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Something really, insanely, disgustingly fluffy of the first time they say I love you maybe, like full of affection and intimate and so ciuttee

and the September blurb night/week 2.0 begins. Also, anon, your wish is my command. 

“Well which ones do you want more?”
“My gut instinct says cool ranch”
“Well get them then”
“But the cheese ones…”

You’re in the middle of a roadside supermarket, debating about which Doritos flavour to buy. 

The pair of you were driving home from Shawn’s parents when you’d decided to make a well-earned pit stop, stacking up on snacks before getting on the road again. Dressed in a hoodie and tracksuit bottoms – hood pulled up around his curls – Shawn’s got his chin rested on your shoulder and hands sitting in the front pocket of your own hoodie. 

His fingers are playing around with the tassels coming off of your purse and he’s calm – content – as he holds your waist and sways you with him to the melody playing in his head.  You let out an exasperated sigh as you purse your lips at the sight before you. 

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Lost In The Deep End

I love your writing so much! Could you write a peter x reader where the Vulture kidnapped and hurt the reader to get to peter and peter gets all overprotective and worried? With fluff or cuddles at the end? Whatever you want to do really! You’re amazing! -Anon

i have an idea for ya!! something kind of along the lines of a Gwen Stacy scenario - where the reader and peter are dating and peter is desperately trying to keep her out of danger and then she ends up getting really hurt or possibly….dying?? ooooo -Anon

Summary:  Homecoming is a night to remember… but not for all the right reasons…

Requested: Yes

Word Count: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Note: I’ve comibned to requests together cause they are quite similar! So hope both you Anon’s enjoy! x

Warning(s)?: None? Just some cute moments, fLUFFF

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Part 2  Part 3

Lost In The Deep End

Are you excited for homecoming?!” You could hear an ecstatic voice from beside you at the lockers.

Yes omg Dylan finally asked me to the dance!” The other girl replied equally as happy. You finished putting your book into your locker and closed it shut, turning to head down the hallway seeing it was time to head home. Homecoming was tonight and fortunately for you, you managed to score a date. His name was Matthew and he was really sweet and shy. You guys were just friends of course and just decided to go as friends. He was almost like a brother you never had. You both didn’t manage to get dates so you guys at the last minute decided to go together.

What will you be wearing tonight?!” Another shrieked voice squealed. 

Oh that is so beautiful omg your going to be stunning!” These were just a few of the things you have been hearing for the past two weeks. Seeing homecoming was tonight everyone seemed to be extra hyped. The guys not so much as the girls though. For you it was just a dance, you wanted to dress up and in a beautiful dress and dance with your friends through the night. So yes you were excited, just in a different way to many of the other girls. You had your outfit planned out, but decided to wear flats with the dress seeing you were going to be dancing and heels were not going to be a good option. You could barely walk in heels, you loved them yes but your feet always seemed to ache 30 minutes in to wearing them. 

“Hey Y/N!” You turned around at the mention of your name being called out. You spun around once you exited the school doors to see a beaming Peter race up behind you.

“Whoa, slow down Usain Bolt!” You joke as he came hurdling towards you. He stopped, slightly out of breath and wiped the sweat that had collected on his forehead. Peter and you had been neighbours since you were in diapers. You practically grew up with Peter. As an observant person yourself apart from your best friend MJ you noticed that his behaviour has been on and off for the past nine months. No matter how many times you tried asking him about it or snooping you never got to figure it out. You were worried to start with when he started turning up to school with bruises covered with poorly applied makeup. You would ask him what had happened and he would refuse to tell you. You often grew angry with him, helping him cover up his bruises better with some of your makeup you kept in your school backpack. 

“Trust me it’s nothing… bad” He would always say, not really sure how to put it. You could never stay mad at Peter so often you would just smiled and shake your head, helping him. You guys weren’t close as to say but during the time you started helping him cover his ‘bruises’ that he got from 'falling over’ you guys had inevitably became… close. You never saw Peter in any other way apart from platonic. Yeah you thought he was cute and very smart but you were often attracted to the bad guys who often left you with a broken heart. Peter always there seeming to pick up the pieces. That’s when you first started falling for him, he was the only one truly there for you so you couldn’t help it. I mean… how could you not fall for a guy like Peter Benjamin Parker.

“What’s up dork?” You asked out sarcastically as he stopped in front of you. He just shook his head at the nickname you use for him. 

“Your going to be at homecoming tonight, right?” He asks, fiddling with his backpack straps. You smile. You two began to walk out the entrance together, heading home.

“Yeah, Me and Matthew are heading together as friends” You cringed on the inside when you added the extra 'friends’ bit on the end. 

“Matthew and I” Peter corrects causing you to playfully push his shoulder.

“Whatever” You replied back causing the both of you to laugh. You both stopped around the corner once you saw the burned down deli shop you both head to often. You sighed once you saw it, hearing what happened not a week ago. Peter follows your eye sight and clenches his jaw once he sees what you were looking at.

“Isn’t it scary?” You ask out rhetorically. Peter stumbled over his words, not realising you were just speaking aloud. 

“Well y-yeah definitely- not that I would know or anything- you know… Hmm yup definitely… scary” He would finish causing you to laugh at the boy. 

“How one moment everythings going… fine then the next out of nowhere…” You trailed off, your eyes not leaving the scene. 

“Your whole world flips upside down” Peter glanced at you, admiring the way you were lost deep in thought. He couldn’t help but to shake this nagging feeling he got when looking at you. Almost like this moment was too good to be true. But what really concerned him was the worry he felt. Why was he worried? He drew it down to his date with Liz at homecoming tonight. He had finally asked out his crush and he was over the moon! He had asked May to teach him some dance moves and dragged out to go shopping for a tux and tie. 

You glance down to your watch to see the time. 4:36pm.

“Shit I gotta go” You said aloud, pulling Peter from his thoughts. 

“Hmm?” He asks, not hearing what you had just said.

“I gotta get ready!” You rushed out excitedly, turning on your heel to beginning running down the footpath towards home.

“It doesn’t start till 7!” He calls after you. You stopped where you were and turned around with a sheepish smile.

“Yeah but I need to get ready!” You called back.

“You have an hour and twenty four minutes!” He yells back, causing you to laugh. You turn back around and begin to run. 

“One hour and twenty three minutes!” He calls out after you laughing.

“Shut it Parker!” You called back. He knew you liked to take your time getting ready, as did most girls. He often teased you about it, how long you took to get ready for school. With a smile on his face he follow your direction, walking. He was in no rush seeing all he had to do was shower and change.

~Home (an hour later)

Once you tidied up your dress a bit you reached for your phone, pulling up Peter’s contact.

To DorkyDiaper- Reveal time?

You put your phone down quickly and went over to your window, pulling the curtains across so you could see Peter’s window. Luckily Peter’s bedroom was right across yours so you guys often use to stay up late talking to each other out the window. There was only about two meters difference between your window and his. 

From DorkyDiaper- Look out your window.

You read the text then looked up out the window. His curtain was now drawn and you could see him perfectly, standing there in very fitting tux, his hair gelled back. He looked hot. You reached for your phone to send another text.

To DorkyDiaper- do a twirl.

He looks at his phone then back up at you confused. You just nod your head excitedly. He rolls his eyes and does what you asked, doing a turn. Once he spun back around to face you, you smiled, clapping your hands together.

From DorkyDiaper- Your turn. 

You put your phone back down and stood up, twirling around in your outfit. You did your makeup to match your outfit, painting your lips red and your eyes shadow a touch red as well, you added mascara and decided not to use eyeliner tonight.

His jaw dropped once he saw you. He thought you looked absolutely stunning. He swore his heart stop, once he saw your smile and your dress twirling out when you twirled, beginning to laugh when you felt the fabric move across your skin. It was one of the most gorgeous sights he’s ever seen. He almost wished he had a camera to capture this moment. So that’s what he did, as you were twirling he quickly grabbed his camera that was sitting on his desk, waiting for the perfect moment to snatch a pic of you. He managed to snap one of you spinning, your arms out and the biggest smile on your face. You stopped once you saw the flash and Peter instantly swore under his breath.

Not thinking anything of it you decided to pose, causing him to blush seeing he got caught taking a photo of you. You did a silly pose as he snapped a photo, causing you both to laugh. You guys did a few more silly photos.

You stopped posing and stood straight, your head slightly tilted to the side as you smiled at Peter. He could feel his breath hitch in his throat. He found you captivating in this moment. You began to smile that adorable smile he always loved. Realising this was the perfect moment he quickly snapped a pick, not caring if the flash was on or not. Once he took it he stared down at his camera, flicking through the photos. You left the window and went over to grab your purse, putting your phone and wallet inside and decided to take your jacket off, putting it over your shoulder for the meantime. 

Once Peter reached the last photo he could have sworn his heart stopped. He took in a deep breath as he stared at the photo, the one where you stood still, slightly leaning your head with a gorgeous smile. Your eyes looking straight into the camera. He saw the twinkly of happiness in your eyes as you posed, just enjoying the moment. His cheeks began to redden, seeing how your eyes held such an intense emotion that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, the only thing he knew was that she was looking at you. That alone was enough for him to have his heart racing and a giddy feeling build in his stomach. He only ever felt that with Liz… but never this intense. He watched from his window as you left your room, closing the door shut behind you. He did the same, still holding the camera in his hands. He couldn’t stop starring at the photo, you were just so… beautiful he couldn’t help it.

Ready Peter?” His Aunt May asked walking into the living room where Peter currently was. With red cheeks he lifted his head and nodded quickly, turning off his camera. Aunt May gave him a weird look and shook her head, smiling to herself. That boy is such an oblivious idiot she thought as the both of them left the apartment and headed downstairs and into the car.


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A/N: Here’s part 1 out of 3! Hope you liked Anons! Thanks for the request Beautifuls! xx

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Bee, you met Ezra Miller right? I fucking love him and I swear you met him at some point. Can you tell the story because again, I fucking love him!

I have. I sat next to him on a 4 hour flight. He was probably my favorite person I’ve ever had the great intense pleasure of meeting. He willingly took the middle seat because he liked being surrounded by “friends”. He instantly made friends with the 60-something year old man in the window seat. He asked the man if he was uncomfortable with Queer people and then loudly went “OF COURSE YOURE NOT PHILLIP IM SURE YOU HAVE SOME STORIES!” And the man laughed and nodded and it was like they had their own secrets between the two of them haha. His talking voice is ecstatic and booming and he kept having to be shushed by the flight attendant to which he leaned over me, hand on his heart and sincerely said to her “I sing opera.” He was commenting on his book he was reading out loud. He fell asleep like a robot who’s power switch had been flipped off. We talked about a scar he has on his arm from an ex girlfriend (that I’m pretty sure was Zoe Kravitz) stabbing him during a fight. He laughed telling the story and ran his finger over it and warmly said “she was amazing.”  He asked me about my writing and showed genuine interest and enthusiasm for the topic and gave me so much great advice. He puts his hand on your arm when he talks to you and it’s so calming. He had on these weird rope Jesus looking sandals and I said “Nice sandals where’d you get those?” and he goes “Oh I climbed a mountain in Tibet and a monk that lived in a monastery at the top made them.” And when I said “Really??” because it wasn’t that far fetched of a story for someone like Ezra he snorted and went “No I get these in Brooklyn.” 

He was boisterous and open hearted and amazing and I adored every second with him. 

How to Successfully Handle TTT (Todd Temper Tantrums)

Request : Person A: Bite me! Person B: Where? Person A:*tiny Gasp* as something funny and fluffy with Jason pretty please :)?? (person a is Jason)

A/N : This has to be one of my all-time favorite prompts XD

[•] [•] [•]

The GCPD usually found dead bodies belonging to criminal low lives on the streets when Jason—or rather, Red Hood—was annoyed.

Strangely enough, there weren’t any on this fateful night as you, his beloved girlfriend of nearly three years, stood in front of him and the door with your lips pursed stubbornly and your eyebrows raised challengingly.

“Y/N,” Jason said calmly, which slightly unnerved you because he’s never this calm, “move out the way.”

“So what? You can go throw one of your temper tantrums again?” You questioned, scoffing in disbelief. “Please, Jay. You’re nineteen years old. I expect this from Damian, not you.”

Jason rolled his eyes, “You shouldn’t expect anything from the brat.” He said, scowling, “He already adores the ground you walk on and the damn air you breathe. If he worships anymore part of you, you’ll become a new fucking religion.”

A light bulb went on in your head, and you internally smirked.

He, seeing your expression shift to a more mischievous one, looked around the room uncomfortably. He knew that look all too well, and whatever you had planned; he wanted no part in it.

You casually dug into your pocket and got out your phone. Jason watches cautiously as you scrolled through whatever you were scrolling through and held out the device after putting it on speaker.

Before Jason could even hear the end of the first ring, the call was answered.

“Y/N!” The ecstatic, yet oddly childish voice of Damian Wayne exclaimed over the phone.

You smiled softly, “Hey, Dami, are Dick and Tim around?”

You and Jason could practically see the happiness leaving his face as soon as you mentioned their names. Nonetheless, he responded to your question, “Yes, Grayson is playing with the new gaming system father has gotten him like the immature child he will always be.”

“And what about Tim?” You asked.

“I do not associate with Drake unless I have to.” Damian deadpanned, and you couldn’t help but laugh. “But if you must know, he’s on his idiotic laptop doing God-knows-what.”

“My laptop is not idiotic!” Tim suddenly exclaimed, angrily. “It’s one of the most high-tech piece of moveable machinery the world has ever seen! Just look at how beautiful the motherboard is! I can’t fathom—”

“Yes, yes, whatever.” Damian dismissed.

Jason sniggered. He might not like the brat, but if they had to bond over anything, they would bond over ways to annoy the heck out of Tim.

“That’s good!” You cut in before an argument could break out. “Well, I hope your phone’s on speaker because Jason,” cue smirk towards your now paling boyfriend, “just wanted to tell you how much he loves you, and how much of an asshole he is for doing what he did to you.”

“Y/N!” Jason immediately protested, reaching his hand out to grab your phone, but you quickly turned away.

“What did he do?” Dick asked, coming over to Damian to join in on the conversation. You could tell by how loud his voice got.

“Ever wonder how the press got some of your deepest and darkest secrets, Dick?” You asked, ducking as Jason attempted to steal the phone away again.

“What?” The first Boy Wonder gasped, “JASON!”

Said boy cringed at how outraged his older brother sounded. It was unlike him to be so angry.

“And Tim?” Tim perked up as soon as you said his name. “Guess who told the girl you liked you still wet your bed?”

“That was you!” Tim accused, aiming his anger at the antihero.

“It was suppose to be a joke!” Jason stressed, “Its not my fault you act like such a wimp that she believed it!”

“What did he do to me, Y/N?” Damian said, and you could feel his bright blue eyes piercing through the screen.

“Don’t you dare,” Jason warned, clenching his jaw.

You shrugged and sent him a fake apologetic glance before replying, “He told Bruce about the incident in Australia.”

Utter silence.

“Todd,” Damian growled murderously, “I will rip out your spleen, cut off your air supply, and watch you die a slow, painful death with a satisfied smile on my lips. Mark my words.”

“For once I agree with his tactics.” Tim injected.

“The spleen might be a little too much, Dami….” trailed Dick.

With your own satisfied smile, you hung up and gazed smugly at a wide-eyed Jason. He wasn’t use to all three of his brothers wanting to murder him all at once. One, sure. Two, on occasion. But three? Nope.

“Want to go out now, babe?” You asked, innocently.

“Oh, bite me!” Jason huffed, plopping down on the comfy sofa with an adorable pout.

“Where?” You said, throwing him a cheeky smile and a sly wink.

He stared at you in complete shock before he comprehended what you said and smirked, “If you come over here right now then I’ll tell you where.”


(Lowkey just realised I can link the video straight to youtube)

Here’s another Platrio cover! This one’s Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

This was done in one take somehow. I make the arrangements for all our covers and we work on them together whenever we can. Sofia does lead, I do harmony, and Maia does bass.

Hopefully you guys like it! Let us know what you think! 

(And if you do like it, there’s another video on our channel….)

with the lights out (it’s less dangerous)

Pairing: Jerome Valeska x Reader
Rating: E for smut
Words: 3368
Requested by: Anonymous

You didn’t know how he managed it but he was stalking you, like a predator, and you weren’t sure why. What did he want to do to you? Fuck you? Strangle you? Both? The uncertainty unsettled you and put you on the defensive, something that only seemed to amuse Jerome.

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In which Saiki comes across a charismatic little girl that somehow reminded him of a certain someone he was escaping from on his way home from school just now.

But he was sure he had never seen nor encountered this strange girl before in his life, so he was really troubled and bothered by the fact that this pink-haired kid caught up to him, grabbed his sleeve, and chanted with the most ecstatic voice full of glee a little toddler could muster,


TO BE CONTINUED (nah jk just a teaser for that idea where Saiki meets his future daughter)


Lorde - Green Light


In the “Green Light” video, Lorde is a girl alone in an empty city. This is not an uncommon motif in the pop music video, girl alone in the city at night. Alone in the club bathroom, alone in the street. The details of this solitude: the pink dress, her glossy eyelids, her arm reaching out the open car window. I hear a sound in my mind, a brand new sound in my mind. Next shot: dancing on top of a car, the light red. I whisper things, the city sings them back to you. Girl in the city alone at night is also girl surrounded by song. Later in the video we see Ella put her headphones in.

“Your Type” - Carly Rae Jepsen (also a girl alone at night)

I remember the interviews before Melodrama came out, where she talked about riding the subways listening to her demos on cheap earphones to see how her songs would sound curling up inside of someone else’s life. 

This song is so good to sing along to, really it is. I listen to it on my car while driving down the highway too fast. I listen to it on my headphones while cooking breakfast. It makes me happy. Even so, though - it always feels like the words might get stuck in my throat. Like I might choke on it. Honey I’ll be seeing you wherever I go. Honey I’ll be seeing you down every road. A pause, here. The first ecstatic shriek: I’M WAITING FOR IT / THAT GREEN LIGHT / I WANT IT and then, again, Honey I’ll come get my things but I can’t let go. The near-apocalyptic glee of the chorus pushed right up against the yearning. I can’t stop thinking about how the word “honey” sometimes drops down into the very lowest part of her register, more like a swallow.

It is important, I think, that “Green Light” is not really a catharsis. It dwells. In “Green Light” we sit with a kind of grief that makes no promises of cleanliness, of sterility. Grief that’s sticky-sweet (honey, honey, honey). It rots. This single phrase repeated over and over: Honey I’ll come get my things. You go back. You pick your stuff up. Maybe it’s already in a box. Maybe you go inside and put the things you remember are yours in a bag, do the work of slowly, finally disentangling your life from somebody else’s. That’s awful! It’s awful. Even in the act of tearing yourself away you have to go back at least once, and in this song she repeats that return so many times, over and over. I’ll come get my things. I wish I could get my things. It’s horrific, we’re delirious with it. Still, this song is so happy. Enormous and ecstatic and solitary and happy. Pure Heroine was always filled with other people - friends, a team, a “we”, a “them”. The “you” in “Green Light” is really only there to remind us how solitary this song really is. Girl alone in a pretty dress and lip gloss in the middle of the night, not getting over it, a joyous shriek into the void I’M WAITING FOR IT THAT GREEN LIGHT I WANT IT. 

Green Light”, at least, introduces us to the soft ugly yearning that seeps through the rest of the album. Even the awkward metaphor about great whites and their teeth seems to be in service of this bruised wanting. She should talk about teeth all the time. Neon bright in a chorus of a thousand ecstatic Lorde voices: You thought that you would always be in love / but you’re not in love no more!!!! Everything ugly also glimmers in the light.

*Take Me Away | Pt 11* Newt x reader


Story synopsis: Reader is in a loveless marriage. Her husband is an Auror and works alongside Theseus. Newt is recently promoted to the Beast Division at The Ministry and Theseus decides to bring Newt along to a dinner at reader’s house. After a few run ins afterwards, reader and Newt slowly begin to fall in love. Reader has never found love in anyone besides her mother and soon finds it in Newt. The two begin to see one another secretly (after fighting the urges to avoid such a secret affair…) until after a year of hiding Newt is asked to travel the world and write his book. Will reader go with him and leave her life behind?

The house was glowing with intricate lights and shiny decorations. The tree was adorned in all your favorite ornaments and a shiny angel your mother had given you at the very top. Winney was setting out the last of the drinks and food as your quickly made your way through the house making sure everything was perfect. The guests would be arriving soon but all you could think about was Newt.

“Everything ready, dear?” Nathaniel appeared from the stairs, his hand’s fumbling to complete his bow tie.

“Just about.” Using your wand, you held it up and with a simple fluid motion you conjured up mistletoe just above the entry way in to the main room. You smiled as you imagined you and Newt beneath it; no one else around. Just you two in one another’s arms. 

Nathaniel rolled his eyes at the ridiculous muggle tradition. “I don’t see why you insist on having such a ridiculous muggle tradition in our home.”

“I think it’s romantic.” You sighed, a small smile on your face. 

“Yes, well,” Nathaniel strode past you, picking up a small pastry and popping it in his mouth, “I find it rather pathetic.”

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White Lines

Pairing: Jeonghan X Reader
Genre: Angst, Angst, Angst
Word Count: 1,867
Warning: Mentions of head injuries, bodily injuries and car accidents.

A/N: Ahhh this is my first attempt at angst! I was inspired by the song White Lines by Dustin Tebbutt, and I highly recommend listening to  while reading this scenario. I hope you’ll all enjoy!

thump thump….thump thump…….thump thump………

Jeonghan slowly opens his heavy eyelids and takes in his surroundings as he comes to full consciousness. A dimly lit white room. A pale green curtain drawn across your side of the room. A hospital bed. A machine with a white line displayed across its screen rising and falling, beeping in rhythm. You.

Jeonghan sighs heavily and sits forward in the cramped chair that had become his bed for the past 70 hours. He rests his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands and screws his eyes shut tightly, trying to erase the image of the accident from his head, only to have the memory replay yet again.

It had been an unusually warm day for this time of the year, so you and Jeonghan had spent it driving along the rolling countryside for hours on end. As the sun fell behind the horizon, you two laid together in a field on top of a blanket that had been stored in the back of your beaten up car. You two gazed up at the twinkling stars while surrounded by complete darkness. Eventually, comforted by each others embrace and the calmness of the night, you had both fallen asleep only to awaken by a light drizzle at 1am. Gathering your stuff up, Jeonghan gently took your hand and pulled you into him. “I love you, Y/N.” He had been waiting for the right moment to drop the first “I love you” and that night had seemed like the perfect setting. Letting the breath you had unknowingly kept in out, you fix your eyes upon his and pull him in for a quick kiss.  “I love you, too.” you breathe out, fully taking in the unfamiliar words. He smiles in response and holds you close to his chest for another minute. Not wanting to get soaked by the progressing rain, you gather the rest of your belongings up and get into your car and head back home.

As you enter into the city after roughly an hour of driving, the street lights appearing as deep yellow streaks against the night, you take one hand off of the steering wheel and reach to your side for Jeonghan’s hand. He laces his fingers with yours and you turn to look at him and smile, feeling the happiest you had ever been in your whole life right at that moment. Suddenly, your boyfriends eyes turn wide as he looks past you and everything else happened in slow motion. You turned to your opposite side to see a large semi truck barreling towards your vehicle, the truck sounds its horn and you let go of the wheel completely, knowing that it is too late. You turn to Jeonghan one last time and your face contorts into a mixed expression of pure anguish and fear as the semi’s front collides into your side of the car, screaming out one more “I love you” to each other before the world in front of you fades to a solemn darkness.

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Scribble-Doodle: Diplomacy

A parabatai pre-series fic. Alec’s tasked with delivering a message to Hotel Dumort. Jace tags along. Luckily.

“Where are we going?” Jace asks when he joins Alec at the front door of the Institute.

Alec rolls his eyes while pulling on his fingerless gloves. “We aren’t going anywhere. I was ordered to deliver a message to Hotel Dumort.”

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The Light Keeper (Part 12)


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

Rating: T

Summary: A beast lurks in the waters. Stan loses Ford to the waves, the lighthouse his only point of contact and hope of ever getting him back.
…He used to love the sea, now it’s taken everything from him.

Lighthouse Keeper AU.

Series of One-shots.

AN: Commission and story collab with @garrulousgibberish​ based on their Lighthouse Keeper AU (link above). ♥ Mooooooore lighthouse keeper. Drown me in this au.


Part 12: Short Steps

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Hey, all! As some of you may know, I’m one of the writers for the @takethatzine, which is an lgbt+ themed Ace Attorney zine of art and short fiction. It’s all for charity, so I hope you’ll consider supporting it!

While the wonderful people in charge of the zine work towards its release, I’m excited to share a small preview of my piece below.

Be sure to follow @takethatzine for more previews and updates! All of my fellow contributors are incredibly talented people. You’ll like what you see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first look my piece, Measure for Measure!

“We’ve had this apartment for 135 days,” Clay began. “Since we moved in, you’ve preempted my bad days with your own baking nine times.”

Apollo wouldn’t have been able to hold down his smile if he wanted to. Their relationship was the thing Clay was tracking the stats on so closely.

“So how many days are we into our relationship, then?” Apollo asked.

“Officially? It’s been 815 days. But we did have our first kiss 869 days ago…”

“Well yeah…” Had it been that long? Apollo could still remember the feeling like it was yesterday. “But we had some stuff to figure out before we could be together.”

“By ‘some stuff’ I assume you mean how you thought the kiss was platonic.”

“I’ll never be living that down, will I?”

“Never.” Clay closed his eyes, grinning broadly at the ceiling. “In the last 815 days, I’ve cried in your arms six times, I’ve helped you through ten all-nighters and you’ve helped me through seventeen, and we’ve tended to each other through a collective total of eleven sick days.”

“Clay…” Apollo was floored. “You’ve always been great with numbers, but this is really something else.”

“You want to hear the most important one?” Clay still bore an ecstatic smile, but his voice was sounding drowsy.

“Of course.” Now what could the most important number be? Apollo wondered.

Clay nodded.

“I’ve fallen in love with you no fewer than two hundred forty-four times.”

To Take (Pt.2)

Summary: With all your memories gone, and the sudden information that you are now a vampire–who do you trust? Do you trust your mind that says to hate Yoongi? Or your heart that says you could never?

Part One

Three weeks after your sudden awakening into the life of a vampire, you finally found the library. Turns out the entire basement of the castle was a maze of libraries–of which, none were labeled. The unhelpful nature of the castle and its books did not aid in your quest to remember/ figure out whom the hell you were supposed to be/ what were you now that you were a vampire.

The first room you stumbled upon was a mess: dusty and cluttered to the point that some rows of tables were positively littered with books, scraps of papers, quills, modern pens, random notes in languages you couldn’t read nevertheless speak, texts that were in equally strange tongues, and piles upon piles of printed images ranging from frayed old parchment to newer, sleeker photographs. The mildew in the room caused you to sneeze practically every two feet; if there was one thing about immortality, it was that it did not clear your allergies.

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Perks | jung hoseok

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Pairing: j-hope/hoseok x reader
Genre: one-shot, fluffy fluff
Length: 4.8k
Warnings: like one bad word c’mon does this really even need a warning
Summary: You attend one of BTS’s performances to support your best friend, Hoseok, and his members, and you manage to mess up your ankle.

A/N: I admit I got lazy towards the end… hope it isn’t all that bad! And I realized that a lot of my scenarios that I’ve had up so far take place during a concert LOL. I’m clearly not still suffering from post-concert depression… *flies away to nothingness*

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