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anonymous asked:

Is there anything you do/would recommend as like a self-care/love ritual/practice throughout the week to keep yourself motivated and happy? Like even if it's something really small.

Yeah! Hell yeah! 

These are some of the things I do to take care of myself: 

-Get PLENTY of sleep, even if that means going to bed not having done everything that needs to be done. 

-Set aside time to make good vegan food that I desire and food thats going to make me feel good, even if it’s not the quickest/ most simple option 

-Have a mini “beauty” routine: for me I exfoliate and moisturise and put oil on any pimples or spots I have 

-Foam roll/ self massage anything that is sore or tender and stretch :) 

-Take some time out to watch youtube videos or read a book or watch some TV 

- Call my parents 

-Hang out with friends 

-Have a nice smelling bath (!!! love this) 

- Light candles (also love this, I have these amazing vegan candles from Ecoya which smell sooooo good and so relaxing right before bed) 

- Have regular breaks from study or work when I’m at home like go lie in the sun or take a walk 

- REGULAR EXERCISe. My main thing for staying motivated and happy. I like to go for a bike ride every day :) (except for days like today when I’m working for 12 hours straight haha) 

-Stay hydrated (seems silly but if you’re dehydrated you won’t feel good) 

Those are a few things I do to keep myself happy. It may just seem like every day life for you, but that’s because I choose to practice self love every day because I don’t believe in “self love days” or “treating myself” on one  day every week or month or whatever, I believe I should be taking the upmost care of myself as much as possible every single day! You only get one body, one mind, one life. Might as well take care of yourself while you can :) 

You could also do things like wake up and set an intention for yourself, write down a few things you did awesome today or like about yourself, those kinds of things!