <3 Starting from my very first follower to my most recent one. I got new pens so I wanted to do something with them ^ ^ It fit perfectly on one page!! Also, the colors don’t mean anything… I just numbered my pens 1 to 7 and randomized it (with no repeats)

Since it might be kind of hard to read my handwriting (especially because I’m bad at cursive), I’ll list them out alphabetically~


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Also this takes a frickin long time so I will not be doing this anymore lolol thank you for following me even though all I do is reblog random stuff and rant in my tags <3

OH one more thing: if you find yourself on the paper, congratulations! My handwriting is a mess to look at and if you told me to point out where your url is I would not be able to find it unless I started from the beginning and read the whole thing.