nick fury being ‘uncle nick’ to the barton kids. and they know he’s some kind of agent too and after watching lilo and stitch they start calling him bubbles and make him watch the movie with them. nick staying at the barton farm when he’s laying low and the kids being ecstatic that uncle nick is staying with them and sleeping on him when they’re all on the couch walking tv. nick having put together lego pieces in his previous apartment that the kids gave him for christmas one year. nick being taller than clint and thus giving better piggy back rides.

Top 5 Reasons I Like/Ship Tronnor:

first, here are some of my favorite blogs, just scroll through them and you’ll see a lot of the reasons: conconsivan | tronnorfravan | tronnorilysb :)

1. They’re Happy. This is by far the biggest reason I ship Tronnor. Because, whether they are a couple or not, they are so obviously ecstatic when in each other’s company. The boys’ happiness is a virtue and they make each other happy, which makes me happy. 

2. They Bring Out the Best in Each Other. Just look at videos like Becoming You and A Simple Question. These are, in my opinion, some of their best videos on YouTube and, “coincidentally,” they are also videos that they helped each other film. Connor even said that Troye was his biggest inspiration when it comes to YouTube content. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they inspire each other outside of YouTube as well.

3. They are the most Compatible People in History. Now, this isn’t actually something we can assume, as we know so little about their personal lives. But, from what we see and what they tell us, I can at least infer that they get along okay. I mean, I wouldn’t spend approximately two-thirds of my waking hours with someone if I didn’t at least like them a little bit as a person. 

4. They Don’t Play Up Their Relationship. No shade to Troyler, but it was a ploy. It was a fun and exciting way for Troye and Tyler to “interact,” I guess, with their fans/shippers. And, to be honest, I’m really thankful for Troyler. It opened doors for Troye, Tyler, and YouTube. I mean it won a TCA for God’s sake! But, Tronnor is different, the boys hardly acknowledge the fact the ship exsists. They haven’t even made a collab in the two-ish years they’ve known each other. They are “private” about their relationship which is the most intimate, adorable thing.

5. And Lastly, Because I’m Single. I enjoy living vicariously through people. Period. 

Avengers (except for Black Widow) is a Hit With Audiences

This weekend’s release of the highly anticipated film Avengers: Age of Ultron saw record breaking crowds and glowing reviews, with audiences ecstatic to once again see their favorite characters in action (except for Black Widow).

“It was awesome!” exclaimed 13-year-old Kate Harris, a dedicated fan to the increasingly popular characters in the franchise (except Black Widow). “I love the Avengers (except for Black Widow) and I can’t wait for the next two movies (and not a Black Widow movie).”

The movie is expected to draw in large crowds for the several weeks and bring in millions of dollars from merchandising the lucrative characters (except Black Widow). Many of the heroes depicted in the movie (except Black Widow) will even be featured in individual movie franchises as stand-alone characters, in films such as Iron Man, Captain America: the First Avenger, not Black Widow, and Thor.(x).

Because the show is so close to the end, and because McCann is such a miserable place, there’s this incredible tension to the show at the moment. As each character exits a scene, it’s with the possibility that this is the last we’ll see of them. Sometimes, the curtain calls are obvious, like Shirley being smart enough to take a job elsewhere, or Ed finishing his final long-distance call and heading out to find work. But at other points, it’s maddeningly unclear, which I imagine is just how Matt Weiner likes it. Will we actually follow Harry to the 24th floor (where he will be, of course, ecstatic), or will Roger be the last character who gets to insult him? Is Joan taking her Rolodex and photo of Kevin and leaving the series, or just her office? Is it possible that this was the last we’ll see of all of the gang from SC&P, and the last two episodes will just be following Don on his ramble across the Midwest?

armoredxhearts asked:

{Falling asleep meme~} Hector pushed back the stray hairs from the smaller males face, rubbing his cheek with his thumb. "Hey, the movies over, time to wake up.."

          ◤ ᴇ ʟ ɪ ᴡ ᴏ ᴏ ᴅ ; —— ➢ ❝Mmh… ❞ he stirs, only slightly at first, a shift in his position to curl up a bit more snugly against him. Soothed by both a warm hand gently cupping its way beneath his chin and a quiet, beckoning voice, he would’ve almost lulled himself back to sleep, if not for him beginning to comprehend what Hector had actually said.  

        ❝ Wwait…I…it’s…? ❞ Slowly pulling himself up to sit rather than lie down, he rubbed his eyelids until they complied with his request to open them, stealing a glance at the screen, which was now rolling credits. 

        ❝ Ah–no…no way! I…I slept through the entire thing…!? ❞ Clearly disappointed in the fact he’d come to realize, a slight pout puffed his bottom lip as Eliwood crossed his arms. Unbelievable! Usually it was Hector who would start to doze off during a movie night…

  • bae:whats on ur mind?
  • me:nothing
  • me really:I'm still hesitant about seeing Age of Ultron. I was beyond ecstatic when I was informed that Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were going to be in the film. Especially after having Quicksilver introduced in X-Men: Days of Future Past. In my head at the moment it was like, " Avenger/X-Men Crossover??" But unfortunately Scarlet and Quick aren't even being portrayed as Magneto's children. Because the feud between Fox and Marvel ruins everything. These companies may own the rights to these movies and how these characters are portrayed, but there are more than likely legions of individuals like me that feel the lack of accuracy because of legality issues could possibly ruin the entire movie going experience. WHEN WILL THIS TYRANNY END???
You know, reading so much despair and sadness and hate in this world—a new mama can only take so much before I want to push back against it with writing about little bits of loveliness and ecstatic joy. Not to pretend it doesn’t exist, as I think anyone who reads my books know I’m no Pollyanna in my world-views, but now I guess I feel like if I am going to sequester myself away from giggling little boys who themselves are, right this minute down the hall as I type this, discovering the joys and delights of language in their books as my eldest sounds out unfamiliar words to his younger brother, who looks lovingly up at him with so much wonder—then by golly, I’m going to try to BRING IT when I sit down to the page. And for me, in this stage of my life, that ‘it’ is love. That ‘it’ is joy.
—  Aimee Nezhukumatathil

hey taylorswift

just wanted to let you know that i’m going to two nights of your 1989 tour at gillette stadium. ya know…in case you wanted to know that kind of stuff…

july 24th i’ll be in section c3 row 12 with my best friend ashley raging HARD CORE at our second of your concerts together (we went to the red tour together too and that was INSANE)

july 25th i’ll be in section 236 row 20 seats 27 and 28 with my friend maddie who is like a little sister to me who is a huge fan and has never been to one of your concerts before! she is out of her mind ecstatic 

so i’m just going to leave this here and maybe you’ll use it to come find me? i wouldn’t say no! as you can tell (from that picture of me at your speak now tour. holy crap, i was seriously getting into that shiz), i get really intense at your shows so that’s fun we could totally be having together

here’s to hoping i’ll see you then! either way, love you forever homegirl!

anonymous asked:

hiii :) I'm so so so happy Louis is an LA like I'm ecstatic and freaking out @___@ I know we were expecting it but everybody is so calm lol maybe I haven't reached the Larry Nirvana yet ;) but...I read Liam is in LA too? do you think they went there for a writing session with Harry? *-* omg ?im so excited I can't wait for the new album!!

Liam’s in L.A. too. And I expect that a lot of what they are going to be continuing to do is send messages about the band as a whole.

Skyeward AU Prompts: Contemporary

It has been far too long since I made one of these. As always, all prompts are free to a good home and links to any resulting fics are always welcome.

Vote or Die

Rookie journalist Skye has finally escaped the personals and astrology desk and scored her first real reporting gig on the eve of Senator Christian Ward’s presidential campaign. Both on paper and in the press, the republican looks like a shoo-in for the White House, but Skye doesn’t have to dig too far before she starts to uncover the skeletons… and the man it seems is responsible.

Disgraced former soldier Grant Ward knows all about his brother’s secrets, and just how far he’ll go to keep them hidden. After escaping from military prison, Grant is on a mission to clear his name and bring his brother to justice, but his priorities change drastically when a young reporter appears in the Government’s crosshairs.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

Skye is ecstatic when her extra hot chilli chocolate cupcakes take off and she’s invited to join The Food Network’s latest competition to find the next big culinary star. Just the coverage alone could take her small bakery to the next level. She was just never expecting to clash so badly with one of the other contestants. Grant Ward is on a mission to spread his clean eating food gospel and prove that healthy eating wins out over junk food. So why does he find himself under threat of cavities because of his sudden craving for something sweet yet firey?

Diamonds are Forever

International Jewel Thief Extraordinaire Skye lives by a very simple code. Get in. Get the goods. Get out. Those three rules have served her well in all aspects of her life for the past twenty six years. So quite where the hell she picked up a tall, dark and sexy shadow she just doesn’t know.

Grant Ward knows only person is capable of retrieving the object he needs. And now that he’s found her, he also finds he doesn’t want to let her go.

whenever my cat wants to cuddle with me it’s like a heavenly gift

especially if she wants to cuddle in my bed because it’s not the same when she’s just walking around my legs begging for food, it’s much better if she lets me hug her and hold her when i’m like watching tv and she’s purring

only problem is

i’m lying in bed. maja hops up. i’m ecstatic

maja purrs and slowly. puts. her. paw. on. my. bellybutton.


and that hurts. but there’s no compromising with her.

why do you have a bellybutton kink, maja. why.

anonymous asked:

Elle, your town of Kokoro is the most beautiful town I have ever dreamed of. Its atmosphere was just so refreshing to be in. I have visited Kokoro quite a few times. I can see you put so much love into it, and I really admire that. I especially admire your dirt paths! The flower arrangements are flawless. You did a lovely and gorgeous job. It was worth every minute to be there. Thank you for sharing your inspiring, lovely dream.

OH gosh wow this is a really uplifting message. Thank you so much for sending me this and for visiting Kokoro!! I am so happy that you have enjoyed my town and that you would write me this beautiful message! ;A; gahh I really don’t know what to say I am absolutely ecstatic right now and I am smiling so big! This has just made my day, wow!! c:

aljeerian asked:

نور ☺

The sun. Not the harsh, 1pm let’s get sunburnt sun. The walking home after a long, ecstatic day watching the sun set down the horizon kind of sun, that kisses your cheeks gently and emanates a golden glow on your skin.

You are gold, don’t forget that habibti 💗