ecstasy of the lilies

a slip of the tongue.
  • when james deflates his head and matures a bit, he actually manages to become friends with lily evans
  • like, really good friends who have comfortable conversations and make each other laugh, and it’s great, really great
  • but there’s a problem: james is still in love with her
  • like, crazily in love and he tries to hide it, but he automatically smiles when she walks into the room, and his eyes soften when he sees her, and his gaze flickers to her lips when she speaks and he cannot help it
  • and it is painfully obvious to literally everybody… except lily
  • she somehow remains oblivious to the fact that the boy who is quickly becoming one of her closest friends just wants to hold her and run his hands through her hair and tell her every day how desperately in love with her he is
  • (he also wants to push her against a wall and snog her senseless, but that’s neither here nor there)
  • and james can accept things as they are because lily really doesn’t see him in that way and he’s not going to risk losing what they have
  • so he just swallows his feelings and feels like he’s dying a little every day, no big deal
  • but then they’re all in the three broomsticks, squeezed into a smaller booth than normal, and when james ends up next to lily, he’s positive the universe hates him and he’s going to go mad because he’s never been so close to her in his life and it’s simultaneously ecstasy and torture
  • but he manages to play it cool because lily seem completely unperturbed by their proximity (damn)
  • what he doesn’t realise, because she manages to play it cool too, is that lily is actually very aware that james is pressed up against her; they’re literally shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, knee to knee
  • and it gives her tingles
  • ‘oh,’ she thinks. then it clicks. oh. oh no
  • because it suddenly hits her that maybe the way she’s been thinking about james lately, like admiring his physique in his quidditch uniform or the cute way he adjusts his glasses or the captivating way he runs his fingers through his hair, hasn’t been exactly platonic
  • and now it’s all she can think about; he’s all she can think about
  • and suddenly it’s her turn to try and hide the fact that she’s in love
  • she does about as a good a job of it as james does
  • and he does about as a good a job as her at being oblivious
  • (everyone else in the school is going mad)
  • at the next hogsmeade visit, when they somehow end up alone together because everyone else is conveniently busy, they both try not to make too big a deal about it and fail horribly because it’s a massive deal when you’re in love with the person sitting across the table from you and shit, did this count as a date?
  • but they’re still friends, so they somehow manage to get through lunch despite the romantic and sexual tension between them
  • then james steals some of lily’s food
  • “oi!” she moves to slap the back of his hand, but it’s too late and he laughs as he comes away with a handful of chips
  • she shoots him a murderous glare which just makes him laugh harder and she adores the sound of his laughter so she laughs, too
  • she shakes her head. “you’re incorrigible!”
  • “you love it,” he jokes
  • “i love you,” she says

  • shit
  • shit shit shit
  • they’ve both frozen; james has forgotten how to breathe and lily is wishing she could sink through the floor
  • “do…” he starts, but trails off because he’s scared, terrified, of finishing the question, because maybe she’ll give him an answer he doesn’t want to hear
  • and lily does briefly consider taking it back; she knows she could add, ‘as a friend!’ to the end of that sentence and they could pretend it never happened and everything would go back to the way it was and they could stay friends
  • except she’s so bloody sick of being his friend, she’s so tired of pretending that friendship with james potter is enough for her when it isn’t, it’s never going to be enough
  • so she takes a deep breath before whispering, “yes.”
  • she watches in awe as a familiarly warm grin spreads slowly across his face
  • “you’re the only person i’ve ever been in love with,” he finally admits and when her face lights up, it feels like he’s swallowed a sun

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Oh gosh, those fics were adorable! You have great taste :) I was wondering if you could recommend any others (I'm rubbish at finding good ones)? Any setting is fine.

Boi, you just unleashed the beast lmao I have soooo many recs. This should definitely be more than enough, but if you want more recs, feel free to ask lol


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Hey Remus?

“Hey Remus?” Sirius lay in the four poster bed at Grimmauld Place, concealed by the maroon bed hangings he had just conjured. If he closed his eyes, he was sixteen again, laying in his dorm at Hogwarts, listening to James talk about Lily. Then, he heard his mother’s portrait scream from below him and Mrs. Weasley’s hurried footsteps to quiet her again.

“Hmm?” Remus was nearly asleep across the room.

“What do you reckon James and Lily would do if they were here?”

“Well, for starters, I don’t think they would be here. They might be with their children at Godric’s Hollow, keeping them safe.”

“Harry would want to be here.”

“Harry still wants to be here. He’s at school.” Remus’s voice was getting very thick with sleep the more he spoke.

“Hey Remus?”

“Hey Padfoot.”

“I miss Prongs.”

“So do I, Pads. So do I.” Remus took a heavy breath and Sirius heard him snuggle down into his sheets, trying to get comfortable.

“Hey Remus?”

“What, Sirius?”

“What do you reckon Harry’s name would be? He’s certainly a Marauder.”

“Fawn.” Remus was suddenly more awake, and Sirius heard a smile in his voice. A rush of memories came back, the memories that had kept him sane in Azkaban.   

A week before Halloween, 1981, he was curled up on the couch with baby Harry snuggled in next to him, Sirius’s tail clutched in Harry’s free hand. The other was jammed in his mouth. Harry smelled rather strongly of strawberry jelly and Prongs.

Six days before Halloween, 1981, James, Lily, Harry, Remus, and Sirius ate dinner around their dining room table. (Wormtail had been strangely absent, and it was with a heavy heart that Sirius remembered why.) Lily had made pasta with meat sauce and the bread had been burnt.

Five days before Halloween, 1981, Lily Potter had just announced that she was two months pregnant with their second child and everyone was in tears. James was shocked, even though Lily assured everyone that he had been the first to find out, weeks before.  

Four days before Halloween, 1981, they were all together for the last time. Peter gave Lily a hug, offered his congratulations. Remus cried, as if he knew. It had been a hard full moon a week and a half before, and he hadn’t quite recovered. Harry kissed Remus’s tears away, as he had seen his father do to his mother time and again.

Three days before Halloween, 1981 Sirius stayed with Lily and Harry while James was with Dumbledore. Lily’s hand rested lightly on her stomach as Sirius played with Muggle baby toys on the floor. They talked of Marlene McKinnon’s recent death and they both shed a few tears over tea. Harry fell asleep in Sirius’s arms and Lily helped him lay the baby down.

Two days before Halloween, 1981, Remus Lupin, with Harry on his hip, watched Lily Potter hold her husband’s hand, as if he were five years old, as Sirius patched up his wounds from the battle the day before. Lily caressed his face, whispering inconsequential nothings as Sirius’s wand moved methodically over his back. For James, Remus knew, nothing Lily ever said would be an inconsequential nothing because James’s face still shone with ecstasy that Lily Evans was talking to him.

A day before Halloween, 1981, Sirius stood on the front step of the Potter’s home at Godric’s Hollow, conversing in low tones to James. The plan. No matter what happened in this war, they stuck together, do you understand me, Prongs? We get through this together. Because we’re brothers, we’re family. Do you solemnly swear, Prongs?

Halloween, 1981. Sirius stood in front of the home at Godric’s Hollow, and realized his entire world was gone. His entire world had just crashed and burned. There was nothing any more.

Summer, 1996. Sirius heard Remus’s ragged snore coming from across the room. When Sirius closed his eyes tight, he could fall asleep believing he was sixteen again, worried about Marlene McKinnon’s affections and his Potions homework. When Sirius closed his eyes tight, James was in the next bed over and the future was bright and that was his whole world.

ecstasy lilies curl
in a spine of jade knobs

slow cured in window slats
cooked for despair

some hot kind of delight

& they are playing for time
playing the gamelan

for a head on the pillow
for a girl

blind in the heart

// pensive limbs dangling from beatnik beds

Unwinding (M)

→ Jongin Smut Drabble

Word count: 617

Lips were crashing against the hot skin of your neck as you quickly glanced down at your phone laying exposed underneath your bodies. The screen was on, showing the conversation that had led to this exact situation;



“This exam is really driving me crazy.. I’m so stressed”

“Then let me help you unwind baby girl”

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I fill my mouth with laughter -

a laughter so pleasant that

it will send the world spinning

on its feet, like a girl in a pink tutu;

and I’ll drop my head backwards

in surrender to this natural ecstasy

of happiness, like love; like taste

of honey scented lily blooms and

the soft curl of leaves toward the sun -

receiving the boundless joy of life.

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Would you do Regulily?

I’m almost positive my dates work. 

Oct 1979-

“Leave him.” 

Lily whirled around and narrowed her eyes. Regulus was leaning back against the wall, arms and ankles crossed, and watched her with soft grey eyes under a fringe of black hair. 


“You know you want to and I want you to. Leave him and come with me instead.” Regulus cocked an eyebrow and smirked, daring her to challenge him. 

“I can’t just leave.” Lily said in exasperation. “I love him.” 

Regulus let out a mirthless chuckle and she caught the flash of hurt in his eyes before they hardened. “You love him? Really?” He canted his head down and looked up at her. “Is that why you’ve been in my bed for the past three months? Why you’ve been screaming my name in ecstasy? Tell me, Lily love,” his voice lowered an octave and she shivered, “can James fuck you the way I can?” 

Lily’s hands curled into fists, leaving half moon marks in her palms from her ragged nails. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to hit him or push him against the wall and kiss him in that moment. 

Regulus pushed off the wall, his smirk turned wicked and slightly cruel. He approached her with measured steps and, oh so carefully, pushed a bit of her auburn hair behind her ear. “You haven’t answered my question, love.” He sai, his voice deceptively soft. “Tell me this instead, do you know whose child you carry? His… or mine?” he bit out the last word. 

Lily gasped and pulled away from him sharply, bringing the arm he wasn’t holding up to slap him. “How dare you?” she snarled, even as tears threatened to fill her eyes at the truth of this words. She didn’t know. “Get away from me! I never want to see you again!” 

Regulus grabbed the hand she had hit him with and bowed low over it. His once warm eyes were now cold as he met her gaze. He didn’t say anything, just turned her hand over and kissed her palm, his soft lips at contrast with his hard eyes. 

He released her and walked away. The door closed behind him with finality and Lily slid down the wall, the tears she had been holding back spilling out. 

The Isopata signet ring

This famous ring from the Isopata tomb, near Knossos, is a masterpiece of Minoan gold work. The bezel depicts four female figures, richly clad in characteristic Minoan garments, moving through a landscape of lilies. Three of them dance in ecstasy, their arms raised in the air, while the fourth one, placed in the centre of the scene and slightly higher than the others, makes a gesture - possibly of benediction.

Late Bronze Age, 1600 - 1400 BC Place of discovery: Knosos, Isopata grave Dimensions: diameter: 0,021 m Material: Gold. Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture


A Marauders fanfiction, set sometime in their 7th year

Rating: K+

Warnings: Slight language use

Word Count: Less than 1k.

Disclaimer: Last I checked, I wasn’t J.K. Rowling…maybe in another life. Everything and everyone you recognize is hers. 

       James Potter was cold. Bone-deep, frozen-solid, hypothermia-inducing cold.

      Prior to today’s match, James had thought of Quidditch as a sort of heaven, an ecstasy of the highest kind, one only triumphed by his nightly dreams starring Lily Evans. But today- today had been hell.

     Ice and water and wind and sleet and snow and pure cold had assaulted his body for the entirety of the five-hour-long match. The Slytherins, those disgusting, underhanded, cheating bastards, had fought their absolute dirtiest. Twenty-three fouls, seventeen illegal moves, three curses cast, and five players injured: one of which was Sirius. James had been beyond anger, rage, and fury, but now- now he was just cold.

     James lay on his back in his plush bed, shivering under his blanket. Rolling onto his side, he closed his eyes. Lily would help him warm up, even if her presence was just a dream. He slowly fell asleep.

     Without warning, his door flew open. James started awake, blinking his unseeing hazel eyes. He was utterly blind without his glasses, which were currently resting on his bedside table.

     He reached for them, and he regained the sense of sight. What he saw shocked him.

    Lily Evans, his future wife (in his mind, anyway), was standing in his doorway. Without so much as a single word, she marched into his room and threw a massive pile of comfy red and gold blankets onto his bed, and subsequently, him. She carefully spread them (three in all) out, tucking them in while humming quietly. After, she pulled her wand out of a pocket in her pajama pants, and waved it thrice. A blaze lighted in a fireplace that, until that moment, had not previously existed. She then closed the door and crept to his bed.

    James’s soft, amber-caramel eyes were wide with unadulterated shock and fear. His eyes, impossible though it seemed to Lily, widened further when she clambered into bed with him and gently forced him to lie back down.

     “Wha- wha- what? Li-Lily?” James stuttered, completely confused.

      Lily snuggled into his chest and pulled his arm over her. “Goodnight, James,” she sighed, and closed the emerald eyes that haunted James both day and night.

     James lay in his comfortable bed happily, and for the first time since before the match, since forever maybe, he was warm. Bone-deep, heart-thawing, love-inducing warm.