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Okay! Well, I guess I would have to say: for the longest time I thought Purple was.... a girl. I didn't realize he was a guy after well into the chapter where he first appears. So I accidentally gave him a girl voice in my head and now it's hard to give him a guys i have to actually think XD also two *SPOILERS* Does anyone else notice that Green seems to be an Ecoversian I mean look at his hair!

Oh, boy, really? I can’t actually really blame you for that, though. He has Very Pretty Eyelashes, but I hope you can fix that problem soon, aha! I personally imagine his voice at around the deeper range of Roy Mustang’s from Fullmetal Alchemist, if you’ve seen it, so if that could help you any.

However, though, I actually have to agree with you upon Green looking like an Ecoversian? I believe Ecoversian hair had come in multiple different styles, as Cirrus had said Seaweed was Ecoversian. We’re unable to say for sure, though, unless we get to see them before they had become a “colour,” because if you’re interested, I could reblog the final designs for the Ecoversians from CQ’s blog? It says that their hair is either green or red, but I’m certainly with you on the “Green is an Ecoversian” theory! -mod purble



Visited Ecoverse, located in San Diego

EcoVerse, in affiliation with the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, is a non-profit community education center, bookstore, and cafe that promotes a zero-waste, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle. Jing Si means “Quiet Contemplation”, while Tzu Chi translates to “Compassionate Relief”. The Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, focusing on our four missions: charity, medicine, humanistic culture, and education.

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It’s a wonderful and cozy cafe to study at, and I recommend people to go and visit!