Buy Art Not Kids will be a silent auction event, offering art work from both internationally renowned and up-and-coming artists. The program will also highlight works from survivors of sexual exploitation. Select luxury items will be available for bid. Attendees can enjoy wine and cheese throughout the night.

Featured Artists: Pieter Hugo, Yoshiaki Mochizuki, Joel Shapiro, Lucien Clergue, Harold Krisel, & Ruth Orkin Luxury items will be available for bid as well.

Event Ticketing
French Actress Marie Reache Supports ECPAT-USA

By Gerald Yanavok

For any organization to really create awareness, it helps to have someone who has a powerful stature in the public eye, such as: famous sports figures, actors, politicians, etc. They sponsor these organizations because, they believe in those particular causes and know, that they can use their fame to raise awareness and forward those causes.

Marie Réache, is a well known TV and Film actress over in France. She has starred in many roles in her career, most notably, Babeth Nebout, in the TV series, “Plus belle la vie.” Recently, her picture went on ECPAT USA’s region of The Piximap. 

We believe this is truly the start of something great. We have turned online donations into a visual experience, thus, changing the way people contribute forever. Marie Réache’s support is proof, that we are making a difference and we only expect things to go up from here.

Go to Pixicause today; make a contribution to ECPAT USA and see Marie Réache’s picture among the growing community of supporters.

You can also check out Marie Réache on her official Facebook page.

Thank you Marie Réache for your support!


Video Release Party with ECPAT- INSPIRING!

So, I wanted to write about my Video Release Party before I forget too much. Today was one of those days where you are just in awe that you got to be a part of something so so special. 

(After The Show with LtoR: Jasmine (Director of Video), Helen (Producer of Video), Carol Smolenski (Director of ECPATUSA), Eeefy (TV Host), Tiana Star)

The room was filled with people who not only love me and my music, but were there for something bigger. We all came out, perhaps for different reasons, but what we got was inspiration and hope. 

The event started out with a lot of getting to know each other, as half the crowd was texting and letting me know they were running late because of the usual L.A. traffic. So, that was actually very nice as everyone was chatting and munching on goodies in the very uniquely decorated and painted Coffee Gallery Backstage. 

I ran in and out saying hello to our guests and then talking/texting to people on the phone trying to wait as long as we could because the event was going to be short, and didn’t want people to miss out if possible! 

While my family helped decorate and watch my 2 year old son, and fans were arriving, I had the pleasure of FINALLY meeting Carol Smolenski, director of ECPAT (End Child Prostitution and Trafficking). A woman I’ve been in phone and email contact for almost 2 years after writing my song “I AM MY OWN” inspired by their charity, and giving proceeds from the song to them. 

Well, she walked in during my sound check and I recognized her immediately. She has such a glow and beauty about her that I yelled out her name and she just laughed! I got along with her so well. We got to chat for a few stolen minutes over a cup of coffee and dream up more things we could do together! She is such a CHAMPION for human life and saving children and young adults from unthinkable crimes! 

(Some of my awesome friends that drove 40 miles to be there!)

Finally almost everyone was there and it was time for the show to begin. Thankfully using my new TC-Helicon VoiceLive Touch went well (it harmonizes with me and adds amazing effects- check it out online!) And the whole crowd was quiet and listening to me. I can’t tell you how good it feels for people to be feeling what you wrote and are feeling and getting it! It’s just one of my favorite feelings ever. 

After my 6 song set, including ending with I AM MY OWN of course, it was time for the real honor to begin- Carol Smolenski took the stage. She told us her story of how she got started in Children’s rights and how we’ve not come nearly as far as I’d have imagined. She says there’s more hope now than there’s been- but out of all our airlines and all our hotels that they’re asking to be held accountable for Child Trafficking going on- only 2 businesses in ALL of the US have signed their petition! We couldn’t believe our ears! Internationally over 1,000 businesses have signed the pledge to train their employees what to look for, and not to blink at seeing young girls (and boys) in suspicious situations being let into hotel rooms (or airplanes). And yet here in our own country- only 2 have signed this! 

With that said, though, Carol went on to explain how we all can help. She told us when we board airplanes and when we stay in hotels- that we could ask what they’re doing to protect children being exploited- and she even gave us all postcards we could fill out to hand in or mail out in case that made us more comfortable (here’s the link to take action: ) 

She was so upbeat and eloquent in her speech that she made us all believe the TRUTH- that we can ALL STAND UP AND HELP END THIS! That we CAN’T be good people who JUST SHUT OUR EYES!  We have to take a stand for this to end. I totally believe that! 

At the end of her speech, several people asked her questions and she continued to give thorough, and informed answers that once again inspired us all to take action once we left.  SIDE NOTE: I WILL be having petition and postcard mailing parties for my friends, fans, and family. COMING SOON! 

After we all clapped and clapped for Carol- we didn’t know what else to do- what else can you do but pray for and hug this amazing women doing so much with such awesome people trying to make a difference- not just talking about it- but DOING IT! 

Well, after all that, it was time to introduce the Music Video. I had the crew that was in attendance from the making of the video: Jasmine (director), Helen (producer) and Tiffany (actress in video), come to the stage to introduce them- so everyone would see these beautiful women and how much they’ve helped! 

The video was shown and it was over in a second (it seemed) Everyone clapped and clapped and the room was silent during the film. It was an interesting thing to be watching myself on screen with everyone else- but in a way natural- because mostly it was about bringing awareness to this issue that NEEDS to be talked about. 

Afterwards, everyone was going up to Carol privately and asking her what they could do, and asking questions that needed answers. It was so amazing. Everyonewanted pictures and to stick around. I’ve never had so many people stick around so long. I think we all were drawing on this loving and positive experience and arming ourselves with this passion to move forward to remember to keep it moving! 

Then as the last of us were about to get into our cars, an ice cream truck pulled up and I shouted “STOP THAT TRUCK” because my little 2 and a ½ year old sweetie pie son had never had ice cream from an ice cream truck (and I wanted one too). Well then- everyone all got ice creams too, young and old- and we took more photos! It was awesome! (I got a Ninja Turtle pop) :) 

(My son West getting his first ice-cream from an ice cream truck!)

So, as you can see, it was just one of those amazing days. For anyone that is reading this that attended- thank you so much for being there and I’m so honored to have been in everyone’s presence, as each soul is equal and important and it took a lot to get all the way out to Altadena for every person there, and I’m so grateful. 

I hope that those reading who aren’t aware of Human Trafficking will please take the time to get aware. Remember to buy my song I AM MY OWN as proceeds go to ECPAT and we’re trying to spread the word- through donations and money, ECPAT pays for victims healthcare that isn’t covered by medicare, and a billion other things to help these poor victims and to get them FREE! 

To Close, I remember when I was a little kid and I read about Harriet Tubman and the underground railroad. I remember saying “I would’ve done that, I would’ve helped those slaves” and thinking “Even if I died, I would’ve helped”. 

I ask you- Will you help these slaves? These children with no voice, no home, no help, no FREEDOM? Will you help!  I WILL! Remember the voice of Edmund Burke

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”


If you don’t know where to start- start at ECPATUSA.ORG and see how you can take charge. Email me- with any questions as I’m arranging events soon to all work together.  And BUY MY SONG “I Am My Own” for only .99 cents on iTunes as the proceeds go to ECPAT who know what to do with that money to help others! 

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’re as inspired as we are!

Ruth Orkin
Einstein Laughing (1953)
Medium: Silver Gelatin posthumous print, with embossed signature stamp on the front
Size: 11 x 14

With embossed signature stamp on the front, and signed and titled on the back by the photographer’s daughter and director of the archive, Mary Engel.

Bid for this work online until October 23rd:

Visit for more information.

Pixicause Begins

By Gerald Yanavok

Remember the first time you embarked on something really great? When I initially heard of Pixicause, it seemed very broad and uncertain, however, it also intrigued me greatly. The job posting told me that I would be working with people who were very diverse in their ideas; all of whom came from multiple backgrounds, from all over the world. From what I saw at the time, it seemed very unique and strange. Indeed, it did come off as experimental and incomplete but to me this was an opportunity that I just could not pass up.

I have been here now for almost 9 months, and in that time we have done amazing things. Although, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs, trying to make something that would change the way people engage, take pictures, and contribute to something that means the most to them, it was all worth it. Today, I am here to tell you that we are ready. We have produced a platform that revolutionizes how people raise money and engage with a community of people from all over the world. Pixicause has partnered with Ecpat USA; a leading anti-trafficking policy organization in the United States and together, we are working to end child sexual exploitation.

Go to Ecpat USA’s region on the Piximap for all the info.

This is only a start but, we hope that you will join us in making it something much more. Because we are each a small part of something bigger.

Lucien Clergue
Picasso dans l'atelier au milieu de ses tableaux, Mougins
Medium: Gelatin silver print
Size: 15-3/8" x 11-½" unframed (18" x 22-½" framed)

Courtesy of Throckmorton Fine Art, Inc.

Bid for this work online until October 23rd:'atelier-au-milieu-de-ses-tableaux-mougins

Visit for more information.

Robert Schachter (2011)
Rootbeer Bar
Ink Drawing on Vellum
14" x 17"

Rob is a cartoonist currently subbing at charter schools in Brooklyn and the Bronx. To learn more about his work visit For information about the piece for sale visit

Courtesy of artist.

Visit for more information.