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Anyone who doubts the intimacy of Sam and Cait’s relationship should rewatch the SDCC Panel. It’s uncanny the way they are constantly communicating with each other, through the monitor and face to face. Most of the time it’s like they’re the only ones there. The looks that pass between them are electric yet grounded. Sam is more open with his feelings and Cait protects hers with humor, but they both had their guards down that weekend. They are equally ecstatic over that baby bump. Tick +

#2 tock. I believe this will all be resolved before long. I wish everyone was blessed with a relationship like theirs.

Yep. It’s called chemistry.  And they got it in spades.

People who ingest the wild experience, experience something unique. They truly become aware that there are intelligences that are far older than the human knowing. Earth ecstatics for millennia have recognized that eating the wild is one of the primary means of soul-shaping and of traveling the ecstatic path. Plants are primary teachers for those who embark on this path.
—  Stephen Buhner
To White People Who Get Offended Over “All White People Are Racist”

I want to tell you a story about privilege.

I am white. When I was 11 or so I had a crush on a black boy in my class named Donnie. I was pretty socially awkward, so when he asked me to “go out with him” I was ecstatic.
We sat together at lunch, and when school was out I ran home to tell my parents.

Their immediate reaction was,
“aww how cute!”
especially my mother who was usually extremely critical about everything, so I felt like I had done something right for once. I told them about Donnie and things we had in common, and sitting together at lunch, and was met with indulgent smiles.
(something I was not accustomed to.)

[Note that I remember almost nothing of my childhood before I was 11, and cant really remember things in chronological order because of being abused by my mother.]

But! For an afternoon I remember feeling that everything was right with the world.
Later that night my mom started asking me probing questions about what he looked like.
(I think I had been going on about him liking to read like I do)
Now, my parents and my school had taught me to think that the color of your skin does not matter and that racism is wrong. I think at the time racism was an antiquated idea to me, something that belonged in the civil war a million years ago (as children tend to think of history when they are young)
So, I didn’t think much of saying,
“well, hes black, and…”
I realized as soon as I said it that something was wrong.

It was like the air had been sucked out of the room, and my mom became deadly quiet
(a warning sign that things were about to get bad)
She informed be in a dangerously low voice that no daughter of hers was about to date a black boy.

I was hurt and confused. She had always said that racism was wrong, I had learned about it in school- and worse, I had a cousin who was black. (in the south cousins are treated basically as close as siblings)
I tried to say that
“Cousin D is black though”
but was quickly dismissed with
“that’s different”
and she called my Dad, and from that moment on it was not longer cute puppy love to them, but something sinister- they treated me like i had done something terribly wrong.
I was informed that i would tell him I wasn’t old enough to date- but in actuality I wasn’t allowed to date boys who weren’t white.
I remember very little of what happened after that.

My parents did not think of themselves as racist. To them- that wasn’t racist thinking. To racists segregation doesn’t seem racist. To them, Only violence is racist.
(not my opinion at all)

I remember being hugely distressed, and confused-
How must have Donnie felt? How must have my cousin D have felt growing up black in a predominantly white family? I cant even imagine.
I have since left the south and have very little contact with my family.

I think white people hear “privilege” and equate it to “easy”
but that is not what it means.
Privilege means that we have benefited from those ideas at the expense of POC, a lot of the time unwittingly. But you know what? Not knowing that you are causing someone harm does not excuse the harm that you cause.
Privilege means other things too, it means we have a responsibility to oppressed groups.

I don’t think of myself as a racist, but I don’t have any problem acknowledging that I have benefited from racism. As I grew older I learned what they call girls who date black men… I wont repeat it, but I have been called it plenty of times even by my own family.
Its horrendous to dehumanize people that way.

But if you’re a white girl who only dates white boys you’re seen as pure and virginal by your community.
That’s oppression. That’s racism.
And those ideas are alive and well today in our country- you only have to turn on the news to see that its true.

Being seen as “cleaner” if you only date your own race is Definitely white supremacy and privilege rearing its ugly head. 
To deny that those ideas are prevalent in our society is a kind of racist violence in and of itself.
Its a quiet way of belittling other human beings based on their skin and it is wrong.

Remember, If you have Privilege over any group you have a responsibility to fight that oppression. It doesn’t matter if you have never had a single racist thought in your head- we as white people have a duty to change our culture to be more equal.
We have to learn to question the implicit biases of our society constantly, not because we made the mess, but because someone has to clean it up.
Its not POC’s responsibility to fix racism.
It ours.
Not because we are guilty- but because white supremacy inundates our culture and only we have the power to change that.

You don’t hurt someone accidentally OR intentionally and then say, “well why didn’t you stop me from hurting you?”
That’s a kind of aggression.
If you hurt someone for ANY reason, you say,
“I am so sorry, what can I do to fix this?”

We shouldn’t be angry when black people point out our privilege… that’s just feeding into a cycle of oppression, of separateness.
If someone tells you that you hurt them you don’t argue that you didn’t.
It doesn’t matter. They are hurt!
We should step up to the plate and instead see Privilege as an opportunity to make a better more caring world so that the next generations don’t have to struggle through the same miserable experiences.
So that young POC don’t have to grow up being burdened with negative stereotypes.

Its our Privilege to make a better world happen, and its our opportunity.

That’s all I wanted to say, I hope nothing I said was offensive to anyone and if it was I apologize.

We choose what kind of world we will accept living in every day- as white people, lets refuse to live in a racist world, and lets examine our behavior so much that the world is less racist when we are gone from it- even if that means that THIS generation has to keep having this conversation even when it is uncomfortable.

Self awareness is a small price to pay for compassion and Equality.

When blissful inner silence and ecstatic conductivity rise and meet in us, the result is an endless lovemaking on the cellular level. Then we bubble over into the ecstatic bliss and outpouring divine love that is the natural fruition of human evolution. No more struggle. Just pure joy through all circumstances in life.
—  Yogani, Advanced Yoga Practices

Brandon in Philly rundown:

- Brando had such a good time!!!!
- I was second row from the barrier
- I went really fucking hard during Jilted Lovers because I was so excited and Brandon noticed, several times.
- he sang some of RMM right to me???? This is like the 3rd time this has happened??? I’m not okay.
- After the show he signed my ticket and smiled that like big, genuine Brandon smile when I said thank you and that the show was incredible.
- I was wearing my Flamingo headband. Brandon liked my headband.

I’m no longer on this earth I’m so ecstatic 😍

On Layla’s Retirement

Since hearing the news last night, I’ve thought a lot about to what say about Layla’s retirement.

In all honesty, this has been a terrible summer for me, and this news ended up being the sprinkles on top of the crap sundae life has served me over the past few months. I realize that that’s selfish of me to say, but hey- she was (obviously) my favourite WWE Diva, so I wasn’t exactly ecstatic to hear of her retirement.

Did I expect it? Yes. Absolutely. I think we all did, in a way. I’m glad she got to make the decision on her own terms, and that she received an exit interview. Do I wish they’d done a bit more? Hell, yeah, I do. I wish that she’d had a farewell match of some sort, or a segment on air. It would have been nice if her last taped match (against Natalya) hadn’t been cut from the show. At the very least, a farewell gallery highlighting her career would have been nice. Even better would have been a video playlist of career highlights.

Since I doubt any of this will be happening, I’m going to take it upon myself to do these things. I’ll be doing a gif and image retrospective of important moments in her career, milestones, achievements, and even just moments I particularly enjoyed. This retrospective will be called #ThankYouLayla, after her trending hashtag. I’ll be tracking that tag here on Tumblr, so please feel free to share your own favourite Layla memories and moments! Whether it be from a televised show, a house show, a signing, meeting her after a show- anything and everything is welcome.

This blog is not going away. I am and always will be a huge fan of Layla. She’s a talented lady, she’s gorgeous, and- maybe best of all- her genuineness and sweet personality shine through in everything that she does. I doubt she’ll fade completely away into obscurity, and I look forward to seeing what new direction she’ll go in! Both on a personal level and with this blog, I’ll be continuing to support her in whatever she does, and I invite you guys to come along for the ride!

In summary, thank you, Layla, for so many years of entertainment, and for being such an amazing person! I’m so excited to see where you go next. You’ve been an inspiration to me, and will continue to be one.

Love and hugs to all of you. ♥

The Feast of Venus (1636-1637). Peter Paul Rubens (Dutch, 1577-1640). Oil on canvas. Kunsthistorisches Museum. 

Rubens’ antiquarian and archaeological interests led him to study Ovid’s “Fasti” in which the classical poet describes the Roman feast of Venus Verticordia. Both in his free handling and the rich profusion of colours, Rubens pays homage to the late Titian; however, the feeling of actual physical presence and the ecstatic intensity of resurrected classical antiquity are Rubens’ very own contributions.

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You asked for headcanons about aro!Dean? bc im always here for aro!Dean lbr. At first Dean doesn't think much about it. Like he's young, he likes sex and he just never had the possibility to fall in love with somebody. So like thats nothing to worry about. He arguments he wants to save himself that heartbreak. He gets older and still nothing. He doesn't worry cause in the end he has friends, he has family. He loves in his own way and somehow he doesn't really care what others think.



  • Feeling almost ecstatic when he realises that his heaven is just as wonderful with no s.o to share it with, and knowing that he’s okay on his own.
  • Not knowing how to appropriately talk romance and frustrating the hell out of Sam because oh my god can he shut up before he embarrasses me?
  • Always wishing he knew what to say like Sam because oh god they’re doing the morning after thing and always desperately trying to leave before he has to deal with too many chick flick awkward moments.
  • Giving up explaining that no he doesn't want to get married, he’s fine with just Sam and Cas and Charlie , because its just so damn tiring explaining the same thing over and over, but still knowing that he is not at all broken and still being 100% confident in who he is

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I think Danny needs to think about the end of season 2 to remember life without Mindy and how miserable he was. He needs to use that as motivation to work at their relationship if they ever do get married, because that Danny would probably be ecstatic to learn he got another chance and are now having a baby

Oh man, just coming from the idea from a different direction, the very thought of S2 Danny, steeped in regret over what his fear had cost him, being told that one day he’d let this fear get between them again is just heartbreaking. 

Daniel Castellano, you’ll get her back, you will. She’ll learn to trust you and you her, and barely a year from now you will be looking at the first pictures of the child you made together. And you will ruin it. 

Get it together, Dan.


Tom wearing Rum Knuckles‘ t-shirts. Original source Rum Knuckles.

Rum Knuckles “Hanging out with Tommy. My pal Tom hardy wearing Rugman/Rum Knuckles…”

Rum Knuckles “Signing the new print release with Jelous Gallery today for Art Carboot Fair with my little helper Meo…”

Rum Knuckles “Tom Hardy wearing Rum Knuckles Dollar Guns!”

Rum Knuckles “Everyone in the office is ecstatic that Tom Hardy is putting our Trooper design up in his gaff!!!
For more official Rugman original designs make sure you check us out on Instagram! CHUFFEEEDD”

@rugmanart “The big man Tom Hardy catching his flight wearing my brand Rum Knuckles…” 1 | 2
The restlessness that sent the wealthy emigrants through the Salt Flats once is the same one that sends the cars across it again and again in a triumph over land, over mortality, over time and space themselves. The two events - the tragic slowness and the ecstatic speed - seem between them to bracket an American attitude toward the landscape: a concern with conquest, progress, escape, and power.
—  From “Scapeland” by Rebecca Solnit, in Richard Misrach Crimes and Splendors: The Desert Cantos of Richard Misrach [Bulfinch Press/Little Brown & Co.; MFAH Houston, 1996]


  “Guess what? Granite Falls, I asked my boss for the weekend off to spend there!” This news makes Rosa ecstatic. Since she has been living here unofficially she has not been able to just dodge family for an entire day. 

  “I know what you are thinking.” I add. “But look at me! Carlotta’s in good hands with her grandparents!” 

  “Pfft! You know I wasn’t thinking that at all! I was thinking about the things I’ll be doing with you!