ECSC 2015: Virginia Beach, VA

A leisurely, quiet morning on the beach? Not if we have anything to say about it! As soon as light hits the sand, the crews are in motion, preparing the Coastal Edge ECSC event site for the day’s action. There’s surf, BMX, skate & tons of fun in Van Doren Village so be sure to head over this weekend if you live in the area. 

photos: nancy maxwell

caythis  asked:

Just wondering why you think the EU is so important to peace in Europe?

I think economic and political interdependence are crucial to removing the incentives for states to go to war with one another. It’s insanity for the US to go to war with Canada today for this reason. And that’s what the European Union- for all its flaws, for all the bits I think it needs reform- does. Tying your fates together by intertwining your economies- and in other more subtle ways, the experiences people gather when they are able to move freely between EU countries thanks to EU Free Movement- I personally feel it helps build a sort of cultural awareness and tolerance that erodes nationalist tensions and rivalries. Not that there isn’t still infighting or disagreement, but it’s being done with pens instead of bullets. It’s done a great deal to cool down the Franco-German rivalry (that otherwise threatens European peace) and morphed it into a relationship of cooperation. And I think a high level of integration is necessary because Europe has otherwise been pretty conflict-ridden throughout history. 

The EU, in its very first incarnation, was the European Coal and Steel Community- and it was founded expressly to “make war not only unthinkable but materially impossible”. The ECSC would take the control of coal and steel industries- so crucial to armament and warfare- away from individual European governments and at the same time serve as an apparatus for increased cooperation and stronger ties between ECSC members. This is also a thinking US policymakers applied to the global economy is a whole after WW2- that it was worth using US gold reserves to finance the Bretton-Woods fixed exchange rate system to create a stable regime for trade. The logic being that it would not only aid economic recovery after the war and create new markets for American goods, but also foster economic interdependence that would make war much less attractive (at least between those capitalist economies that were part of that order). 

It’s possible I suppose, to have that without the EU, but I feel it’s much weaker. Especially when I contrast post-war East & SEAsia to Europe. A lot of nationalist rivalries there imo still have potential to cause open conflict in the future. 


Vans Presents 2014 Coastal Edge ECSC: Virginia Beach, VA
VA Beach! Come hang out with us all week for surf, skate, bmx, and more. Along with all of the contests and demos happening, come play games for free goodies in the Van Doren Village & watch a free screening of our new Vans Surf film Get-N Classic Vol. 3. Click read more below to see the full event schedule for the week or tune in to the live surf webcast at

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This weekend Vans skate team riders Alex Perelson, Omar Hassan, Josh Borden and Christian Hosoi will be getting their shred on in Virginia Beach on the COASTAL EDGE ECSC halfpipe on the beach. Come say, “What’s up,” to the guys and grab some free swag.

Demo Times are as follows:

Friday, August 22nd 1:00pm – 2:00pm / Skate Demo
3:00pm – 4:00pm / BMX & Skate Demo

Saturday, August 23rd 1:00pm – 2:00pm / Skate Demo
3:00pm – 4:00pm / BMX & Skate Demo
Sunday, August 24th 11:00am – 12:00pm / BMX & Skate Demo

Photo: Rhino