One thing I really loved from today’s episode was Carm and Laura’s lighthearted bickering while they were playing that underworld boardgame because just for a moment, we got to see how things used to be between them, and even though I was ecstatic about them kissing, I’m glad they’re rekindling that other part of their relationship as well

Bioware Ladies Apparel: ThinkGeek Responds

When I wrote about my frustration over the lack of merchandise for women, I hardly thought that anything would come from it. It was more or less a way for me to voice my opinions through a platform that I saw fitting. Apparently, I underestimated the power of being able to contribute to a site that garnered a lot of traffic. Within the span of a day, a representative from ThinkGeek contacted me.

Needless to say, I was ecstatic! It took a week or so before I was able to get in touch with Steve Zimmerman, head of PR at the company. I remember pacing back and forth, staring down expectantly at my phone as I waited for it to ring. Finally, I received the call. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Should I stand up straighter? Would I need to make myself sound more professional over the phone? This was new territory for me. Nothing I’d ever written had grabbed the attention of an important industry figure before.

We chatted for a little while. There was more nodding on my part, but he told me that there had been plans in the works for a line of clothing exclusively for women. I zoned out for a bit as soon as he mentioned Bioware, as I knew that meant more Mass Effect merchandise that I’d be able to throw my cash at.

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“You l–you look good,” Michael breathed, gazing down at your mismatched socks and his oversized sweatshirt.  It was an understatement, obviously.  There wasn’t a single moment prior in which you looked as comfortable as now; you looked like home.

He would never articulate it though.

“Can I come in?  It’s raining outside.”  With a hesitant nod from you, Michael trudged in and slipped out of his shoes, digging his sock-clad toes into the carpet.

You made your way to the sofa, the sofa that had seen so many murmured late night conversations and movie cuddles.  You dig your fingers into the plush pillow, trying to dispel the memories.

“Is there a reason you’re here, Michael?“ 

You didn’t want to inquire.  There was something so nostalgic about your positions, your sitting down and his standing.  It was almost like all the times where he had surprised you while you were lounging, barging into your home with wrinkly clothes and an ecstatic grin.  It was almost like the times before everything soured and he left in a brash, frustrated huff, leaving you with a half-hearted “see ya” and his tour bag in tow.  That scene was uncannily familiar to the current one.  You wondered pessimistically if he returned just to disappear again.

Michael settled next to you, offering some space in between you two just in case he was too close to comfort.  Nothing too drastic had changed about his appearance in the 4 months you hadn’t talked to him.  His hair was a soft blonde, different from the dusty blue you had witnessed bob away when he had slammed the door.  New color, new Michael.

Eager to test the waters, Michael grazed his fingers over your curled ones.  With no visible objection from your tense body, he continued up the length of your arm, curious to see if your skin still felt the same underneath his.  It was only when his right hand cradled your cheek that you flinched from his touch and scooted farther back into the couch.

Your cheek still lingering with his touch, you frown and gaze at his outstretched hand.

“I don’t know what you came here for, and frankly, I have no interest in finding out.  You leave for tour for 4 months–no word, no contact, nothing.  Did you even think of me?”

You scoff, glaring into his eyes.  His lips part, but he makes no attempt to speak.

“Do you know what you said before you left, Michael?  You told me everything was too much for you.”  There are tears threatening to flood your cheeks.

 "After 3 years of touring and albums and shit rumors, you just tell me that you don’t love me anymore.  Then you left.  So here we are, continuing whatever the hell this is.“

Your fingers squeeze the pillow in a desperate attempt to reinstate your composure.  The tears were blurring your vision though, and you were hiccuping because shit, you did not deserve to go through this.

Reluctant hands rose to your face to help dry your tears.  A couple minutes passed until your breathing became level and you had the strength to pull away from the familiar hands.

"Babe,” Michael started, his voice wavering and his hands twitching to reach for you again.  

“You have no idea how much I hated myself then, hated myself those 4 months on tour because I was too fucking scared to realize that you were the one person I wanted to grow old and gray with.”

His eyes searched for yours, pleading for you to hear him out one last time.

“We went through shit like this before, but this last tour, I just, I just couldn’t see why you would still want to be with someone who wouldn’t be there for your mom’s death or your promotion or your fucking birthday.  You don’t deserve someone who can only love you from a distance.”

Michael released a sigh and stood up, gazing at the kitchen table you drunkenly kissed him hundreds of times at and the platinum record you didn’t have the heart to take down.

He finished with you, his inspiration, his rock, his love.  

“I can’t tell you how much I love you for putting up with me, putting up with the band.  But you’re too special to me to just leave behind every two months.”

He’s almost at the door, putting his discarded shoes on.  

“I can’t kiss you because I know I would never leave if I did,” he muttered before closing the door and entering the rain.


I woke up this morning feeling mad ecstatic because me and my best friend’s art show is next week. I’m currently looking back to my first show, to all the art work I was able to sell this year, my experience as a tour guide, and doing live painting. Man just shout out to me and my hard work that I don’t give myself enough credit for. Come to the show next week, I really do have some new art work to show.


Obviously is right, Estelle.

Because this is Ronald Evershaw Pilfrey and you can say many many many things about Ronnie, but you can’t say you would EVER mistake him (or his readiness to rock) for anyone (or anything) else.

(I’m so glad I finally have the material to make gifs that more fully capture the magic of Pilfrey’s ridiculous HAND GESTURES!  Not to mention his not-just-happy, but absolutely ecstatic little face.)

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I may not be the most vocal person on here over my feelings towards The X-Files coming back, but this year has been one of the best years of my life.

I’m not sad that they’ve wrapped, I don’t tend to get emotional over those sorts of things. I’ll be the emotional one once it actually airs and ends. We’ve still got months of stuff that could happen. I am a little bummed out that it could have been the last time David and Gillian played Mulder and Scully, but then I didn’t even think this would ever even happen so I’m fucking ecstatic.

One day I’ll tell you all why the show means so much to me. There are multiple reasons, but this show saved me. I remember watching the shit out of it when I was a kid, but it came back to me at a time in my life when I needed it. I was so fucking depressed and felt worthless back in 2013, then Mulder and Scully made their way back into my life again and here I am. I’m alive. People may still make fun of me over how ‘obsessed’ I am with it, but I just love the show so much. It’s my safe place.

And I’ve met all of you on here, which has honestly been the best experience of my life. I’ve never felt this loved before. Every time I log on here and see there’s nearly 6000 of you following me, it’s heartwarming (even though half the time I don’t know why you do follow me, my blog is a mess).

I don’t know how to end this. Let’s just say I’m so excited for January 24, and the fact that on February 1 I’ll be turning 20, along with a new episode airing. It’s come full circle.

Thank you, David and Gillian, for being there for me when I needed it most.

But Teddy being disappointed and upset at himself for not getting in Gryffindor until Harry sends him a surprisingly long letter about how PROUD both his mom and dad would be, but especially his mom and how out of her mind ecstatic she would have been and how she would have held it over everyone’s heads to make sure no one would ever forget that out of the two of them he took after HER. Not only that, but Harry tells him how proud HE is of him, how he could always see the kindness in his eyes ever since he was a kid, how Gryffindors are just headstrong punks, (because he should know) and that Harry (and Ginny) are confident that one day he would fall head over heels with the house and maybe even become head boy one day, stealing his mother’s title of Most Hufflepuff to Ever Hufflepuff.

10 facts about my childhood

1. I used to be so obsessed with Lion King so I was ecstatic when my late grandfather bought me a Kovu plush toy 

2. In fact I was so obsessed I literally started to behave like a lion - I drank like one, roared whenever I felt like it, was constantly crawling and carried stuff in my mouth

3. My worst fear : gorillas

4. My parents actually kept a gorilla plush toy under the bed so when I misbehaved they’d threaten to take it out 

5. Got my first asthma attack when I was about 4 

6. My first crush was Miroslav Klose, a German football player. I was 6

7. Started doing Taekwondo when I was 7

8. I always got lost in department stores because I liked hiding between clothes racks. Eventually I got so used to it, whenever I couldn’t find my mum I just waited at the cashier until she came to find me 

9. I had really short hair, sort of like a bowl cut until I turned 6

10. I easily made friends with anyone regardless of age. Too bad that’s changed 

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14. “Can I have this dance?”

Their apartment is a mess. Natasha’s things are in boxes everywhere, and Clint’s just ecstatic that she agreed to move in, so he’s not helping much. Not to mention the fact that his apartment is normally a mess anyway. Lucky is running around with Liho, and Kate is helping, but she’s extremely excited that Natasha brought Liho, (“she’s not my cat, Katie, I just take care of her.”), and Natasha is starting to stress out.

The assassins are on call, and there’s a chance that Phil could give them a mission at any minute, and Natasha isn’t sure why, but she wants to be moved in before they get their next mission.

“Clint, are you doing something?” Natasha calls to the man-child behind her, and he makes an affirmative noise and hits something, and suddenly the apartment is filled with music. Natasha turns around to see Clint holding a screwdriver and looking pleased. 

“I fixed the radio!” He crows, holding his hand up so Kate, who is passing by, gives him a high five. Natasha has to smile at his pride at being able to fix something.

“I’m going to go pick up some food,” Kate says, grabbing her bag and her keys. She turns around at the door and consults them. “Subs ok?”

Both assassins agree, so Kate slips out and takes Lucky with her, leaving Liho to curl up in a box of Natasha’s clothes. Nat makes a frustrated noise upon finding the cat in her sweaters, but Clint sweeps by and pulls to to her feet. 

“Madame,” he smirks, bowing exaggeratedly and kissing her hand. “Can I have this dance?”

Natasha rolls her eyes, but steps closer and wraps her arms around his neck. Clint looks surprised for a second, but his eyes brighten and a big grin spreads across his face as he rests his hands on her waist. She in turn, smiles into his shoulder. She hasn’t seen him smile like that since before Loki, almost 6 months prior. 

When Kate gets back, she finds them just as she left them, with Natasha in the living room and Clint dancing around the living room and getting hit by things Nat throws at him. Kate stops in the doorway and surveys them critically.

“What happened?” She asks, eyes darting between them. Clint and Natasha look at each other and shrug innocently, but Kate isn’t having it. “No, it’s lighter in here. Happier. What did you two do?”

Clint and Natasha just exchange smiles and keep quiet.

100 Ways To Say “I Love You”

Clintasha 14/100

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During the first weeks after telling Hide that he's pregnant, Kaneki feels like he might be dreaming. Thinks that its so much for Hide to still willingly welcome and love Kaneki after learning of his being a ghoul, that he'd still be around even for this. That instead of being disgusted of the news and leaving, he embraced kaneki and gave him the warmth and affection he normally does, but also that Hide seems ecstatic at the thought.

Kaneki is such an insecure babu. Kaneki is a little afraid of just how excited Hide is. Already planning everything

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The end to elephant poaching would make me ecstatic. They're such beautiful creatures and being the voice that they don't have would make me very happy

Yes! Elephants are super amazing. <3

Killjoys was renewed for season two! *celebratory dance*

That means we get more badass Dutch taking no flak and saving the day, more Dutch/Johnny brotp, more Dutch/D’avin complicated romantic tango dances (not literally), perhaps a flashback to how Johnny and Dutch met (I need this like air, y’all). I am so ecstatic. The cinematography and set design and world building on this show was on point. 

What’s everyone’s season two wish list?