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“Please stop petting the test subjects." + Riarkle


She looks up, batting her eyelids. Farkle narrows his eyes. “Stop that.”

“What?” she says, innocently petting the tiny white rat, sitting calmly in her palm. Her fingers glide smoothly over its fur, even as Farkle impatiently taps his pen against his clipboard. “I’m not doing anything.”

Farkle rolls his eyes, “Please stop petting the test subject,” he says. When she doesn’t stop, and instead starts cooing, he scoops the rat out of her hands.

“Hey!” He pointedly ignores her squeaking protest. Riley slides in next to him, elbows touching. “I can’t help it if you’re subjects are so cute!” She leans over a cage, lending a finger to a gray rat in the corner. “Aren’t you just adorable.”

Riley!” She snaps her finger away. Farkle tries not to laugh at her face - wide eyes, half guilty smile. Her hand is already itching back to the cage, though. “Riley, please.”

She pauses, hand halfway between empty space, when she retracts and grins. Oh no, Farkle thinks, because she’s grinning, that crazy “I have an idea and Farkle isn’t going to like this one bit” kind of grin.

“What,” he says. Riley keeps grinning. “This isn’t going to get in the way of my tests is it?”

Riley shakes her head. “Can I keep one? After you’re done?”

Farkle wants to say no. He shouldn’t. They are rats - test rats, which will be neurological and psychologically tested. The effects will be well-documented, of course, but there’s only so much he can account for… but she’s biting her lip, waiting, with bright eyes and shiny smile and damn it.

“Only after all the proper tests are conducted and I deem it safe,” he says, but he’s barely got the words out because she’s squeezing him to death, hands around him, clipboard crushed between their chests.

Riley pulls back, beaming, and Farkle ignores how warm his face feels.

BigBang’s MADE had pretty much closed out. Happy now? We waited three years for this and people are complaining how it wasn’t fair to other groups. There are many other groups that have gotten popular in BB’s absence. Got7, EXO, BTS, VIXX, Mamamoo, EXID, BAP etc. If you forget, music is a business and that includes K-Pop. Groups get popular off their MV’s and accompanying videos, not the award shows. You’d be ecstatic if your group was putting out music every month too, who wouldn’t be?

It’s the third burger cake Isegrim bake for his father’s birthday. Before he left for a night in the town, he’d prepared the first one. But when he returned back home, Taylor was at the fridge, ruining that one by eating the first piece.

I quit the game while the second cake was in the oven. Therefore I learned that you never should do that. Because when I opened the game again, there was only the option to empty the oven and throw the dough away. 

I like the synchronised, ecstatic joy of Taylor and Isegrim here. I don’t know where they are supposed to look at. It’s definitely not the birthday boy. But you can see here perfectly how much Isegrim resembles his father.

SocImages News:

It was an incredible honor this month to attend the American Sociological Association meetings and accept the Distinguished Contributions to Teaching Award on behalf of myself and Gwen Sharp for our work on this site. We are so thrilled to know that instructors find the site useful and invigorating and, as I said at the ceremony, if what we do is make instructors’ lives a little less hectic and their time in the classroom a little more productive and fun, then we’re just ecstatic about taking the award home.

We couldn’t do it without the incredible support of Chris Uggen and Doug Hartmann, the visionaries behind The Society Pages; Jon Smadja, whose skills are the invisible forces behind a seamless website; our regular contributors — Jay Livingston, Philip Cohen, and Martin Hart-Landsberg — and all of the guest bloggers who donate their time and brilliant ideas; my institution, Occidental College, which has always been warmly appreciative of the site and its role in making sociology public; and, of course, the readers who make all this worthwhile.

To all of you and to public sociology and a more informed world for everyone!

Back to work!

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Our Pinterest page reached 15,000 followers this month! If you haven’t visited, it’s a fun ride and great for planning classes. We have 30 boards, ranging from central sociological concepts to creative collections. You have to sign up to browse them, but it’s worth it!

And, amazingly, our Facebook page reached 75,000 followers. At Facebook we post all our material plus other sociologically interesting stuff from around the web. I’ve recently started tagging posts with hashtags, so hopefully it’ll become increasingly easy to collate exactly the material you’re looking for.

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After a busy and exciting ASA, it was nice to be home, even if Oliver doesn’t care that I’m a sociologist.


To my fellow transmasculine, transcendental transients:

Many of you are making amazing leaps in your transitions. I mean that in the least hyperbolic way possible. I’m ecstatic for you. It is inspiring to watch you progress and become the people you know you are. 

Maybe, though, some of you out there are like me. We’re floating here in our private mediums without a reason to update anyone. We are living day to day in micro universes that don’t connect with the trans-world at all. Sometimes it feels devious or mischievous. Sometimes it feels lonely and utterly sad. But underneath the darkness, at least for me, there is an excitement and an eagerness to stay strong so that one day I might see myself become who I am. haha Does that make sense?

I just want to say I feel you. I support you. 

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hey, can you write an imagine how you spend your honeymoon with stiles ??

Your honeymoon with Stiles would be so carefully planned out by him. While you dealt with most of the technicalities for the wedding, he was the one who went behind your back and organized the entire honeymoon. After the wedding, he told you to pack your clothes and a few bikinis, but he refused to let you know where you were going.

When you two got to the airport and you saw the words “Florida” printed on the ticket, you were ecstatic. You’d always wanted to visit Orlando again, considering you lived there for the first 10 years of your life. Stiles was beyond excited for you to take him around your hometown, knowing how happy you’d get whenever you talked about living in Florida. He’d planned for you to spend 12 days there – 6 days for you to show him around, and 6 days to spend in Disney World and Universal Studios.

The two of you took a cab to the hotel, which was conveniently near Universal. Of course, Stiles booked you two the Honeymoon suite under the names Mr. and Mrs. Stilinski – when Stiles tried to justify the cliché action, you simply kissed him and told him it was perfect.

The day after your arrival, you and Stiles spent the whole day at Harry Potter World. He geeked out when he saw the model of Hogwarts, and made you take at least 20 pictures of him in front of it. You both bought a ton of stuff, including a jug of butterbeer to split between you and some Chocolate Frog cards. After a long, exhausting day, you two retreated to the hotel and crashed almost immediately.

The following days were like this as well – going to different parts of Universal Studios and Disney World. Stiles and you took many pictures with different Disney princes and princesses (Prince Eric tried to propose to you, but Stiles immediately showed him who you belonged to) and ate all the food you could get. Stiles would take random selfies with you doing weird things, including some of those cute ass kissing pictures that every couple has. You and Stiles watched the fireworks go off at night in Disney, and as they exploded in the sky above, Stiles said to you, “I’m so glad I get to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The next day, you made Stiles wake up early to drive around Orlando. You showed him all the places in which you grew up in, taking him to some of the common tourist attractions along with the other underground popular places. The two of you ended up falling asleep on a clifftop overlooking the city in the rental car, happy to simply be with each other. The rest of the week was spent seeing more sights and visiting some of your family which couldn’t attend the wedding. You got to meet your newborn twin cousins, and your extended family got to finally meet Stiles.

On your last night in Florida, he brought you to the rooftop of the hotel and revealed to you a small table with Thai takeout (“I remembered you said you loved the food from Origin Thai in Florida, so I got you some since we didn’t get to go there during this trip.”). The two of you ate while sitting on the ledge of the hotel, observing the incredible view the tall building gave you of Orlando at night.

Thank you for the lovely meal, Mr. Stilinski.” You smiled.

“Anything for you, Mrs. Stilinski.” He responded before kissing you.

   For a couple days Adelein was experiencing a semi-conscious state. The pain in her left arm and head started to dissipate in a functional sense and although her magicka reserves were in no way replenished, she found enough energy to walk and stay awake.
   Having Narcisse around was strange, Adelein would not discern why she was neither opposed or completely supportive of the idea. The woman darted to and from the rooms like a bird–she was fine, then she was morose, and at another moment she was ecstatic again. It was like watching the abridged cycle of every emotion that completely eluded Adelein. She had to admit curiosity in watching the spectrum of expressions, but a slight forlorn concern that she didn’t feel for most people.  
   Carefully, tired feet carried her into the other room were the noble breton sat. There were four birds of prey instead of one, resting and flitting from one spot to another. A good sign at least, despite Narcisse’s enervated appearance. 

   “…better.” Adelein mumbled, reaching for the teapot like an addict without skooma. 

What gets me is that Miley was going around trying to make out with all the queens and stuff when that’s exactly what problematic fans in clubs do

And yes I completely agree that there’s a difference of circumstance

BUT that among everything else + the fact that she’s representing it as ‘queer love’ and stuff makes me feel like publicly, there was such a trashy and uncomfortable light shed on everything that she was representing last night.

It has nothing to do with how proud I am of our queens and how absolutely ecstatic I am for the exposure and experience of a lifetime that they received.
It has to do with the fact that there’s more to the queer community than the exposure that Miley gives it.
It’s an important community to so many people - for a lot of us it’s our entire lives - and even with her foundation that I DO respect and appreciate, you have to represent the community well in every aspect of what you do, ESPECIALLY if you’re a 'celebrity activist’.
That’s why I’m uncomfortable.

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I wanted you to know thar you're my favorite blog. I love how caring you are. It's hard to find a good blog like yours and I'm happy to be a follower. Stay amazing, ok? Stay healthy and true to yourself. I love you sweets!!

Originally posted by lotsoftrees

OMGSH thank you! You’re so sweet. This message means so much and I’m just so ecstatic to have the privilege of being your favorite. Please keep loving me and I’ll try my best to keep writing as best as I can for you ^^ thank you!

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Mod Em, nice to see you!! C-could I please have some Hinata relationship headcanons? NSFW or not is okay~

Great to see you guys too! I’m starting to post more often thanks to my schedule! -mod em


  • He’d be really sweet to his partner and would be so doting on them. pretty sure when he first starts out in his relationship with his partner, he’d be super ecstatic that they’re dating him
  • It wouldn’t take much for this boy to be super affectionate and calling his partner cute nicknames. It could be something really tiny, and he’d just peck your cheek or your neck or something. 
  • There are a few times in when the relationship is starting out and he’s kind flustered over touching and embracing his partner, but he still hold their hand and kiss them, it’d just be full of more blushes and him burying his face in the nape of his partner’s neck when they would kiss on the lips.
  • Just sweet, blushing Hajime fawning over his new partner and being like the best boyfriend ever. 

i’ve had people ask about my comics and OCs before and i DO have one, i’ve just never…done anything with it. if you wanna know what’s about…uh…

  • jack-main character. asian. somehow laid-back but has no chill at the same time. really, really likes kirby. a lot. likes sally. not for her gender, but because he really likes her, flaws and all. root for him, please.

  • sally-that main girl ™. redhead and slightly on the ecstatic side. has two fathers and a baby brother. she doesn’t like babies. probably aware that jack likes her but it’s not her main concern. 

  • rose-a hispanic girl who gets good grades, but doesn’t notice. pretty stoic most of the time. dry humor. sally’s best friend.

  • rene-LOVES BASEBALL!!! “WHAT IS THAT!!! GOD I’M SO HAPPY. WHAT’S THE WIFI PASSWORD?” type. also he’s native american. (and doesn’t have redface *whistles*) jack’s best friend. they have matching bff necklaces that rene bought them at claires.

  • edgar-jack’s little brother. his dad married jack’s mom. they get along well, and he really admires jack. and dinosaurs.
  • nadia and henrik -twins. they’ve said they’re from belarus, but everyone assumes russia bc where tf is belarus. henrik is very shy and autistic and can’t make friends easily. (also revealed to be a trans boy later). nadia is dating a girl in the states and never gets to see her. pretty salty about that, but stays a nice, “motherly” figure regardless.

  • britney-very popular girl. slept with rene and hasn’t heard the end of it since from the school. pegged as snooty, but really isn’t. singer.

  • stuart-britney’s best friend. he really wishes he could hear britney sing again, but he went deaf a few years ago. he’s jewish. 

that’s…that’s them and i love them haha;;; and i’ve had them for…4 years? might make a comic with them one day. who knows. i probably will.