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Delete that post. I am not a racist. I'm so disgusted, you couldnt of picked the worst person to accuse that of. how dare you!!!!!

LOL WHAT?! What you said on that post was racist. You completely ignored and glossed over the fact that racism and police brutality does exist in Australia. You ignored Indigenous experiences of police brutality, Black African experiences of police brutality and other PoC experiences of police brutality.

I have just been sent an email informing me I have won an award at my university for academic achievement. I have now won all 3 possible awards in my first two years. I am ecstatic!!!!!!!

How do you know you love him?“ She asked me. I sighed and the answer flowed out of me, the feelings returning like a flash flood. "When it hurts to be next to him and without his presence. It doesn’t just complete you, it destroys you. Love being a fairytale? That’s a lie. It’s a fairytale and a nightmare. If you are willing to still be with him, despite all that? That’s when you know.
She looked up at me, her eyes both ecstatic and sad. I knew then. She loved him and I thought God help her.
—  M.C.E. How do I know I’m in love? // It’s fucking painful.

And the game just finished. It ended up 4-2. For us. This was definitely our first really important game this season, because this was the first game that would actually count for our record to the district tournament at the end of the season. So yeah, I’m pretty happy. I’ll be back on in a little bit because I’m sending this from my phone, which is almost dead. So I’ll see you all when I get back home, which will depend on when my brother gets done talking to his friends.

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Describe your perfect guy, from mental attributes such as the way he looks at the world to how you'd like him to act in different places

I’ll start with attributes. First and foremost, I need an intelligent man. Not only a man who could but one that WANTS to sit down and discuss things such as presidential candidates, social issues, the thousands of Syrians currently fleeing to different countries, or whatever recent situation worth discussing. On top of that, a man with common sense makes me ecstatic. A sense of humor is necessary, I can’t emphasize that enough. I want them to have goals and aspirations, hopefully big ones. I prefer a very dominant and decisive partner because I am neither of those things. I need someone that I can absolutely trust and will be patient with me. The way he looks at the world? Honestly, as long as he isn’t a republican, I can work with it. How I want him to act? I’m not his mother. If a man doesn’t know how to act in various places without my guidance, I’m already not interested.

You know what? Yall never cease to surprise me with nice comments and messages. I got a 2-hour nap in so that’s good! I’m over here feeling bad about grumbling about how I can’t sleep and yall never complain about where I’m at or the fact that I ALWAYS talk about how I’m not sleeping. Yall never let me feel like my struggles are invalid or ridiculous. You just support and offer nice words. 💚💚

I’m traveling to Chicago this weekend to watch Texas vs. Notre Dame with my parents. This was a football game my brother and dad were ecstatic about attending for several YEARS. These teams haven’t played since 1996….(I think). So now I’m joining with my dad since my brother isn’t here. I will check in sporadically but not much.

Again, I love you little birds so much.

12:37am - NorFin

Written for aph fanfic net drabble event !! This is kinda short but I might work on it at a later date to make it longer ;v; 

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12:37am. The sky was an array of iridescent hues; pink, purple, blue, Scandinavian summer nights never fully reached darkness. The cold night air blew gently across their laughing faces, tinting their cheeks and noses red, as the not so sober pair made their way home together. They had been looking forward to this night for months, Tino saw the advertisements for their favourite metal band and was ecstatic planning where they would stay, where they would eat and every other small detail as he always does, it’s one of Lukas’ favourite things about Tino. The way his eyes glisten as he writes list after list of details and how he mutters Finnish curses under his breath when things start to get complicated, even over the simplest of things.

           There’s a scream followed by a roar of laughter after Lukas trips and falls, pulling Tino with him. They roll around in the soft grass giggling and tickling each other which turns to small kisses and whispers and soon they’re up and Tino is carrying Lukas who is stubborn and tired and wants to be carried home by his knight in shining armour. Lukas kisses his face and tells him he’s the cutest and the best thing that ever happened to him, and Tino knows he means it. One of his favourite things about Lukas is the way he opens up around him, the special smile he has just for him, how he sings in the shower and dances to his favourite song; something he’s too shy to do in front of others.

           They finally make it home but trip over the dog – she gets extra treats in the morning to make up for it – and eventually they stumble up the stairs, holding onto each other for dear life. They topple over and onto the bed exhausted from the night’s events. Lukas is sure he has some bruises and Tino is positive someone might sue them tomorrow but in that moment everything is quiet, serene and nothing could ruin the bliss of lying together in bed, not even the ground this time. There’s no energy for showers or getting up so they awkwardly undress each other, laughing and whispering about how there better be coffee downstairs when they wake up. Tender words and soft touches are shared and they fall asleep in each other’s arms, hearts beating in rhythm with one another.

           12:37pm. Orange sunlight streams through the cracks in the blinds, there are children, people, cars outside, and unfortunately, no coffee. It won’t be long until they get a call from their boss, or an email about work, so they make the most of the time they have in their own little world, staring into each other’s eyes, smiling and softly trailing over each other’s faces with gentle touches, reminiscing about their outing as though it was as distant memory.

And of course, planning their next concert.

Episode Followup - The Wanders

The following contains spoilerific info from a recent episode of Wander over Yonder. If you haven’t seen it yet, DON’T READ ANY FURTHER!

Terribly sorry that this one took so long to get written up, but I’ve been on a bit of an ecstatic rush from this episode, and I wanted to take time to make sure what I wrote next would personify how I feel. I’ll explain why later…

So, the episode opens up with Sylvia trying to help Wander catch and bring a little Squill back to its family up in a tree. For those of you who don’t what a Squill is, it’s one of those squirrels with a little horn growing out of its forehead. They showed these little guys before during one of the last scenes from The Little Guy. I love finding out new information about stuff like that; nice little bit of world building in a show all about going to new worlds…

Anyway, the small Squill scampered into a scary cave up on a hill nearby. Of course, despite Sylvia’s pleas, Wander insists on going in with the expressed intent of finding the lost critter. However, that might’ve been an excuse to go in and check it out, as the Squill is seen running down the hill after our heroes had just entered the cave.

Turns out the cave is full of large, purple crystals, each one showing a reflection of Wander, but none following every move he makes as a normal reflection would. After greeting one, a Wander clone pops out and appears in the real world. Then, one by one, more and more pop out until the planet is literally populated with Wanders, leaving the original nothing more than a faded hologram of his former self.

Pretty much the better portion of the rest of the episode is dedicated to showing different parts of Wander’s personality and the varied ways that Sylvia has to get them back. As stated by Obsessive-Compulsive Wander, there are 420 different facets to Wander’s personality running loose on the planet. 420! That’s a looooooooot of Wanders.

Along with him, here are some of the personalities that were highlighted/should be pointed out:

Lazy Wander (the first to go back on his own)

Smart/snarky Wander (thick glasses and a diverse vocabulary)

Overly-Dramatic Wander

Messy Wander

Blonde Wig Wander (as seen in The Greatest)

Angry Wander (looks like an old Southern coot with a closed eye and a massive underbite)

Burping Wander (which just makes me think of the Scribble that only knows how to blow raspberries in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends)

Curios Wander

Distracted Wander

Easily-Impressed Wander

Zen Wander (possibly referencing The Breakfast)

The Dancing Wanders (each representing a different style), all being serenaded by Banjo-Playing Wander

Tree Hugger Wander (where we find out what Wander’s feet look like)

Hero Wander (looks like the costume from The Boy Wander, but acts a little bit like Brad Starlight)

Villain/Bad Guy Wander (from, where else, The Bad Guy)

Lovey-Dovey Sappy-Wappy Wander (says I love you after every sentence)

Cheerleader Wander

Optimistic Wander

Chubby Wander (he shows up in the crystals near the end)

And many others… including four depressed and sad looking Wanders that were lying together in a heap at one point (yeah, that doesn’t sound ominous or anything)

Now, there are two very important versions of Wander that aren’t listed up above simply because those ones up there were mostly brief cameos and gags for the episode. The two that I am talking about are much more essential to the plot of the episode.

The first one of the two is the one that Sylvia first saw leaving the cave and is the one that she dislikes the most. The one I like to call Naughty Wander. I say Naughty because, as Sylvia puts it, he always seems to do whatever she tells him not to do. Not only that, but he cackles loudly and gleefully when he does so, with a big wicked face that had me startled when I saw it. So, in my opinion, this is the embodiment of what I consider to be Wander’s truly evil portion of himself. Absolutely rebellious and without care for anything aside from his freedom to do whatever is not supposed to be done. This kind of character development is always fascinating, because while every character has the potential to be both good and evil, it is always surprising to see the polar opposite aspect of them after being used to seeing them in one particular way.

Anyway, Sylvia refuses to put Naughty Wander back in at first, believing her life would be so much better without him. But, after seeing the original Wander incomplete still and being told that she needs to “accept all of him, or else she accepts none of him” by Zen Wander, she gets Naughty Wander back in him. Such a great lesson here.

Now, while that was a great scene, that was not what got me on cloud nine for this episode.

After he is reunited with his Naughty version, it looks like Wander is back to normal. But, something’s not right. He acts more heroically and is intent on stopping, rather than befriending, Lord Hater simply because “he is a bad guy, and I am a good guy, and I stop him.” Pretty much at the same time as Sylvia, I knew that something was up. There was something missing, but it was something Wander looked desperate to keep away. Sylvia goes back to find one small reflective surface missing a Wander, and goes looking for it.

What she finds… oh, it’s almost too much to type down.

What she finds, balled up in a little corner and a look of fear in his eyes, is what I like to call Young Wander. A tiny little thing so scared and helpless, punctuated by a line Zen Wander says: “The Helper seeks to help because he knows what it is to be helpless.”

I had to pick my jaw off the ground, I was so shocked. If any of you Tumblrites who graciously follow me recall, I had made a prediction that this exact scenario would happen in one of my Musings and Predictions posts. I wouldn’t go so far to say that I read the minds of the creators of the show… but that just made this already incredible moment all the more moving for me. Heck, I’m starting to tear up right now.
Anyway, the little guy is supposed to represent both his weakness, and his empathy. Once he is returned, Wander is truly put back together.

One thing I should mention before I finish this post is that Chris Thomas, the six-year-old son of the supervising director of the show, came up with the idea for this episode. As an added tribute, you can see the name Chris carved into the tree in the foreground at the very end. Chris, if you are reading this, thank you so much for being a crucial part to one of the best episodes. Not just for this season, but of all time.

Well, that’s all my heart can take for right now. Thank you so much for reading (if you did read this whole monster of a post), and I’ll be back with a look at the next episode. Take care everyone!

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19 calum

A knock at your front door at eleven in the evening could never be a good sign. Either something was wrong or something was extremely wrong, and frankly you weren’t prepared for either situation. Your brother had gotten into a car wreck, you’d forgotten to pay some sort of tax for many years, the police were coming to get you for that tiny package of candy you stole from the service station when you were seven years old.

It was Calum’s squishy and over ecstatic smile that you didn’t expect to see on the other side of those obnoxious rapture of knuckles.

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harry’s song posted!

part one has been posted!

In small towns like Holmes Chapel, word travels around fast. And it did just that when Elizabeth Lockwood found out that she had a baby girl in her belly. The entire community was ecstatic for Elizabeth, as the last time she had tried to give birth, she had suffered from a miscarriage. Perhaps no one was more excited, though, than Anne Styles. Anne had a son of her own, a little toddler named Harry who had dimples in his cheeks and the only green eyes in the town.

a mini fic based on mary’s song by taylor swift

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🎉Thank You For 100 Followers🎉

I’m ecstatic 😊 as a small recommendation, I recommend you all follow my Tumblr Squad! These fabulous people and their incredible accounts are the friends I have made on Tumblr in my short three months here, the ones who I haven’t met or can’t meet for a while.
Kat - lovingthekpoplife
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Elodie - elodiegk also, a huge thank you to the people I consider my mutuals, who have followed me for a very long time and supported me for just as long! I’ll tag you in a seperate post!

“What comes to mind when you think of happiness?”

I remember being asked this question once when I was younger, and I had some silly answer like “eating candy” or something.

But tonight, as you wrapped your arms around me, and said, “We’re a couple,” I truly did have an answer for the question.

This is happiness. You and I, together, is my idea of happiness. The butterflies that have yet to leave my stomach for the past five hours, that’s happiness. Being so ecstatic to the point that you can’t even sleep, that is the true meaning of happiness to me.

Happiness is the unexpected, good things that happen when you aren’t prepared for them. But actually, you and I are more than just happiness, we are an everlasting euphoria. I know we will last for a while, if not forever. And that, my love, makes me happy.

Thank you for showing me true happiness.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #11

ooc. SPOILERS !!! apt icon considering RIVER SONG IS COMING BACK?!?! ( do I miss everything ?? ) - but the wife is in the xmas special and 11 feels so conflicted right now. Expect possessiveness all you 12s. But all Time Lords aside I am so very, very excited, confuzzled, conflicted and ecstatic                BUT I did also notice that no mention of Jenna was made? Hmmmmm, methinks. What do you lot think of River’s return?

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Mourn me : Zaheer and P 'li


mourn me - a drabble about one character mourning another character’s death.


“You, really miss her, don’t you?”

Zaheer sat a bit dazed and spacey, a lack of focus being a rare trait for him. Ironically, he sat confused in his freedom, the Spirit World. In a moment’s attention, he caught himself re-associating with the fauna and flora, then refocused on his tea. The heat reminded him that he forgot he was holding it. When he got burned, he looked around, and saw where he was.

It was a tea party of sorts, enjoyed by a variety of creatures. To his left Zaheer saw some conjoined frogs, to his right a strange serpent-like flying creature. Above him was… a bird. Regardless, these were his guests, and like everything else in the Spirit World, he was ecstatic to have them.

Another quick look around, however, Zaheer managed to spot a man in the corner of his eye. Elderly, balding and bearded with a short stature. He didn’t have time to investigate when the elder popped up in his face. His wrinkles, respected with age, showed caring and kindness. The look he had was one of a smile, something Zaheer forgot even existed. The elder seemed to want something, seeming like he wouldn’t waver for a while now.

After a while, his crusted mouth spoke words:


Zaheer looked at him with confusion.

“Well, what?” He responded, raising an eyebrow. The elder did the same, and backed off.

“It’s okay to let go of the pain we keep in the past,” The elderly man spoke with wisdom in each breath. “As long as we don’t forget the ones we love.”

“Of course I wouldn’t forget her!” Zaheer suddenly exclaimed, then immediately reclused back into his seated position. The burst of energy was almost too much for him to stay in the Spirit World. Still in his anger, however, he grit his teeth and turned away. He slammed his fist on the table, then turned his back and grumbled.

Or was it… crying?

“I’d never forget her…” Zaheer cried deeper into the grounds. Soon, the elder came over to reassure the man in mourning. Zaheer didn’t realize how much he needed this. In his grief, he spoke.

“It’s not fair, it’s just not fair!” He exclaimed, letting his anger roll through his fists.

“It should have been me…” He sobbed. The pats on the back by the elder kept reminding him, horribly, that he was alive. 

Before he wept even more, the elder moved to his front, to talk to Zaheer one on one, man on man.

“I lost someone too, once.” The kind voice turned solemn, heavy with… regret? Zaheer looked at him now, interested. The elder looked down, away with embarrassment, as he spoke. 

“In simple terms, I made a mistake.” He said. “That mistake cost me my throne, but more importantly, it cost me my son.”

Zaheer looked at him with sympathetic eyes. As if it it was instinct, he hugged the elderly man, continuing now to cry into the long hair the elder still had. 

“I made a mistake too,” Zaheer told the man, quietly. “My mistake cost me my freedom.”

Zaheer backed away from the man now, but at least his tears were gone. He turned to look him in the eye.

“To be clear, i’m not talking about chains and prisons,” He coldly stated. He took a deep breath. “She… she was my freedom.”

The elder understood instantly, and nodded. 

“You don’t have to stop loving her.” The man said, his voice returning to the wise tone it was meant to be. Zaheer looked at him, again confused. The old man simply smiled.

“I can’t give you all the answers.” He chuckled, then he faded into nothingness. A few moments later, the rest of the party did the same.

What Zaheer didn’t realize was that his energy had run out. In a second he opened his eyes and saw the familiar green tinge of his prison, and looked around to see his chains binding him to the ground.

He admitted to himself a long time ago he’s been okay if she was chained with him. He never meant it more now.

As he was about to enter his mediative pose, the doors of the prison opened to reveal… Avatar Korra? She wasn’t alone, either; she’d come with the Sato girl. They’d been doing that a lot lately, bringing news, treats from the outside world, sometimes training into the Spirit World, but most importantly, Pai Sho… 

She loved Pai Sho.

He lifted his head to get a good look at the Avatar and her… partner. While his face was scorned with disdain, bitterness and hatred, theirs were filled with joy, happiness, and love. The Avatar waved to him with her goofy smile. He looked at the two of them and did a small wave. The Sato girl came over and started setting up the game.

In this moment Zaheer took a second remember what the elder said; to let go but not forget. In a sudden realization, Zaheer decided today was a day of honour, no longer mourning. 

As the Sato girl played her first move, almost identical to how she played, Zaheer started to smile.


tbh im like dead tired I wonder how this turned out idk we’ll find out in the morning lol