Omo @hissorihaka cuties came in \^o^/ Dee always amazes me with the quality and cuteness of her work!

The stickers are very nice and colorful!!! The charms are sooo cute and double sided^.- Find everything cute here———> Secret Garden

Forgive my poor attempt at taking pictures OTL I wanted/tried to get them in the sunlight because it looks like the little stars are glowing^^

Haru is probably the best one, haha…

However LOOK AT their shadows!!!! ALL the pretty colors XD

BONUS!!! Look at the chubby pink butts>.< 

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Secret - One Republic
Hello - SHINee
X…………mun literally knows zero songs that begin with X soo…
Missing Piece - David Choi
Champagne - Yunho
Hug - DBSK
Asu Wa Kuru Kara - DBSK
Nothing Better - Jong Yup (Brown Eyes Soul)
Gone Gone Gone - Phillip Phillips
My Little Princess - DBSK (ugh, this acapella is so beautiful)
X…….nothing’s changed, still don’t know any songs that begin with X
Next to Me - Emeli Sandé

Rules: Spell out your url in song titles then tag 10 people!  DO NOT REBLOG.
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Shake it - Sistar

Quasimodo - SHINee

Up & Down - EXID

I - Taeyeon

Secret - Taeyeon ( LOVE this song)

Hello - SHINee

Yesterday - Xia

Breaking News - SHINee

Uncover - Zara Larsson

Mind your own business - Ailee

Mr Chu - Apink

Insane - Ailee

Elevator - Jonghyun

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How did Sal feel about that. Did he get upset

        “I can’t speak for him but I think he was more confused than 
        anythin’. Ya gotta remember, this is before we were a thing a-
        nd… I kind’a just shoved it on him ‘cause I don’t like keepin’ s-
        ecrets from people I care about. I’m just glad he doesn’t bring 
        it up any more; it used to be runnin’ joke because he could e-
        mbarrass me - and hell, Q as well - with it but since we got to-
        gether he kind’a stopped.”

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Spell your name in songs

  • R-ise by Skillet
  • I-ndestructible by Disturbed
  • S-trike Back by We As Human
  • S-ecret by The Pierces
  • A-nthem by Kamelot

What’s your middle name?

  • ~ Diann ~

If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

  • Definitely a ~ Dragon ~

Favorite colors?

  • Royal purple and midnight blue and silver

Song you like now?

  • The Bold and the Brave by Disturbed

Top 4 fandoms

  • ummm, Bleach, The Legend of Legendary Heroes, Darker Than Black, Attack on Titan


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Talk about us


What they define their relationship with your muse as:

You’re my cousin, obviously. And one of my most trusted friends.

Something they like about your muse:

You’re much braver than I. You should give yourself more credit for it.

Something they dislike about your muse:

Secrets. I know you have them, but I can’t really blame you for them. I have them too.

Their first impression of your muse:

My first real memory of you, I remember looking at you and thinking about how cool you are.

Their impression of your muse now:

You’re a dork.

How they feel about your muse:

You’re still my best friend.

Something they are hiding from your muse:

Something they wish they could to tell your muse:

I wish you’d come and talk to me more. I admire your strength.”

Hail Caesar!

So…this movie is kind of boring. It has a great cast but surprisingly few of them interact with each other which is a shame. Josh Brolin plays the lead who fails to keep my attention, all of the other cast members act as background characters to his story. George Clooney plays a hilarious actor in old Hollywood who falls in with some communists, Scarlett Johansson plays an unmarried expectant mother, Jonah Hill is a “professional person”(?)(This concept escaped me), and Channing Tatum is a secret communist. I would rather watch a full length movie about any other character in this movie than Josh Brolin’s. I want to see a full length movie about Alden Ehrenreich’s goofy western star. Without giving away more spoilers than i already have I’ll say that with every funny line, Channing Tatum’s dance number, and Scarlett Johansson’s water aerobics scene this movie is definitely worth price of admission. 

“It’s all in the hips and the eyes and the lips and the thighs”


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Aerial Shot from the Skybus of St. Martin’s, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall

Located thirty miles off the Cornish coast, the Isles of Scilly consist of a cluster of islands, five of which are inhabited: St Mary’s, St Martin’s, Tresco, St Agnes and Bryher. From hotels and B & Bs to self-catering holiday cottages and campsites, most listed accommodation on the Isles of Scilly have specified that they are dog-friendly.

Even travelling with your four-legged friend is a breeze….Isles of Scilly Travel provides two modes of transport to whisk you away to one of the Uk’s best kept Secret Destinations. From Penzance the Scillonian III takes 2 hours 30 minutes and dogs are welcome on leads throughout most parts of the deck. Jet-setting dogs and owners can also fly by Skybus from Newquay and Lands End airports. Your dog takes his seat in a RSPCA approved animal box right by your side. The Skybus team are wonderfully friendly and you will both feel like VIP’s as you travel in style to Scilly. Read more at Isles of Scilly Travel.

From May to the end of September, dogs are not allowed on the main family beaches (Porthcressa, Porthmellon and Old Town) and Tresco ask for leads but it still leaves them plenty of running room on the rest of the islands, including many locals favourite; St. Martin’s.

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The island of St. Martin’s is ‘doggy’ heaven, just as much as it is for their owners. Water-loving dogs can explore miles of peaceful white sanded beaches, and with just one main road on the island there is also miles of countryside walks that you can explore safely together too.

Karma St. Martin’s, the only hotel on the island, is a luxurious accommodation choice. The welcoming team here supply doggy welcome packs, dog menus, blankets and treats leaving your best-friend feeling as pampered as you.

For peace of mind there is also a caring Vet Support Group on the Islands. With the help of supporters and extensive fundraising, a brand new purpose built surgery (consisting of consultation room, X-ray room and operating theatre with living accomodation for the incumbent vet) was completed in December 2010.

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A Vet is Always On Call in The Isles of Scilly


Dog Friendly Destination: Isles of Scilly Located thirty miles off the Cornish coast, the Isles of Scilly consist of a cluster of islands, five of which are inhabited: St Mary’s, St Martin’s, Tresco, St Agnes and Bryher.