Mishaps and life [ Day 3 ]

Today has been a day of thoughts, not any profound things no, but if I should replace my eCraft or not. So first of all, I’m not good with waiting, if I want something I want it now! And yesterday my eCraft broke, now I googled to see if I could fix it but basically found out that its a crappy product that never holds what it promises. So I need to replace it, need is such a subjective word though, I don’t really need it to stay alive but I really want it for my crafts. So I found another machine, one that almost all reviews says is great, and I really want it! Its a silhouette cameo, but its like £299, and I’m going away to Florida in march.

Well my strongest side is my ability to say no to myself, NOT! So I found one on ebay, it has the right power outlet, so I bought it. Hope it works much better than the eCraft, wouldn’t recommend that machine to my worst enemy, but thats another story.

In other news, still sick, watching Roswell (on season 2 now), cross stitching my Ocelot. Well I’m turning in, see you tomorrow.


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Using the eCraft machine to cut chipboard.
chipboard cardchipboard cardchipboard card